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Marimekko Inspired Sneakers. I am a big fan of Marimekko and their colorful Scandinavian designs. In the last year or so they partnered with Converse (another of my favorite things) to create a line of patterned sneakers. I’ve thought about getting a pair for awhile, but they are a little bit pricey and they didn’t have my favorite pattern, Unikko. (I see they do have that pattern now, but of course not in my size.)

I mentioned to Matt that I should try painting the pattern on a pair of shoes myself and he said it would be too hard. Well, challenge accepted and accomplished. Yes, these are not Converses. Also they are not painted. Supplies: white sneakers (You can use another light color, but it might slightly change the way the colors the markers create when drawn on.)masking tape (optional)pencilfine tip Sharpies in red, black and orange (I used 2 reds, because the first on ran out, and 1 of each of the other.) 1. 2. 3. 4. Use the point of the marker to get into all the seams and stitches of the sneaker. Upcycle. Friday Night Clutch Bag - from Straight Line Designs Free PDF Sewing Pattern! Page 2 of 8 Indie Patterns Patchwork Jack-o-Lantern Halloween Treat Tote – PDF Pattern + Crazy Quilting Everyday Zippered Pouches – PDF Pattern Trio + Tips & Techniques for Perfect Zippers Overnight Travel Bag – PDF Pattern + Sewing Table DIY Little Girls Ruffled Treasure Tote – PDF Pattern + How to Stop a Slippery Foot Petal Belted Waist Pouch – PDF Sewing Project Sew a Double Lace Zippered Quilted Pouch + Bernina Installs Exposed Zippers.

Scarf Bag DIY. With so many gorgeous designer inspired scarves out this season, its always great to find new ways to wear them. Because this scarf bag has a lightweight, billowy nature it is the perfect Summer accessory. This Scarf Bag DIY turns a fashion scarf into a hip bag that will add a splash of color to any outfit. 1 Large Scarf1 Yard of half inch cord1 Yard of plain fabric or a bag to coverPinsScissorsNeedle & threadSewing machine Step 1 Starting with your plain fabric measure 14 inches across and at least 14 inches long.

Step 2 Sew your side seams and your top seam, leaving about 3 inches open so you can turn your bag right side out. Step 3 Turn your bag right side out, fold it around so that one fits inside the other making your bag a double layer. Step 4 Layout your scarf and decide what part you want to have as your focus on the bag. Step 5 Lay your 2 scarf pieces together with right sides facing. Step 6 Turn your scarf right side out and lay it flat on the table. Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10 Step 11. Annabelle-Flower. Anna_BariJ.


Quick and Easy Sunglasses Case Pattern. I am notorious for losing my sunglasses. In fact, my brother bought be a bunch of $5 pairs last year for my birthday so that I would always have backup! And then you know what happened? I managed to hang on to my favorite pair for almost a year! Well, now my favorite pair got all scratched up. Not sure if it was from being in my bag or from the 2 year old, but either way, it’s sad right?

So, I put together a cute little sunglasses case pattern and I am giving it to you today! Seriously, these are easy. I made several because they were so much fun! Let’s learn and let’s make some shall we?! Easy Sunglasses Case Pattern: Supplies Needed: Scraps of 2 coordinating fabricsScraps of fusible fleece Instructions: Cut your fabric into 7 1/2 inch by 4 1/2 inch rectangles. Step 1: Partner each of your rectangles with their matching rectangle. Step 2: Turn your inner fabric rectangle that you just sewed right side out and stuff it down into the outer fabric (which is still wrong side out). Step 3: Key Fobs: Quilted Laptop Case. I just got a new computer which means, time for a new sewing creation…a new laptop case.

Now that I can sew a bit, I refuse to buy things I know I can make for fraction of the cost. This laptop case is similar to a simple pouch but with the zipper extended down the side. It also has two pockets in the front to hold your headphones, charger, notes etc. I made mine with two handles but if you just want a simple sleeve, you can leave the handles off. To make this pretty case you need: Two pieces of main of dimensions of front of laptop + 2″ (my MacBook Air is 11.5″x 7.5″ so my pieces were 13.5″x 9.5″ each) Two pieces lining of laptop dimensions 2 pieces fleece interfacing of laptop dimensions 1 piece main for pocket 3″ shorter than the main (mine was 13.5″ x 6.5″) 3″ x 13.5″ strip for pocket binding 1 piece lining for pocket 1 piece fleece interfacing for pocket 22″ zipper 2 pieces 3″ x 9″ for straps 2 pieces 3″ x 9″ fleecing interfacing for straps Cut all your pieces. Simple 30 minute Tablet Case Tutorial. I love quick sewing projects! Here is a 30 minute tablet sleeve I made for my Ipad Mini.

Its a simple cushioned case with a Velcro strap closure. I am not exaggerating when I say 30 minutes. Taking the pictures took way more time than the actual project. You really don’t need a pattern for this design. You simply measure your tablet and add 3 inches to the length and 2 inches to the width. Here is what you need (Ipad Mini) 2 pieces 10″ x 7″ outer fabric and fleece interfacing 2 pieces 10″ x 7″ lining fabric and thick batting 2 pieces 10″ x 3″ strap fabric and fleece interfacing 1 piece 20″ x 2″ strip for upper binding 2 large buttons Velcro Step 1 Cut out all your fabric pieces.

Step 2Sew together your lining and your outer fabric all the way around leaving the top opening of each open. Step 3Take your lining piece and fit it into the main fabric piece wrong sides together. Step 4Make your binding by taking your strip and fold it inwards on both sides. Ipad Mini Case Tutorial with Free Pattern. I am still chugging along on my handmade Christmas gift list. Next up is the Ipad Mini Case. I wanted to do something special for my boss this year and I know she has an Ipad Mini so I thought this would make a perfect gift for her.

It’s handmade which I know she will appreciate and love, even if it’s not perfect:-). This case is a step up in skill level from my earlier simple case. This one has a zipper pocket which can be a bit tricking to do. I tried to make the tutorial as simple as possible so you can follow along and create one of these pretty cases for yourself or as a gift.

I also included a free pattern specific for the Ipad Mini so you didnt have to do any measuring and calculating. For the Ipad Mini Case you need: 1/4 yard Batting (warm and natural) 3 Fat Quarters (1 lining, 1 outer and 1 for the pocket) 12″ zipper 2″ velcro Cut out the pattern pieces HERE. Preparation Work I like to do prep work upfront during project that calls for a number of pieces. Zipper ends Strap Main Front.