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Using Social Media for Learning in 7th Grade ELA

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This is a collection of tested uses of social media in the classroom. I try to link to original articles, etc. written by the teacher who implemented the social media lesson in her/his classroom.

Background Image is titled "Social Media Class" and was created by Flickr user mkhmarketing. See her work at Image is licensed by Creative Commons 2.0 ( Snapchat As A Tool For Teachers : NPR Ed. What's the first step of learning?

Snapchat As A Tool For Teachers : NPR Ed

Paying attention. Which may be hard for students to do when they're constantly peeking at their phones. So, as the adage goes: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. One app that teachers are embracing is Snapchat. That's the one where you send a video or picture, and then it disappears 10 seconds after you open it. For some teachers, it makes sense. And so, Michael Britt thought, why not go there? Since last fall, Britt has built Snapchat videos into his introductory psychology class. "The best way to learn new material is to try to personalize it to your life," Britt says.

Plus, Britt has guaranteed an audience for his effort: About 90 percent of his students look at and use his Snapchats to study, he estimates. Systematic Desensitization Salma Metwally, a freshman in Britt's class last semester, thinks that helped raise her grades. Pinterest in the Classroom. This week, I'm linking up with the Secondary Smorgasbord to talk about Pinterest in the classroom.

Pinterest in the Classroom

Thanks to Darlene Anne Curren and Pamela Kranz for hosting! There are so many uses for Pinterest out there. I have a board for each subject that I teach and use them to plan units. I also have a board for outfits that I like and intend to copy (great for hunting deals). I also use it to plan meals during the hectic school year so that my family doesn't fall down the take-out rabbit hole (by the time I get to the pizza section, I'm too big to fall any further, and I just get stuck). So, Pinterest is very useful. Since not all of my students have equal internet access and rules in their home, I make this an extra credit opportunity. I make Pinterest an extension of that. The sixth pin is a link to their blog post reflecting on the five pins. Students are engaged and are creating actual social media about the class. iTeach Third: Using Social Media to Assess Learning.

Hey everyone!

iTeach Third: Using Social Media to Assess Learning

I am really excited to share with you all something I have recently started doing in my classroom that my students LOVE! Sometimes, I want a quick grade, something meaningful to put in stations, or an exit ticket...but.. Instagram in the Classroom - Madly Learning. I joined Instagram awhile ago but personally, or professionally didn't quite know what to do with it.

Instagram in the Classroom - Madly Learning

I posted a few pictures of my kids but wasn't really sure how to use it. Fast forward and a few other blogger friends talked me into opening up a Madly Learning Instagram account. Webinar recording: How Teachers Are Using Instagram in the Classroom. The Twitter Experiment - Twitter in the Classroom. #2 of 5 Unique Uses of Twitter in the Classroom. Social media has found a prominent place in the college classroom.

#2 of 5 Unique Uses of Twitter in the Classroom

In fact, nearly 80 percent of faculty members are using social media in some way, according to a recent survey of nearly 2,000 college faculty by the Babson Survey Research Group published in April. While some platforms, such as YouTube, have been widely accepted in the classroom, Twitter has been slower to catch on as a teaching tool. In the same survey, only 2 percent of professors reported using the microblogging site—which limits posts to 140 characters—in class. Jim Newman, a Ph.D. student and instructor at Northern Illinois University, says that he uses Twitter not as a news source for his class but as a bulletin board. "[Twitter] is not something I'm going to be using to chat [with students]," Newman says. Where some college instructors use the platform to update students on classroom logistics, it offers others an opportunity for community learning.

#3 of 5 Unique Uses of Twitter in the Classroom. Collaborating and communicating with blogs – Teaching using Web Tools for Educators. Reading before writing All my students write blogs.

Collaborating and communicating with blogs – Teaching using Web Tools for Educators

And all the student blogs are listed on my blog. You will find them to the right if you scroll down. I have used blogging with my students since I started blogging myself in 2008. The first year of blogging I had an average of 12 visits per day. Sherman Alexie (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Last year they all did great at their exam. Student blogs on Sherman Alexie’s book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Aurora Emilia Even Fredrikke Helene Herman Inger Marie Ingrid Julie Malene Markus Mia Mohamed Roman Fell free to click on any of these names and continue the conversation!

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