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Impressively Detailed Pen Doodles By Kerby Rosanes. Do you remember those imaginative doodles you used to make in your high school notebook?

Impressively Detailed Pen Doodles By Kerby Rosanes

Maybe you still make them. But Phillipine-based illustrator Kerby Rosanes creates doodles (as he calls them) that are probably several orders of magnitude greater than any you or I have ever made. His most recent work is called “Time Guardian.” This stunning portrait of an owl features an unexpected twist – the whole thing is drawn out of minutely detailed gears, cogs and other mechanical bits, giving the soaring owl an intricate steampunk look.

[Read more...] Overwhelmingly busy compositions and richly detailed worls are part of Rosanes’ signature style. Rosanes’ work and success should serve as an inspiration to anyone who considers their drawings to be “just doodles” – get yourself out there and see what the world has to say about your work! For more work like Rosanes’, check out these stunningly intricate insect drawings by Alex Konahin. Source: | Behance | Facebook. Artist Alex Chinneck's optical illusion makes Covent Garden building appear to have broken free. This is the stunning optical illusion that appears to make a building at one of London's busiest tourist districts hover in mid-air.

Artist Alex Chinneck's optical illusion makes Covent Garden building appear to have broken free

To passers-by, it looks as though a section of the historic market building in Covent Garden has broken free from its foundations and is floating unaided, high above them. But in reality, the display, which imitates the architecture in the area, is a complicated piece of technical wizardry which took months to create. Scroll down for video The installation, named Take my Lightning but Don't steal my Thunder, was created by the artist Alex Chinneck (pictured), who is well known for creating optical illusions Mind-bending: A passing couple peer inside the building which appears to be torn apart with one half suspended in mid-air with no support Technical wizardry: The stunning artwork replicates Covent Garden's historic Market Building perfectly but makes it appear if it has broken free of its foundations Alex Chinneck's WONDROUS floating market of Covent Garden.

10Steps.SG - Photoshop Tutorials and Resources. Music and Sound Vibrations 3D Printed Into Ceramic Vessels. All images via Studio van Broekhoven Bouncing rhythmically to a deep beat, Studio van Broekhoven’s 3D printer produces ceramic vessels scored by sound.

Music and Sound Vibrations 3D Printed Into Ceramic Vessels

The objects spins as clay is applied in response to the amplified noise, forging visual markings into the clay by way of audio wavelengths. The project, “Solid Vibration” was produced by spatial sound designer Ricky van Broekhoven and designer Olivier van Herpt, who have been co-producing the objects that appear almost like woven baskets. The project developed out of the collaborators’ combined wish to host Broekhoven’s “noisescapes” as solidified objects that could physically represent his abstract tones. For each of the vessels, a specially constructed speaker rig is mounted below the printing platform to emit a low sound that will influence the printing. You can hear more of van Broekhoven’s work here, while taking a glance at more of van Herpt’s ceramics here. Fresh hacks every day.

Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning. Strategic thinking goes beyond looking at what is—it involves imagining what could be.

Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning

It's a fresh point of view on a market, a unique take on the future, or a capacity to imagine new answers to old problems. Strategic thinking is everyone’s responsibility, not just that of a CEO or management team. I recently saw a post by Blake Woolsey that resonated with me. Rate yourself as you read his characteristics of strategic and conventional thinkers. What qualities do you need more of to become a strategic thinker?

Strategic versus conventional thinkers1 [1] Adapted from Woolsey, Blake. “8 Characteristics of a Strategic Thinker.” By identifying your own gaps, you can make changes to become more strategic. Try these three approaches to improve your strategic thinking skills: Constantly question your own opinions. Successfully incorporating new skills and behaviors into one’s daily activities and habits takes time, focus, and commitment. I welcome your feedback. 10 Key Design Trends For 2016 (And How To Make The Most Of Them) Apps as we know them will disappear.

10 Key Design Trends For 2016 (And How To Make The Most Of Them)

Luxury will trickle down to the masses. VR will go mainstream. These are just a few of the major design and technology trends shaping the world in 2016. The trends we've identified focus on issues we—a firm with over 600 designers and developers—expect to tackle in the coming year. They reflect what clients are asking for, our experiences as citizens and users, and our well-informed guesses (we hope!) 1. Today, someone is always listening. Each micromoment is an opportunity for brands to shape our habits. What to do Be first or be non-existent. Listen and learn. 2. Collecting personal data is nothing new. Act it out.