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1945 — Swiss Link Military Surplus. Swiss Army Bikes. Swiss Army Bicycles Combine a love of singlespeeds, off-roading, old military bikes and stuff built like tanks and there is only one bike to ride - the Swiss Army Bike (or 'Militärvelo').

Swiss Army Bikes

We recently picked up a really clean and original example and as with the Parabikes would like to share some information and photos of these amazing machines. Links to other Militärvelo websites can be found at the base of this page. The model here is the MO 05 (yes, that's 1905) and this 100 year old design served the Swiss Army until the 1990's. It existed virtually unchanged for the whole of the 20th century and remains a legend in its home Country. These are seriously overbuilt bikes with incredibly thick lugs and tubing. Despite all this bulk it's remarkably easy to ride and surprisingly stable and comfortable. The cycling regiments of the Swiss Army were, in many ways, elite soldiers enjoying a lofty reputation. Condor Club Holland's Swiss Army Bike pages YouTube video featuring the MO 05 in action. Austrian Army M65 Jacket (polycotton) Verified Dave H said: “They just don't make them like this any more”.

Austrian Army M65 Jacket (polycotton)

(Sadly) What can you say ? Well it's the real deal, a genuine military issue M65 jacket, an icon and probably one of the most sought after pieces of military surplus clothing. Sobă militară - Armata Română - Echipamente Militare. Karl Welisch and Sons in Uniform in Bukovina. Invictus - Calculator marimi. Tip client: Selectați tipul instituției pentru care doriți calculul mãrimilor.

Invictus - Calculator marimi

Digital Repository. Mil-Tec Pocket Knife Set 6in1 Silver. Zeltbahn 31 – Heer/Waffen SS – Italian Mimetico camouflage – fjm44. Romanian Mannlicher M1893 Infantry Rifle. Romanian Mannlicher Infantry Rifle Md.18936.5mm M.93 Rumanisches Infanterie RepetierGewehr 195,000 Made by Österreichische Waffenfabriks-Gesellschaft, Steyr, 1893-1914 120,000 rifles and 14,000 carbines were delivered to Romania Turning-bolt action, with two lugs on a detachable bolthead locking into the receiver Caliber: 6.5x53mm rimmed (some in 8x50mm rimmed - see 8x50 rifle below) Muzzle velocity 731 m/sec with 6.5mm M1893 ball ammunition 1227mm [48.3"] overall, 4.06kg [8.8 lbs], 725mm [28.5"] barrel, 4-groove rifling, RH, concentric These Mannlicher type weapons were designed using lessons learned from the Gew.88 rifles.

Romanian Mannlicher M1893 Infantry Rifle

They had straight grip stocks and two barrel bands. Receiver tops were marked Md.1893 beneath the Romanian crown. The hanguard ran from the receiver to the rear band, fastened to the barrel with two spring clips. Униформа Красной Армии. Если Вы обнаружили, что скачивается битый файл, или ссылка на файл неправильная — напишите нам, мы все поправимПри отправке сообщения — пожалуйста, указывайте адрес страницы с проблемной книгой.

Униформа Красной Армии

Historische Uniformen Militaer Truppen Soldaten Regimenter Flaggen. Restored WW1 helmets. As worn by The Imperial German army 1916-1918 "German Helmets inc.

restored WW1 helmets

" offers the finest available completely restored Model 1916 and Model 1918 German helmets. Original Helmet shells have been repainted in the correct grey green smooth finish. The liners, specially made by leather craftsmen in Europe are constructed of the correct grades of leather and finished to exact original specifications. The split-pins used to mount the liners are exact reproductions and include the thicker headed one at the rear. Nomans Land Militaria. Before you go any further, you really need to check out my “Garage sale” Item #6805 WW2 German Luftwaffe dagger These Luftwaffe daggers with the gold/gilded swastikas have always been my favorite.

Nomans Land Militaria

This one is made by Eichorn and has a spotless blade showing a lot of cross-grain and only minor runner marks. The handle is intact with no cracks or chips. The hangers are the deluxe pattern. Rivet Setting Tool – J. Murray Inc. 1944. CASCOS DEL SIGLO XX. Rumanía mantenía con Francia un acuerdo bilateral, independientemente de los firmados con el resto de sus aliados, por el que Francia se convertía en el suministrador privilegiado de equipo y armas para el ejército rumano.


Los avatares de la guerra se habían vuelto contra Rumanía y sus ejércitos habían sufrido hasta el agotamiento de hombres y equipo. En 1917, sólo se recibieron 90.000 cascos Adrian, menos de la mitad de los 200.000 pedidos. Size guide. We will give a normal British size to each clothing product (40" chest or 32" waist, for example).

Size guide

However lots of the European Army products are produced in metric sizes so we will give you the NATO size as well for each product. This takes into account your height, as well as your chest or waist size. The NATO size is an 8-digit number on the label. It is in the form 6070/9500 for a jacket, for example. Istoricul ținutei actuale pentru oraș și serviciu - Trustul de Presa al Ministerului Apararii Nationale. Ținuta de oraș și serviciu, așa cum o înțelegem noi astăzi, a apărut în anul 1930, odată cu reforma generală a uniformelor armatei, când au fost introduse noi elemente.

Istoricul ținutei actuale pentru oraș și serviciu - Trustul de Presa al Ministerului Apararii Nationale

Concord Publications 6513 Soldat 2 The german soldier on the Eastern front 1943 44 » Электронная библиотека. Concord Publications 6513 Soldat 2 The german soldier on the Eastern front 1943 44 Автор: Gordon Rottman & Stephen Andrew Издательство: Concord Publications ISBN 962-361-104-8 Год издания: 2006 Язык: английский Страниц: 54 Формат: PDF Размер: 45 Mb Изображения: цветные и черно-белые фото, цветные рисунки It is often said that the defeat of the German 6.Armee and the fall of Stalingrad on 2 February 1943 was the turning point of the war in the East. There can be little doubt that this is true. The massive German casualties, huge losses of supplies and equipment, and the marching off into captivity of 91,000 troops out of the 250,000 originally assigned to 6.Armee was a major blow.

Almost as crippling though was what befell on the rest of the German armies on the 1.000-kilometer Eastern Front. Since the 22 June 1941 invasion of the USSR the Germans had suffered thousands of casualties to combat, illness, and disease before the onset of the brutal Russian Winter. Aviatia de asalt - G8. Documente si memorii Grupul 8 » Электронная библиотека. The Moritz Ruhl Uniform Series 1896-1914 vol.II (Uniformology CD-2004-25) » Электронная библиотека. RUHL-00. Website Designed by UNIFORMOLOGY © 2019 at Homestead™ List Your Business for Free Moritz Rühl was a German lithographer and publisher based in Leipzig, Germany (Formally Saxony). Using various artists his company produced a great number of pocket sized depictions of military uniforms of the world.

Published primarily between the 1890s and up to 1942 his works became very popular. Uniformology has a large number of his publications which we will reproduce here over the next few months. Historische Uniformen Militaer Truppen Soldaten Regimenter Flaggen. Footwear: Italian M32 Ankle Boots. Nasture Plastic Metalizat JU049, Marime 24, Antic Brass (100 buc/punga) k98 rod help! [Archive] - I agree with Milsurp but you can put all the missing pieces back if you want. Yes, as I said, Of course, you should do whatever you want with your RCs. and I practice what I preach. I have two RCs. Румыния - Фляжки, фляги и баклаги.

Румынские фляги. Nasture Metalic cu Piciorus pentru Cusut Marimea 32", Culoare Golden Grey, Cod C535/32-GG - Accesorii Design. Nasture Metalic cu Piciorus pentru Cusut Marimea 24", Culoare Inox Temprato Opaco Free, Cod C535/24-INT - Accesorii Design. World War II. The Walden Font Co. Sellers of Fine Historical Fonts. Ghete fanfare militare – Colaborare cu Traditia Militara si Asociatia Culturala Tomis. British WW1 B5 boots. Brown ankle boot. Rekonstrukcja 1914-1918 \ Rekonstrukcja niemiecka <1918 \ Oporządzenie ekwipunek pruski \ Płachty namiotowe i akcesoria. Rekonstrukcja niemiecka >1933 \ Oporządzenie i wyposażenie niemieckie \ Płachty namiotowe i akcesoria. Rekonstrukcja niemiecka >1933 \ Oporządzenie i wyposażenie niemieckie \ Płachty namiotowe i akcesoria. Rekonstrukcja ZSRR \ Umundurowanie ZSRR Rekonstrukcja 1914-1918 \ Rekonstrukcja niemiecka <1918 \ Umundurowanie pruskie. Rekonstrukcja ZSRR \ Wyposażenie i oporządzenie ZSRR \ Rękawice, pałatki i troki.

Rekonstrukcja ZSRR \ Insygnia, odznaczenia i dodatki ZSRR \ Opaski i insygnia na rękaw. Rekonstrukcja niemiecka >1933 \ Dodatki mundurowe i okucia. Rekonstrukcja niemiecka >1933 \ Buty niemieckie i dodatki Rekonstrukcja 1914-1918 \ Rekonstrukcja niemiecka <1918 \ Umundurowanie pruskie. WWII German Metal Dish Button 3 Holes X30 - $11.69 : HIKISHOP. Rekonstrukcja 1914-1918 \ Rekonstrukcja niemiecka <1918 \ Oporządzenie ekwipunek pruski \ Płachty namiotowe i akcesoria. Rekonstrukcja 1914-1918 \ Rekonstrukcja niemiecka <1918 \ Oporządzenie ekwipunek pruski \ Płachty namiotowe i akcesoria. WWII german Military Collectibles Price Guide - WWII German Land Mine - This is a German item from the World War Two period. Also known as the S-Mine. The German S-mine was a steel cylinder less than 5.1 inches tall without its sensor and only 3.9 inches in diameter. A steel rod protruding from the mine's top held the main fuse, where its trigger or sensor was attached.

The SMi-35 had a central fuse, while the SMi-44 had an offset fuse. It weighed approximately 8.8 lb, with the weight depending on whether it was loaded with the lighter powdered or the heavier poured TNT. This page provides information on how to identify German WWII items. The main charge of the mine used TNT as its explosive; the propelling charge was black powder. The main fuse was designed to delay the firing of the propelling charge for approximately four seconds after the mine was triggered.

The standard pressure sensor was designed to activate if depressed by a weight of roughly 15 lb or greater. Norwegian K98 Mauser 30-06. QUICK GUIDE TO BRITISH MILITARY WATCHES - LSYF tm. Board of admiralty app 1810. The same board room in use today 1890 TRIALS FOR CHRONOMETERS Chronometer makers who may care to send watches to the trial must first obtain permission from the Hydrographer, Admiralty, Whitehall, S.W., To whom all requests for such permission must be sent not later than October 6.

&&&&&&&&& The watches are to be deposited here between the hours of 10 and 1 on any day (excepting Sunday),. during the week ending with October 20th, after which no watch can under any circumstances be received. “The public is buying the practical things of life. Nobody can truthfully contend that the watch is a luxury. In these days the watch is as necessary as a hat – more so, in fact. It is said that one soldier in every four wears a wristlet watch, and the other three mean to get one as soon as they can.

World War Helmets - Référence de casques de 1915 à nos jours. La bombe : Your Account. The Collector's Guild. Please wait for page to load Click Thumbnail to View Detailed Photo, Description and Price. Rear WWI 1915 Romanian adrian helmet. Sound Other Mauser k98k 8mm. Brush painted camouflage EF66 M42 helmet – fjm44. Figuras pintadas escala 1/30, 60 mm Ejército alemán (4) - KRONPRINZ TOY SOLDIERS. MINIATURAS MILITARES POR ALFONS CÀNOVAS: Resultados de la búsqueda de rumania. Hasta principios de los años treinta , el Ejercito blindado del Reino de Rumania, se apoyaba principalmente en los 76 carros FT entregados por Francia en 1919. Philosophizing with a Hammer: My Favorite Rain Gear. I've written before about military surplus rain capes (also known as zelts, zeltbahns, plasch-palatkas, palatkas, cloak-tents and shelter-halves) being my favorite foul weather gear.These are what evolved by the early 1900's. They're more effective than ponchos, and more convenient and versatile than rain suits.

I've collected German, Swiss, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Czech, and now Polish versions. The latter is the best of the best. The Joy of Field Rations: A Mess Tin Primer, Part III. Bowls, Boilers and Meat Cans In this post we will delve into the subject of non-Kochgeschirr type mess tin design in the 20th century. Mess tins followed many different design paths as a result of the requirements dictated by field feeding systems, methods of transport in individual equipment, manufacturing capabilities, and availability of materials.

Austro-Hungarian Mess Tins and Descendants Austria -Hungary produced two distinct designs of mess tin, the M1899 and the M1912. Their service life in the Austro-Hungarian army was cut short by the end of WWI and the breakup of the Hapsburg empire, but their descendants served on in the armies of Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania and Yugoslavia. The M1899 was a bowl with an inverted lid that served as a plate Originally produced in tinned steel, during WWI it was manufactured in enamelled steel.After WWII, Bulgaria produced an aluminum version that was nearly identical to the original M1899. Cutters Guides. Third Reich repros - War Militaria. The Collector's Guild. C053875 ROMANIAN M38 COMBAT HELMET.BACKGROUND: The Dutch originally adopted a steel helmet in the late 1920's and by the mid-1930's they were selling their helmets to Romania. The Dutch and Romanian helmets were identical except for the color of the paint applied and the insignia.PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A stamped, sheet steel construction helmet with scalloped sides and an extended, flared, rear neck guard visor.

The exterior of the helmet retains about 80% of original olive drab paint. Complete liner. Chinstrap is present but very dry and almost broken is several spots.GRADE *** 3/4 PRICE $975.00 To Order this item, please use one of the two e-mail addresses below to contact us. Helmet Gallery - Alexander and Sons German Helmet Restoration.

BELT ACCESSORIES 13th-15th CENT. - Buckles - 15 cent. Buckles. WW1 French M2 Gas Mask. RIF. modif2. Battle of the Jiu Bridge by wingsofwrath on DeviantArt. Untitled. DBOYS BY101A KAR98K Air Cocking Rifle. Red Fire Real Wood Mosin Nagant Gas Bolt action Rifle Airsoft Tiger111HK Area. The Mosin Nagant is bolt action rifle developed in 1890 after the Russo-Turkish War, and it has been used as service rifle for Russian Empire during the Russo-Japanese War and WWI. Since this rifle was urgently needed by the Empire, hence the Empire has asked the factory in France and US for mass production. After the October Revolution in Russia, The Soviet captured lots of Mosin Nagant Rifle and used during the civil war.

PPS Real Wood Type Zhongzheng GBB Bolt Action Rifle w/ Marking Airsoft Tiger111HK Area. - repliki ASG! asg, airsoftguns, militaria, broń, repliki broni. PPHU Fox - Wooden gun stocks. Suvenir din armata - curelusa pentru binoclu. Binocolo 7x50 Carl Zeiss Jena "B.C. Nr. 5" Artiglieria Esercito Rumeno, 1941 Binoclu Campu Romanian Binoculars Dienstglas Doppelfernrohr Jumelles Prismaticos Binoculares Binocolo Rumeno da Campo WW2 WK2 2.WK WWII. Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 63 - Schnurshuhe. Romanian Helmets. Vezi subiect - Masti de gaze utilizate pt reconstituiri. Culture.gouv. Beliera pentru sabie, din perioada RSR. Original Swiss Military Bicycle - 1944. Echivalarea gradelor militare din Waffen-SS. German Uniforms and Equipment - Entrenching Tool.

Blacheuri si talpici. Scop si folosire. - Claymoor`s List. Vol64 Decoratii. WW2 ROYAL ROMANIAN UNIFORMS - Central & Eastern European States - Gentleman's Military Interest Club. KA MOSIN-NAGANT 1891/30, GAS. 151st Line Infantry Regiment. Ghete fanfare militare – Colaborare cu Traditia Militara si Asociatia Culturala Tomis. AndreaSilva60's DeviantArt Gallery. Ww1 Romanian infantryman by AndreaSilva60 on DeviantArt. Licitația de Arme de Colecție și Militaria #256/2017 - Arhivă rezultate. Österreich, Kurz-Säbel M1907, "Kaiserjäger"-1559-KJ. List of infantry weapons of World War I.

Online Resources. French Backpack, Model 1893. Camo Helmets I - Sturm MIL-TEC® Online-Shop ( Swiss army bike 05. Swiss Army Bicycle Handlebar Bag - Epic Militaria. Original Swiss Military Bicycle - 1966 - Epic Militaria. Mannlicher - Liberty Tree Collectors. The story of “The Dirty Dozen”