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Steampunk Star Wars. Lady Leia, Princess of Alderaan Alderaan's Princess and ambassador, Lady Leia's fiery, confident personality and sharp intellect made her a very strong and influential diplomat extremely critical of Imperial policies.

Steampunk Star Wars

Her speeches and public image were instrumental in generating sympathy for the rebel cause. Using her diplomatic connections to gain access to highly guarded information and smuggle supplies, she was an integral member of the Resistance. As a member of Alderaan's royal family, Leia grew up in the lap of luxury. During her childhood she was widely adored as a public darling, famous for her curly hair and her performances of the Alderaan Global Anthem at royal events. When she turned 17, Leia joined the Alderaanian military. After the destruction of Alderaan, Lady Leia became not only an important member of the Resistance, but once again she became a symbol of hope and a powerful reminder of the Empire's atrocities.

Rare and unseen STAR WARS pictures surface! » RSS Feed Rare and unseen STAR WARS pictures surface!

Rare and unseen STAR WARS pictures surface! »

By: GATW Guest Writer September 11th, 2009 STAR WARS is one of the few franchises that opened to popularity, gained popularity as time passed, and still makes a whole lot of money. You cannot stop the STAR WARS universe. I grew up watching the films and admired them. News, Production Stills | Commenting Rules: Comments are intended to open up the discussion to our readers about the topics at hand, and as such should be offered with a positive and constructive attitude. More headlines > Real Life Version of Up. Une belle initiative par la chaîne National Geographic avec ce concept de reconstitution de la maison du film Up (La Haut) des studios Pixar.

Real Life Version of Up

Un lancement effectué depuis un terrain de Los Angeles, avec plus de 300 ballons à l’hélium et une maison grandeur nature. The Most Badass Alphabet Ever. Sometimes I find things on the internet that leave me speechless with their awesomeness.

The Most Badass Alphabet Ever

And considering it’s my job to find crazy stuff all day long, that’s actually saying something. But today I am bowing down to “The A-Z of Awesomeness,” a series of illustrations by Neill Cameron, where he takes each letter of the alphabet, crafts an absurd sentence around it, then brings it to life with an excellent drawing as you can see above. There are 25 more epic letters to go, and you must check them all out below: My kingdom stands on broken glass - STAR WARS KINK MEME. The Colbert Report. 19946_1373378936958_1306333065_31097192_4361368_n.jpg (JPEG Image, 500x490 pixels) The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Official Website.

Mental_floss Blog » 10 Things You Should Know About J.R.R. Tolkien. By Brian Gottesman Most mental_floss readers probably know and love him best as the father of The Lord of the Rings . But there are plenty of things even the most ardent fans don't know about John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. Here are a couple of facts we think are precious. 1. He had a flair for the dramatic.

As a linguist and expert on Old English and Old Norse literature, Tolkien was a tenured professor at Oxford University from 1925 until 1959. 2. Tolkien saw himself as a scholar first and a writer second. It always irked him that his scholarly works went largely unknown by the general public, who flocked to his fantasy writings. 3. To Tolkien, writing fantasy fiction was simply a hobby. 4. At age 16, Tolkien fell in love with Edith Bratt, three years his senior. Star Wars USB Drives - Photo. The 7 Greatest (True) Johnny Depp Stories Ever Told. The West Memphis three wrongfully convicted of the murder of three eight year old boys found in a drainage ditch thought to be part of a Satanic ritural.

The 7 Greatest (True) Johnny Depp Stories Ever Told

The boys were found mutilated and beaten to death. Damien Echols 19 at the time, was sentenced to death. Jason Baldwin 16 and Jessie Misskelley 17, were sentenced to life in prison. "If there was the tiniest sliver of doubt [of their innocence], I wouldn't be here" said Johnny Depp after being asked why he supported them and how he could be sure if they were innocent. Arkansas courts refuse to give the three a retrial, but Depp continues to publicly stand with them in their cause to be tried fairly. There is absolutely no physical evidence that ties the convicted three to the actual crime scene. After seeing a documentary, Depp became deeply intrigued and empathetic to the case of the three and continues to go out of his way to defend these innocent men that Arkansas courts refuse to try fairly at every chance he can.