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Kisar Dhillon

Kisar Dhillon – A Personal Fitness Trainer in Portland, Oregon. Need to get toned, lose weight, lose body fat, and increase lean muscle. If you need fitness trainer in Portland, then Kisar is the one. He is a personal trainer Portland OR with 25 years of experience and has expertise in health & fitness industry.For more information visit us today :

Exercises Perfect for Home Isolation Period. Benefits of Medical balls. Best exercises to strengthen your back. Know the variations in push ups. Reasons to do lunges with weights. Benefits of regularly doing squats. Exercises to improve your posture. Why should you use an arm blaster? Why should you do strength-building exercises? Treadmill Vs elliptical. How can gym exercises benefit retired people? Benefits of leg press exercise. Squat variations for glutes. Jumping exercises that can tone down your body. Know the exercises to strengthen the knees. Can Exercise Make You Taller? Benefits Of Bench Press. How To Slim Down Your Thighs With Easy Exercises? Exercises To Get Rid Of Knee Pain. How should be an ideal weight lifting program for beginners? Exercises That Work On Your Flabby Thighs. Breathing Techniques When You Do Cardio.

Back Workouts For Men That Works. Exercises During Pregnancy. Keto Diet And Exercises For Keto Diet. Interval Training vs. Steady State Cardio. Pilates - The New Favourite Exercise Of Celebrities. Effective exercises to tone your stomach. Best foot exercises for all Ages. Significance of cardio workouts. Know the gym ethics. Things to follow when you start weight lifting. Plank variations for beginners. Burn fat faster with these tips. Right fitness strategy that you should follow. Problems That You Might Have To Face By Overdoing It On The Treadmill.

When you grow old, the metabolism of your body gradually stops to support and losing fat at that point of time becomes very essential.

Problems That You Might Have To Face By Overdoing It On The Treadmill

Important Tips That Obese People Must Remember While Working Out. Working out is one of the healthiest lifestyle patterns that can be incorporated by one and all.

Important Tips That Obese People Must Remember While Working Out

However when it comes to overweight and obese people, it is more than just a possible pattern of healthy lifestyle. It is one of the mandatory elements that can help them to stay happy and healthy. Regular Exercising Helps The Body And The Mind – Obesity has been singled out to be one of the trigger factors that can cause a lot of diseases and ailments in the human body. Obese people are at a higher risk of having diseases like cardiac problems, blood pressure, blood sugar, sleep apnea and many more.

However it is the social ridicule that they often have to face that leads to many psychological problems as well. Points To Bear In Mind – Beginning a workout regime can be a real tough job. Wear The Right Gear – As obese people be sure to wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes. About the Author Kisar Dhillon – A Personal Fitness Trainer in Portland, Oregon. More About the Author. Seniors can bid goodbye to belly fats. When you grow old, the metabolism of your body gradually stops to support and losing fat at that point of time becomes very essential.

Seniors can bid goodbye to belly fats

There are body parts which would act very stubborn and would not want to get reduced when you reach your sixties or seventies. Nowadays, it is observed that stomach fat has become very chronic amongst the senior citizens.Therefore, to get rid of the belly fats, here are some awesome tips which you should follow:Be a nutritious foodieIn order to get rid of your belly fats, you can simply start with having a proper nutritious and healthy diet. Having a proper diet would eventually lead to the weight loss and it would also help you to burn your extra fats. It would be with a proper diet and regular exercises that would help you prevent stomach fats.Hydration is a mustThe storage of fluids in your body becomes a common issue when the body is not getting enough water.

How To Lose Inches In Two Weeks? Exercise is like work, you need to put effort.

How To Lose Inches In Two Weeks?

And if you are one of those people who wants the results fast. Then you have to work hard definitely. And when it comes to getting results it gets doubled and tripled. And your progress motivates you to push forward and work more and harder. So this two week recipe will be an intense one because from a relaxing one to work out will be tough. Best Stretching Exercises to Relieve Back Pain. Easy Medicine Balls Exercises for Beginners. Medicine balls look quite like a football inside the fitness centre.

Easy Medicine Balls Exercises for Beginners

It is just slightly heavier than a real football though. No matter how simple does it apparently appear, it has a lot of exercises associated with it? If you are a beginner in the fitness World, then these exercises are for you.Medicine Balls Exercises Balancing With Medicine Ball. Benefits of Practicing Plank Daily. Plank is one of those exercises that looks easier than the rest but is not so actually.

Benefits of Practicing Plank Daily

However, it is one of the most effective exercises, which you can do on a regular basis. Planking does not need a lot of space. All that you need is your Smartphone as a stopwatch and even a little space to rest your body will do it. Things to Know Before Lifting Weights in Gyms. Out of the many New Year resolutions, going to the gym has been your top favorite.

Things to Know Before Lifting Weights in Gyms

Well, everything has its day one and when it is about hitting the gym, it is better if you remember a few things. Easy Weight Lifting Steps for Beginners. Plank is one of those exercises that looks easier than the rest but is not so actually.

Easy Weight Lifting Steps for Beginners

However, it is one of the most effective exercises, which you can do on a regular basis. Planking does not need a lot of space. Best Exercises to Flatten your butt. Welcome to!

Best Exercises to Flatten your butt

ALL >> Fitness >> View Article Many people with squeezed work routine find the only motivation in exercise for the goal of having a more slim backside. Trainers might recommend exercises like leg cardio, slimming and weight pushing to firm the butt muscles. 5 Essential Cool down exercises. To frame our lifestyle exercise regime is very important.

5 Essential Cool down exercises

It helps to keep ourselves away from any illness and diseases. If you are mentally strong then only physical power sustains. That is why you opt for some cool down exercises which will help you to become peaceful and soulful. Bicycling Using a bicycle in the early morning is as much necessary as walking. Stretch the front part. Right Way to Plank. Welcome to! ALL >> Fitness >> View Article Exercising is an important aspect to follow up. It enhances the mind as well as the body. Absolute exercises for weight loss. Whenever it comes to lose some weights for the benefits of the body, some people avoid eating quality food.

But it is not a good idea. You cannot make it at one go. There are some exercises and procedure which will help you to lose some weight and give a proper shape of your body. Cardio workout – In order to burn your daily fat and make your muscle compact you should go for the cardio workout. It helps to increase the rate of metabolism inside your body. Push-ups – It requires no equipment. How useful are crunches? Crunches are a variable exercise to activate your abdominal muscles in the body.

For activating your core region of the body it is beneficial. Take a overview of numerous advantages of it. Muscles activation – There are29 muscles in the front end of your body. Tips to do better push ups. Before getting into hardcore exercise you must learn the basics of the push-up. Theoretically, it is very easy to understand. But doing practically with an accurate procedure is very difficult. Beginner-level Take a view of these points. Take a proper inclination from a surface higher than ground like a wall, table, chair, etc.Keep your hands at a proper distance, generally greater than chest width.Try to push the wall to get familiar about the force generated at your chest and muscles.Perform a couple of sets of 10 reps each in the beginning and take an interval of 10-15 minutes between the sets.

Get Rid of these Fitness Myths. If you are hitting the gym on a regular basis and still not getting any improved results on your weight, then it is possible that you are following an improper diet and all the worse still, improper advice. Erase out these common mistakes from your workout and see for yourself as the body get stronger, fitter, and leaner. Myth1: Crunch can reduce your weight Crunches might be the most powerful abdominal exercise which trainers might recommend, but relying on crunches is not always the best way to slim your midriff. On the other hand, you will cut off more weight from your waist far more effectively by doing planks and bridges.

Myth2: Sweat does not always reduce calorie Drenched in sweat after you have had put in an extra hour in the cardio? Myth 3: Running weakens the knees. What are the questions to ask your gym trainer on the first day? 4 gym equipment that are must do. When you hit the gym for the first time, you get confused seeing how you so many tempting equipment. How to plan your summer workouts? Working out can be a challenge in summer, as you may feel lagged to get up and hit the gym in the morning.

Can working out ease hypertension? Welcome to! ALL >> Fitness >> View Article Everyone out three people in India experiences hypertension. Hypertension is elevated blood pressure, resulting from the narrowing of blood vessels in the body due to the deposition of plaque against the artery wall. This makes the heart work harder to pump the blood, resulting in chronic hypertension. How to choose your gym correctly.

Why exercising in the morning brings you a good start to the day. Welcome to! Benefits of Cardio exercises. Benefits of staying hydrated before the workout. Welcome to! Tricks for a Wonderful Workout even with Bad Knees. Working out for health benefits and to maintain a good shape is everyone’s right. Push-Up Variations that You Should Know. Welcome to! ALL >> Fitness >> View Article Exercising is a huge arena that is still being explored. New styles and exercises are being developed upon to make sure that people from all age group with all kinds of body structure can participate in fitness training and follow regularity. Push-ups are an old and much sought after exercise that helps to build strength in muscles and also maintain good body growth and structure. Expert Advice to Flatten Your Stomach.

Squat Mistakes to Avoid. Basic and easy moves for thinner thighs. Getting fit is now more than a necessity than a luxury. The threat of obesity is massive and is common amongst the people. Hence the trend of getting fitter is now a major thing happening. Master HIIT in just a month. Lower belly fat – how to keep it away? Trim down your waist in just a month. Trim down your waist in just a month. Best Hip and thigh exercises for women. Guide to leg work out using free weights. Get a hold on weak knees with these exercises. Elbow Strengthening Gym Exercises. Realistic workout planning – How to do it? Diet Plan Before Early Work Out In The Morning. How to Effectively Plan Your 8 minutes at the Gym. Stretches You Should Never Miss At the Gym. Right Exercises to make your bust attractive. How to lose weight without equipment?

Just spend 10 minutes to shape your hips. Which exercises to do in Winter? Trunk muscle workouts make the exercising agile. Working out during holidays- how to plan? Golden rules that boost your health regime. Smart guide for gym equipment – Beginners Aid! Precise Guide to fitness plan in 2019. Medicine ball exercises – A comprehensive guide. Important Tips For Plus Size Workout. Winter exercise motivation tips.

How to develop abs and core strength? How to stimulate muscle growth? Eating rules before and after a workout. How to plan a workout if you have less time in hand? Break these bad gym habits immediately. Tricks To Find Out Time For Regular Exercise. Are You Ready For Advanced Workouts? Why Jumping Rope Exercising is Good? Mistakes to Avoid in an Elliptical Workout. Post Partum Weight Loss – How To Do It? Benefits Of A Foam Roll. Apt Cardio Cum Gym Machine Combos.