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Kirti Verma

Important Facts About Commodity Trading. Trading commodities like soybeans, wheat and corn is among the most complicated forms of investing.

Important Facts About Commodity Trading

As a result, good commodity advisor in India warn strongly against novices starting trading commodities. These types of trades can give the highest rewards as well as the highest risks, due to price fluctuations. NCDEX Tips for Traders. Differences And Similarities Between Options And Futures. When trading, you will come across the terms futures and options which generally seem like synonymous concepts.

Differences And Similarities Between Options And Futures

However, they must be able to distinguish that there are similarities and differences in these two trading concepts which they can use for their benefit. Futures and options are considered as derivatives which mean that when taken alone, they don’t actually have any value but traders get its worth from the instrument of which they are based upon. How to Trade In Commodity Segment? Since the advent of the internet commodity trading has grown tremendously and now about anybody with a laptop and a few extra dollars can enter in the market.

Buy low and sell at high: This rule sounds simple but there are huge number of traders who do just the opposite. This concept decides the success or failure of your investment and this is how one can make money in commodity segment. – kirtiverma

Here is how to trade in commodity to make money.

How to Trade In Commodity Segment?

Buy low, sell high: This sounds obvious and simple but there are huge number of people who do just the opposite. Bullion MCX Tips For The Traders. How To Avoid Losing Money In Stock Market? Many people believe that the stock market is some type of money making machine which can make them millionaires in some time.

How To Avoid Losing Money In Stock Market?

Well, it is right that lot of investors have made profits with stock trading. But, many are still confused that how to make profits in share market? If you are also looking for some simple and effective ways to grow your money, continue reading, here we are listing few simple ways with which you can avoid losing money as well as make profits in share market. Don’t buy stock based on its past performance Stock markets move in phases. List Of Stocks That Rocked The Market In FY 2016-17. In the first half of FY 2016-17, the Indian stock market recovered, where the Nifty touched a high of 8968 on September 8 while the Sensex rallied to 29077.

List Of Stocks That Rocked The Market In FY 2016-17

But the rally was short lived weighed down by issues related to the US interest rate hike, results of US presidential elections, a shallow second quarter earnings and also by the effect of demonetization. But individual stocks in all sectors, be it big cap, mid cap or small cap did give nice returns. Here we are listing 5 big cap stocks which gained the most in FY 16-17. Hindalco Industries: Buy | target price of Rs 228. Effective Ways To Make Profit In Stock Market. The selling and buying of company’s shares, stocks or derivatives is done on the stock market.

Effective Ways To Make Profit In Stock Market

It is where trading of a particular company’s stocks takes place at an agreed upon price. A stock market is also called as an equity market as there are instances where stocks are referred to as equities. Shares vs. Stocks. Tips You Must Use To Never Lose Money In Stocks. When it comes to stock market, every individual aims to make it big in the market and not to lose money.

Tips You Must Use To Never Lose Money In Stocks

And in this blog post we will tell you 4 thumb rules to make it big in market. Greed, a major emotion of every individual is one key reason for losses one suffers in the financial world. The domestic market is heading for another bull run and this emotion will again take over minds of investors. Global investment bank Morgan Stanley believes the Sensex can touch the 33, 000 mark by the end of this year in base case scenario. However, in a bull-case scenario, it can reach the 39,000 level. Things To Know About Gold Trading. It is very common for investors to consider at least once whether or not they should invest in gold.

Things To Know About Gold Trading

The charm of holding gold bullion coins or bars in your hand is alluring to say the least. The issue with many people is that they don’t know how to invest in gold or where to buy gold shares. Commodity Prices Will Revive In 2017. According to a central bank official, the most strategic commodity prices would increase in 2017 to improve exports as one of the key components to drive economic growth.

Commodity Prices Will Revive In 2017

Yoga Affandi, The Director of Bank Indonesia’s (BI) Department of Monetary and Economic Policies, on Saturday said that the prices of a number of commodities, like aluminum, nickel and copper that were corrected in 2016 due to weaker demand, would rise. Several quarters believed that the recovery of the commodity prices is because the global economic growth is expected to rise, while investment will recover, and supply surplus issues will reduce, he said. He also predicted that coal price would rise to its highest of up to 21.5%. He added, “We have seen that the figures have been positive. SEBI Approves Options Trading in Commodity Segment. According to sources, the country’s market regulator has given thumbs up to options trading in commodity markets.

SEBI Approves Options Trading in Commodity Segment

At a meeting of the SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India), the regulator is said to approve a draft amendment to Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act to allow commodity derivative exchange to deal in options. The industry was waiting for such a decision for some time. This was UK Sinha’s last meeting as SEBI Chairman, as Ajay Tyagi was appointed on Friday Evening and he will be taking over from March 1. Tyagi was also part of the Saturday’s meeting. The board also cleared a consultation paper on amendments to debentures trustee regulations. Is It Profitable To Invest In Share Market. There were lots of anxiety and nervousness amongst investors, when Finance Minister Arun Jaitley was about to present the budget 2017-18 on Wednesday. But after the budget declaration, the stock market made a huge move, giving a clear acceptance to the annual Budget 2017-18. The finance minister has made all the right decisions in all the right areas.

He maintained a very careful norm of 3.2% of budget deficit, particularly when everybody was expecting not so prudent fiscal policy keeping the demonetization issues in mind. In addition, abolishing Foreign Investment Promotion Board, was appreciated by potential foreign portfolio investors and thus markets warmed to the budget. The all-rounded budget proposal have shown that all stimulants to economy are finally getting into place, so this clearly if you will ask ‘what to buy today in share market’ then the answer will be to invest in equity markets as that is where you will see the returns in 2017.