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So You Think You Can't Write: 8 Writing Resources for Non-Writers - Hootsuite Social Media Management. How to Make Visual Content That Doesn't Suck. Three basic design principles to help you create stunning visual content.

How to Make Visual Content That Doesn't Suck

So you want to create awesome images that get attention and, more importantly, get shared? Free Images - Pixabay. High-Resolution Photos. Free Seamless Pattern Backgrounds. The ideal subject line length. Size does matter, especially in B2C. Subject lines can have a huge effect on the response rates of your email campaigns.

The ideal subject line length. Size does matter, especially in B2C.

Adestra recently published a subject line report for which it analysed nearly a billion email marketing messages. From this research comes the answer to the question: “What is the ideal length of a subject line?”. How long should your subject line be? Even if you keep the content of the email campaign exactly the same, changing the subject line can show dramatic improvements. With increases of 10%, 20% or even doubling your click troughs, subject lines are a very important part of an email. In this graph we see the deviation from the average open, click through and click to open rates grouped by number of characters in the subject line.

Ideal subject line length per sector It is interesting to see these results, but of course they are averages across all industries. This again shows that you cannot take general statistics and translate the directly to any list or sender. B2B versus B2C Hey, a little update! How to Write Email Subject Lines That Get Opened.

4 Hacks You Should Know Before You Craft Your Next Email Subject Line. Every day people are flooded with emails they must decide to open or ignore.

4 Hacks You Should Know Before You Craft Your Next Email Subject Line

Research by Epsilon shows that email open rates are hovering around 25%. Luckily for marketers, there is a way to improve that rate. Since many people base their decision (about whether to open an email) on the subject line, this means you can optimize it, through testing and iteration, and attain an open rate that is far above average. The Most (and Least) Effective Keywords in Email Subject Lines. Emails with the word "alert" in their subject lines have a 38.1% higher than average open rate and 61.8% higher click rate, according to a recent study by British marketing firm Adestra.

The Most (and Least) Effective Keywords in Email Subject Lines

The keywords "free delivery" (+50.7% higher open rate, +135.4% click rate) and "bulletin" (+15.8%, +12.7%) also performed very well in the email campaigns analyzed. On the other hand, "report" (-23.7% average lower open rate, -54.8% click rate), "learn" (-35.5%, -60.8%), and "book" (-4.6%, -25.4%) had a negative effect. Subject-line-infographic.

New Research Reveals Which Email Subject Lines Perform Best for Marketers. Six to 10 words yield highest open rates, movie and music themes becoming more prevalent We have recently completed a new study uncovering the attributes that make up the perfect email subject line - one that generates the highest open rates for marketers.

New Research Reveals Which Email Subject Lines Perform Best for Marketers

The data was derived from an analysis of more than 260 million delivered emails and 540 campaigns. We found subject lines with six to 10 words perform best, generating a 21 percent open rate, well above industry standard. Those with subject lines containing five or fewer words ranked second with a 16 percent open rate, and those with 11-15 words returned a minimal 14 percent open rate. Despite this, the majority of emails sent (52 percent) had subject lines in the 11-15 word range.

"Subject lines are arguably the most critical component of any email marketing campaign, as they're the first thing people see in their in-box and what they consider when making the decision to open or trash an email," said Jerry Jao. Research Methodology. 15 most powerful email subject lines. The inbox is a hostile place.

15 most powerful email subject lines

40 Email Subject Lines Research Shows Your Subscribers Can't Resist. Your email list is potentially the most important asset your business owns.

40 Email Subject Lines Research Shows Your Subscribers Can't Resist

Search engine traffic and social media play a huge role in online marketing, but if I had to choose just one channel? How to Create Custom Silhouettes in PowerPoint. Blogging Tips You Should Know. Blogging in itself is not passive.

Blogging Tips You Should Know

It takes a lot of constant work, writing and relationship building in order to create a successful blog. Although a blog isn’t passive in nature, it’s one of the best platforms for launching other passive income opportunities. Once you hit that publish button, it’s forever there for new visitors to see – tomorrow, next week, or even years from now. Each blog post is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship you have with your existing audience, prove your authority and gain trust in your niche and grow your audience, and if you do eventually sell something, or if there are affiliate opportunities within those posts, you are planting passive income seeds that could make you money, passively, for a very long time. Adding Google Authorship to Your WordPress Website. So how do you set your pretty picture to show up in the Google Search?

Adding Google Authorship to Your WordPress Website

I mean really how cool is it when you are randomly searching for something in your area of expertise and your face pops up. Now think about all the ways that this can connect with your readers and potential clients. 26 Tips for Writing Great Blog Posts. Do you blog?

26 Tips for Writing Great Blog Posts

Feel like you’re trying to reinvent the wheel time and again? Looking for some ideas to simplify your content creation process? What follows are 26 tips, from A-Z, to help you create optimal blog posts every time you sit down to write. #1: Anatomically Correct A blog post contains several areas that require our attention and care. Eye-catching titleIn-text links to landing pagesSidebar/banner calls to actionSocial sharing buttonsCall to action at the bottomRelevancy—making sure the post is relevant from top to bottom Parts of the blog anatomy. How to find blogging inspiration & 20 blogging ideas.

Even if you have the best intentions in the world, coming up with a constant stream of new ideas for blog posts can be pretty intimidating. All too soon, the corporate blog lies empty because the company has run out of ideas. Traffic Dos and Don’ts: A Checklist. One of the main reasons bloggers stop blogging is lack of traffic: at some point, they get tired of being the proverbial tree in the forest, making sounds nobody hears. We’re here to help. No list of advice can guarantee your blog’s success, but it’s important to be aware of the most critical elements at play. Five dos, five don’ts: give them a try. Dos Write regularly. Don’ts.


30 Simple Ways to Gain RSS Subscribers. 1. Use a big, bold RSS button – Most visitors won’t take the time to look for your button and some don’t even know what it is. Make it big and bold so they can’t miss it. 2. Place your RSS button above the fold – Move those ads down and your RSS button up. In the long run, your RSS button will more than pay for that spot. How to Create a Blog People Love.