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231365_700b.jpg (700×2214) DIY: Rockin' Vinyl Record Bowl. I love crafts made from recycled records, like this blue-vinyl wall clock and ring-binder journal.

DIY: Rockin' Vinyl Record Bowl

It's a great way to re-purpose damaged or dorky vinyl, and the items have a lot retro charm. One of my favorite projects is this Rockin' Vinyl Record Bowl, which is a ridiculously easy DIY endeavor you can complete in less than half an hour. Here's how to make one. 1. Choose a record that you (obviously) don't mind destroying; I found this Kingston Trio vinyl at a thrift store. For the next steps, read more 2. 3. 4. 5. If you end up doing this DIY project, please do share the results! Notebook from old Floppy Disks. Father's Day Key Chain ~ Aly&Ash. Tutorial Tuesday.

Father's Day Key Chain ~ Aly&Ash

DIY comic book geek coasters. It’s so hard for me to think of crafts for men!

DIY comic book geek coasters

You may be like me and have a brother who loves comic books – in which case, geeky coasters are the perfect gift for said brother. Bicycle Frame Lunch Bag. You’re headed somewhere on your bike and you want to bring your lunch along.

Bicycle Frame Lunch Bag

Maybe you’re commuting or just headed to the park. Backpacks get warm, so you’d rather not wear one, and you don’t have a rack on your bike to pack your lunch on. Here’s a solution: a bike frame lunch bag you can make that will perfectly hold a box of leftovers or a sandwich. This one is designed for a standard “entree” sized plastic container, which is reasonably waterproof and acts as a structural integrity field for your sandwich. The bag is made from three pieces of fabric: an 8″ x 8″ square, an 8″ x 13″ rectangle, and a 3″ x 22″ strip. The first step is to sew the strip around the outside of the front of the bag. Fold over 1/4″ and 1/4″ again across the top of the front and the top of the sides of the bag to form a rolled hem and sew it down. Sew the back on, rotating at the corners again. Next, hem your flap. Sew two straps to the top of the flap to use for connecting to the top tube of your bike.

DIY: Chalkboard Mug. December 14th, 2011 Naturally when I discovered porcelain chalkboard paint I had to grab some.

DIY: Chalkboard Mug

The inventor must be some kind of genius. Now I have the most amusing coffee mug ever, and you can have one too. This is a much easier version of the hand painted mug project—no drawing or painting skills required! Skinny Ties. One of Ralph’s requests for his birthday was skinny ties.

Skinny Ties

They are surprisingly hard to find — either too long or too expensive for a 13-year-old’s wardrobe. So a few weeks ago, I had an idea: I would buy some old fat ties at a thrift shop and take them to a tailor to have them altered. Brilliant, right? But then, of course, I forgot about the idea till 3 days before his birthday. At which point, I tried to rush and make it happen. But since I had the ties in hand, and since they only cost $1 each, I figured I’d try it myself.

Here is the before shot. Here is the after shot: DIRECTIONS: 1) Turn your too-wide thrift store tie upside down. Keep un-stitching till you get to the skinniest part of the tie: 2) Pull the tie form fabric out of the lining (there is probably a real name for this, but I don’t know what it is). 3) Trim one side of the tie-form fabric. 4) If you traced it, then cut out the second side.

Handmade Father's Day Gift: How to Make a Bicycle Handlebar Bag. Here’s the Father’s Day DIY I think I’m most excited about, an upcycled handlebar bag.

Handmade Father's Day Gift: How to Make a Bicycle Handlebar Bag

I’ve been in love with bike accessories lately, they make me want to pedal everywhere I go. Plus they are great gifts for kids, grads, retirees, and just about everyone in between. The red kitchen: The Leather Cuff tutorial. Hello and welcome all you boy-lovers!

the red kitchen: The Leather Cuff tutorial

While I don't have any little boys of my own to play with yet, I do have a husband and brothers and brothers-in-law to make things for. And--truth be told--I think the boys in our lives that are over the age of twelve are the ones who are really the hardest to take care of when it comes to all things handmade. Such was the case for me a few months ago. My husband and I decided early on (July-ish?) That we were going to give handmade gifts to everyone on our Christmas list this past Christmas. A TIE-NY TOKEN OF APPRECIATION. just hit me that dad day is right around the corner...and hadn't done any projects for it!...

A TIE-NY TOKEN OF APPRECIATION's a little last minute something something...