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The Serpentwar Saga

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Shadow of a Dark Queen. Shadow of a Dark Queen is a fantasy novel by Raymond E.

Shadow of a Dark Queen

Feist. It is the first book in the The Serpentwar Saga and was first published in June 1994.[1] It was followed by Rise of a Merchant Prince which was published in 1995. Plot introduction[edit] A dark queen is gathering armies in remote lands and desperate men are sent on a suicidal mission to confront this evil. Among these men is Nakor the Isalani, a gambler who knows the true nature of the Queen and whom everyone must wager their lives upon. Plot summary[edit] The prologue introduces the Saaur, warm-blooded humanoid reptiles, whose world is being overrun by demons from the Fifth Circle of Hell. When they arrive in Krondor there is a long line on the road into the city, due to the search for the two murderers as well as the rush to reach the city to attend the funeral of Prince Arutha. After meeting up with their allies among the natives, Calis and his band successfully infiltrate the army. Publication history[edit] References[edit]

Rise of a Merchant Prince. Rise of a Merchant Prince is a fantasy novel by Raymond E.

Rise of a Merchant Prince

Feist. It is the second book of The Serpentwar Saga and is preceded by Shadow of a Dark Queen and followed by Rage of a Demon King. Erik von Darkmoor and Rupert Avery (Roo), have returned to Krondor after serving in Calis special unit that was sent down to the continent of Novindus. Erik plans on staying in the army as a corporal in the coming war, and Roo states that he plans on becoming a rich trader. After being pardoned of their crimes by Borric, King of the Kingdom of the Isles, Erik and Roo begin a journey to visit their family in the town of Ravensburg. Once in Ravensburg, Erik visits his mother, who faints on the sight of him, as they were told that Erik and Roo were hanged.

The plot centers primarily on the rise of Roo as an important merchant in Krondor. The book ends with many unanswered questions: who is the "third party" at work? Rage of a Demon King. Synopsis[edit] The Emerald Queen's army is almost upon Midkemia and the army is staging.

Rage of a Demon King

Erik Von Darkmoor is sergeant-major of the King's armies and Rupert is almost single-handedly financing the war. The Emerald Queen and her army are making for the Lifestone, a magical source of power capable of destroying worlds. Vast preparations are being made in Krondor, the anticipated point of invasion by the Emerald Queen's army, and all of Midkemia's allies - as well as some enemies - are being called upon to help. There are a lot of secrets revealed in Rage of a Demon King. Plot[edit] Set right after Rise of a Merchant Prince, the story opens with Rupert Avery and Erik Von Darkmoor returning from their second voyage in the southern continent Novindus. Shards of a Broken Crown. Shards of a Broken Crown is a 1998 fantasy novel by Raymond E.

Shards of a Broken Crown

Feist, the fourth and final book of his Serpentwar Saga and the twelfth book of his Riftwar cycle. Synopsis[edit] Thanks to an enemy general who has a change of heart now that the enemy leaders are gone, the reclamation of the western realm of the Kingdom is made easier - but not by much - with Kesh threatening Krondor and the Eastern Armies returning to the east. On top of that, a new evil is unleashed by the enemy, with the dead rising and fighting the Kingdom forces. Pug, Tomas, Nakor and Miranda must defeat the enemy magicians and their unnatural allies for the Kingdom to survive. Plot[edit] General Fadawah has sent Duko to hold Krondor with his army. Jimmy tells Patrick of their peace offering.

Erik and Roo find John Vinci, Roo's trading partner. Erik and Greylock then charge Sarth and take it quickly. Meanwhile, two of Dash's constables have been killed and dumped in front of the jail. External links[edit]