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100 CSS Galleries You Need to Check Out. Sharing is caring! Whether you're suffering from designer's block, or just want to see what your competition is up to, design galleries are an excellent tool. Fortunately, there's no shortage of them available, and we've found 100 of the best. Searchable If you're looking for a specific color, style, or genre, check out these organized and searchable galleries.

Resources These galleries offer more than just a pretty face, with resources like tutorials, forums, and advice. Ranked See what others think of designs on these ranked CSS galleries. Specific Elements If you're looking for something very specific, try these galleries on for size. Aggregates Save time by checking out multiple galleries at once on these aggregated galleries. Standards These galleries showcase only sites that feature excellent web standards. International Stay on top of international designs with these galleries. Everything These galleries pack a heavy dose of CSS designs. Tags: CSS. Bootstrap Themes Built & Curated by the Bootstrap Team.

Abous Us - Material Kit PRO by Creative Tim. Improvements, BugFixing Changes for responsive devices Improvements and BugFixing for documentation Change versions on CSS and JS files Pro Documentation integrated in Free Version New page - Error Page 404 Eliminated extra CSS and JS Bug fixing, Improvements solved responsive issues Updated plugins Multilevel dropdown integration Small changes for responsive devices Fixed-plugin in user archive integration Shopping Cart page Speed optimizations Documentation errors fixed Gulp compiling of the SASS files Change versions on CSS and JS files Small changes for components added scroll to id in Section Page change the demo.css/demo.js files to run the project without them resize the modal on devices to fit the page change the name and the route in the gulpfile.js file in the users archive in the html pages the path from images was changed we changed the path of images from assets/img folder Improvements, Bootstrap 4.0.0 update Reestablish the gulp compiling of the SASS files Bootstrap 4 update.

Abous Us - Material Kit PRO by Creative Tim

How to Add Touches of Magic to Your Interactions. Every time a user does something with your design, an interaction is created.

How to Add Touches of Magic to Your Interactions

Some interactions, such as clicks, go almost unnoticed by the user. But other interactions include a certain bit of magic that makes the user want to play with the design even more. There’s a fine line between an interaction that has the touch of magic and one that can be completely overwhelming. The most magical interactions are a bit unexpected, simple, create an emotional response and make the user want to use it again. Interactions with Magic Magic is “a quality that makes something seem removed from everyday life, especially in a way that gives delight.” What makes an interaction truly magical is that it anticipates what the user is going to do next. To design this type of interactive interface, you need to know your users exceptionally well. So, what makes an interaction magical? Some examples include: Intelligent Animation Animations are everywhere. Direct Clickability.


100 CSS Galleries You Need to Check Out. CSS Zen Garden: The Beauty of CSS Design. 22 web design inspiration resources you’ll love. The one stage that inevitably shows up in every designer’s process, no matter what discipline they practice, is the inspiration stage.

22 web design inspiration resources you’ll love

After all, creativity is hiding your sources. So no matter how innovative you are, having a wide array of inspirational resources at your fingertips is absolutely invaluable. With that in mind, I gathered some of my personal favorites to share with you. (Note: We omitted Dribbble, Behance, and Awwwards, because duh.) 1. Despite a somewhat unpopular move to a freemium business model, Pttrns hosts a massive archive of mobile screens for your inspiration, appreciation, or simple drooling over. Both the categories and tags are robust enough to help you quickly find what you want, and the categories focus on some of the most vital flows in any app, including walkthroughs, navigation, and discovery. A lot of content has been moved behind the paywall, but if you can live with what you get for free — or don’t mind upgrading — it’s definitely worth a long look.

13 unique website layouts. Many websites seem to follow the same tired, old template.

13 unique website layouts

Here’s a hero image with a centered call to action and here’s my three columns below it. It’s not a bad design, because it works. The problem is that it’s predictable. So we wanted to give you some examples of websites that take a different approach so you can create pages that break the mold, without shattering user expectations. 1. Layout: full bleed hero flowing into staggered two-column sections with scroll-triggered background animations We just can't get enough of this website! These two elements combine to symbolize their promise of transforming ideas into action. The absence of navigation and an arrow prompt you to scroll down to get the whole Heco Partners story, but you can also diverge into their project-based case studies.

It’s a bit of a drawback not to being able to bounce from one section of your choosing to the next. 2. Layout: three-column hero that transforms into the main navigation menu on scroll.