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The Kiran Group

Kiran Group is a leading logistic company in Mundra, Gujarat. We offer different logistic services like bulk liquid storage terminals, custom clearing, warehousing & distribution, transportation, port handling & stevedoring and other specialized solutions like drumming, sorting, packing/re-packing, labeling etc.

4 Best Ways to Transport Liquid Cargo. Shipping bulk liquids can be quite a challenge, especially when product integrity and costing are your concern areas as well.

4 Best Ways to Transport Liquid Cargo

There is a number of bulk liquid cargo transport options available at your disposal and you should pick the one that suits your needs the best. You may be transporting hazardous or non-hazardous material in a high volume and want to make sure that it reaches its destination on time quite safely. In this post, we will share the best and effective ways to transport liquid cargo: 1. 6 Common Logistics and Inventory Management Mistakes. By The Kiran Group We Store, Clear & Move with Care Logistics and inventory management industry is always on the move and requires constant innovation.

6 Common Logistics and Inventory Management Mistakes

Failing to do so only means getting lost in the competition and left to the oblivion by the customers. Top 3 Factors When Choosing Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions Services Providers. Logistics are the heart-lines of businesses worldwide.

Top 3 Factors When Choosing Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions Services Providers

If you do not have the right logistics partner then you can miss out on a lot of business. In fact, having the ideal LNG and LPG Transportation service providers is a must. Choosing one, however, may be less than easy if you do not know what to look for. So, here are a few factors to look for when choosing the right logistic companies in Gandhidham:​3 Factors the Best LNG and LPG Transportation Service Providers Have1. Solid Market PresenceThe first thing to check about any logistics company is how well they are placed in the market by their clients. Top 5 Advantages of Container Transportation Services from Mundra. Industrial chemicals are serious business.

Top 5 Advantages of Container Transportation Services from Mundra

You need professional services to help manage them and transport them. Not doing so can lead to problems with the law including environmental costs and other kinds of penalties. You can also lose goodwill if you don’t handle them correctly. Even small leaks can be dangerous. So, you need to choose the right chemical storage tank terminal in Kandla for the job. 5 Advantages of Container Transportation Services from Mundra • Safety The first thing you have on your mind as an industrial chemicals manager or business owner is safety.

. • Reliability Trust is always a major factor in businesses since you need to rely on collaborators to maximize your business processing. Fast and Efficient Logistics Services. Best Warehouse Service in Hazira Surat. Traditionally, Warehousing and Distribution Centers (DCs) were simplistically looked upon as necessary evils that are fundamentally cost centers.

Best Warehouse Service in Hazira Surat

But now as customer satisfaction and supply chain efficiency become more important drivers of warehousing operations, the industry is re-examining its perceptions. The movement from linear to complex, multi-node supply chains recognizes this shift in perception. Top Business Managements can no longer afford to view Warehouses and DCs merely as unavoidable Cost Centers that serve as links between endpoints of their supply chain. Instead, more and more industry professionals are now seeing the bigger picture and viewing warehouses and distribution facilities as Growth Centers – historically underleveraged centers that can drive competitive differentiation and, by doing so, increase profitable growth. 4 Advantages of Outsourcing Warehouse Inventory Management. Warehouse inventory management is not something that can be ignored at any point.

4 Advantages of Outsourcing Warehouse Inventory Management

That’s the reason that organizations consider outsourcing warehouse inventory management rather than managing it in-house. Apparently there are a number of benefits why this trend has become so popular in recent years. As you may probably be aware that warehousing and distribution activities can alone cost about 25 to 35 percent of the overall logistics costs of any enterprise’s expenses. That’s why organizations prefer outsourcing the entire thing rather than investing money and resources to manage it in-house. Top 5 Custom Clearance Issues. Posted by kirangroup on March 2nd, 2020 International trade is regulated by numerous regulations and importers are supposed to abide by them at all costs.

Top 5 Custom Clearance Issues

Not doing so increases complications and chances of delays. Importers can have a tough time when they have to face custom clearance problems. This is because their investment is blocked and any damages or delay costs them a lot of money. In this post, we will see the most common custom clearance issues. 5 Tips to Choosing a Container and Transportation.

Container transportation services come in really handy when you want to transport bulk manufactured goods with utmost safety and within the predetermined timelines.

5 Tips to Choosing a Container and Transportation

You need to keep some useful tips in mind while choosing the containers and company offering container transportation services from Mundra. Let’s take a look at some really useful tips which will come in really handy for you. Read on: 1. Bulk Liquid Storage Tank Terminal in Kandla. One of the most trusted names at the busiest Indian subcontinent port of Kandla, for distinctive competencies in storage of bulk liquid chemicals, Kiran Group is renowned for storing hazardous and non-hazardous liquid products for over two decades.

Bulk Liquid Storage Tank Terminal in Kandla

The terminals are designed with variety of storage facilities to meet the diversified requirements of all customers and are equipped with the best storage tanks (both SS and MS tanks) of various sizes ranging from 800 KL to 7900 KL for storage of Hazardous and Non-hazardous Liquids, Edible Oil (Vegetable Oil), Petroleum and Petro-Chemical Products. With some of the most advanced technologies and infrastructure available for storage of various classes of hazardous liquids, our Liquid Storage Terminal caters to many MNCs and reputed Indian companies alike. In our relentless pursuit to excel and better ourselves, our terminal has achieved an international landmark. Key Highlights 1,33,000 cbm (KL) liquid storage capacity.

4 Benefits of Choosing a Logistics Company. For entrepreneurs worldwide, logistics is one of the most important aspects of the business.

4 Benefits of Choosing a Logistics Company

This is because they want to expand their business. The customers must receive the product intact and on time, otherwise they get a negative impression about the company. This is where freight forwarding or logistics companies come into picture. Kiran Group – A Reliable Transportation Service Provider. Transportation is the backbone of any Supply Chain. Therefore, we consider Transportation as one of our most important service solutions in our cluster of services to simplify our client’s supply chain. With our own fleet of tankers, ISO tanks, trailers and trucks; we provide transportation services for hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, edible oil, POL products, LPG, butadiene, containers, agro products, metals, minerals, project cargo, etc. We take complete responsibility for the cargo irrespective of it's form and type (hazardous or non-hazardous) including pickup, handling, storage and distribution in such a way that all processes are inter-connected, which saves time and money.

Our fleet of around 600 heavy commercial vehicles ensure safe, on time and complete consignment delivery to any part of the country. Key Highlights Capacity to Move 8,000 to 10,000 MT per day. Facilities & Amenities Location Base at Kandla (Gandhidham). Value Additions. Top Warehouse Management Service Providers in Gujarat.