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Project-Based Learning for Digital Citizens. It's award season, so I'm giving my students an award.

Project-Based Learning for Digital Citizens

A major award! I'm honoring them for stepping outside the comfort zone of the school system that they have been subject to for most of their lives, authoring their own learning, and in the process, enjoying it. However, this transition did not come easily, and it took them some time to adjust to this format. Shift Your Classroom: Small Strategic Steps. I’ve come to describe my shifted classroom as an inquiry-driven, project-based, tech-embedded environment.

Shift Your Classroom: Small Strategic Steps

But that’s not where I started. For most of my teaching career, I’ve been a pretty traditional teacher (even now I slip back into that mode sometimes). However, as I went through the motions of trying to “teach” my students, something didn’t feel right. My students seemed to learn things only for the exam, were focused on the mark, not the learning that was supposed to be taking place. When the unit or semester was over, they dumped all their notes and assignments. PBL Mania … Online Planning Form, Free Webinar, Edmodo Community, Twitter Chat Night, New Conference, And More.

Welcome to another post which is the start to a series I know you will enjoy.

PBL Mania … Online Planning Form, Free Webinar, Edmodo Community, Twitter Chat Night, New Conference, And More

On Wednesday, January 25 I will be presenting a webinar on Integrating PBL and Technology for Ed Tech Leaders On-line. It will be a must see webinar for anyone interested in PBL. I will also be presenting this topic in Chicago at the NICE Conference on January 28 and will soon be facilitating an ISTE online PBL course incorporating the NET-S standards.

I have met many of you in PBL trainings I have conducted for the BUCK Institute (BIE). In order to celebrate, I have a fantastic series of articles that will be coming your way in the next two weeks here at 21centuryedtech. Why I love project-based learning. I love project-based learning.

Why I love project-based learning

Why? Because my students do. Some of my favourite projects are the Biology 30 projects due at semester’s end. These aren’t the only projects we create throughout the semester; we also create a number of digital products too. Helping Parents Understand PBL. For an upcoming Edutopia guide for parents, we're looking for suggestions about how to help parents understand the value of PBL.

Helping Parents Understand PBL

I'm eager to hear from teachers who have strategies to share. Do you use tools like Edmodo to provide a parent window into projects? Do you invite parents to volunteer as content experts or reviewers? What puzzles parents about PBL? Internet Catalogue.