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The Titans: A Life Before The Greek Gods. Have you ever wondered who the father of Zeus is?

The Titans: A Life Before The Greek Gods

He was a Titan called Cronus (or Kronus) who reigned during the Golden Age and tried to swallow all of his children! This is the thrilling story of life before the much loved Olympian Gods. The Titans, also known as the elder gods, were powerfully strong giants and reigned until they were overthrown by the Greek gods we’ve briefly mentioned in previous articles. Strawberry Cheesecake. This is a delicious, yet easy cheesecake that you can make really quickly.

Strawberry Cheesecake

It will impress anyone who tastes it though! 250 g digestive biscuits 100g butter 3 teaspoons vanilla extract 600 g soft cheese 100g icing sugar 285 ml double cream ½ lemon. Kingsnews - An Online Children's Web Magazine. Facial Expressions: Part 2. In the previous article we explored the work of the well-known psychologist Ekman on the origin of facial expressions.

Facial Expressions: Part 2

As a quick reminder, he was able to show through multicultural studies, that in cultures across the entire world, the same facial expressions were used and understood. Ekman believed that this was good evidence that facial expressions have a genetic basis and that how we are socialised has very little to do with the six primary facial expressions. This article will focus on a change that Ekman later made to his theory which allowed for some social input into the expression of emotion, and explain his reasoning for this change. Happiness from Socialising. Martin Seligman’s work in cognitive psychology has been focussed primarily on therapies based on cognitive theory as opposed to the more traditional purely theoretical outlook of the approach.

Happiness from Socialising

Though cognitive therapies for emotional disorders like depression, such as those of Beck and Ellis were gradually becoming popular, he believed that they were primarily focussed on reducing the impact of negative emotions on a person’s lifestyle and self-image rather than focussing on the pursuit of happiness itself. He originally developed a theory of ‘learned helplessness’ which we’ll focus on more in another article, but it basically posed that eventually, as an increasing number of bad things happen to us we will just allow them to and will not act to prevent them, since we develop the feeling that it is not worth trying any more.

Recipe: Scones. However you pronounce them, Scones (which are pronounced differently in the South and North of the UK), are a delicious, British afternoon cake.

Recipe: Scones

They are especially delicious with clotted cream and jam, and I have no doubt that your parents or grandparents would be very grateful to find these presented on the table. Ingredients: 350g self-raising flour. Cat VS. Dogs. When it comes to pets, there is always one question that can divide a room full of close friends.

Cat VS. Dogs

Namely; which are better? Cats? Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is one of the most important holidays of the year for the Chinese.

Chinese New Year

It is celebrated, like our new year, on the first day of the first month of the calendar. The Chinese calendar, however, is a lunisolar calendar whose date indicates both the moon phase and the time of the solar year. This means a lunar month is two days shorter than a solar month. Disneyland Paris. One of several parks across the world, this Disney theme park is a delight to visit. It is one of the more recent additions to the chain of Disney parks, and is the closest one to the UK, making it much easier to visit than any of the others.

With this world of adventure so close by, how can you resist taking a trip across the English Channel to Disneyland this summer? Disneyland Paris is in fact made up of two separate parks, and visitors can use their ticket to enter either park, but a separate ticket is needed for each park. The main Disneyland Park features rides based on the classic films and was the original, while the newer Walt Disney Studios Park features more rides based on recent films and experiences related to the production of the films, such as special effects and stunt shows. Food Staples for those who are Dairy-Free. For those of us who can’t have dairy, whether that be due to an allergy or dietary choice, it can be very difficult to know what we can eat, especially if we are new to the lifestyle, or if we are staying with friends/family who are also not used to having to cater for this.

Food Staples for those who are Dairy-Free

As such, I am going to compile a shortlist of staple foods that I always like to have in my cupboards, that I know I can safely eat. Peanut Butter - Obviously this is a no go for those of you who have peanut allergies, but for the rest of us, peanut butter can be a life-saver. It’s great on toast, or in a sandwich, in a milkshake, or even in houmous if you’re making it! It’s high in protein and contains a surprising amount of minerals including magnesium and zinc. 2) Baking Potatoes - Baking potatoes are obviously incredibly versatile. The data dilemma: human trafficking. As human trafficking is an obscure, grey area of our socio-political understandings, it is no surprise that a central difficulty in fighting the crime derives from lack of data and imprecise information gathering techniques.

The data dilemma: human trafficking

An overwhelming disparity of estimations exist in books, on governmental documents, NGO websites and reports ranging from 27 million people being part of the global human (Bales 2004) trade to 12.3 million. (Smith 2011, 272). Internal charitable organisations are aware that if a drop in crime rates is indicated, the international response may be halted. Pareidolia. Sometimes this effect has been utilised by psychologists.


Most famously it is the basis of the Rorschach blot test, developed in 1921 by the Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach. The test comprises ten cards with seemingly random ink blots. The tester would show each one to a patient and ask what they see, assessing these answered based on pre-set criteria. Originally Rorschach developed this test to diagnose those suffering from schizophrenia, as this condition heightens a person’s tendency to find patterns in random data. However, it came to be used widely throughout the 1960s as a general personality assessment. The faces of religious figures are very often spotted in random objects; a sceptical person might put this down to pareidolia. Especially Cute Animals Part 1. We all love animals, I mean why wouldn’t you?

They provide great companionship and can do extraordinary things. From flying hundreds of feet above us to creating some of the most majestic dames, we can never really know too much about the animals that live on our planet. Situation Ethics. The theory of Situation Ethics Situation ethics is an ethical teleological theory which says that love is the most important thing. It is commonly associated with Joseph Fletcher and it was proposed in the 1960s. Originally it was quite difficult to accept this ethical theory due to it going against legalistic ethics which was thought to be right at the time.

Fletcher has supported his arguments for situation ethics using teachings from the bible. Situation ethics is described to have pragmatism, personalism, relativism and positivism. The data dilemma: human trafficking. Robin Hood. You’ve no doubt all heard of Robin Hood, the archer living in Sherwood Forest with his band of merry men, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, but just how close is that to reality? For years historians have argued whether Robin Hood really existed or not, and if he is a fabricated individual, where does the story come from? There are several versions of the Robin Hood story, the most well known being that of Hollywood films depicting him as a handsome ranger dressed in green garments and armed with a bow and arrow.

The first actual historical mention of Robin Hood was in 1377, and the British museum actually has a full manuscript account of his life which states his birth place as Loxley in Yorkshire in 1160. However another source notes Robin Hood as hailing from Wakefield not Loxley and taking part in Thomas of Lancaster’s rebellion in 1322 meaning he couldn’t have been born in 1160! Another thing the sources agree on largely is Robin’s death. IMAGE SOURCE: Photography Tips. The first image appears striking because I have edited the image so that the colours are more saturated.

This means that the colours appear bolder and brighter, which gives off a warm feeling, and creates a summery, bright photograph. With the second image, I have played with editing tools, which highlight the fact that the image is quite abstract. With the twigs and leaves being out of focus, it creates a blur of colours and shapes, and with this editing effect, it almost changes the photograph into a painting as block colours are used.

The data dilemma: human trafficking. Treatment for Addiction. Addiction, substance abuse and dependence What is substance abuse? Substance abuse refers to ‘the harmful or hazardous use of psychoactive substances, including alcohol and illicit drugs.’ HPV vaccine to be given to teenage boys as well. What is hard Brexit and what is soft Brexit? (Part 1) The future for personalised medicine. The future for Personalised Medicine. Kingsnews. My Trip to Zurich. Holiday Destination Review – Vatican City. Vegan Snack Ideas. Online Children's Magazine KingsNews. Kids Movie Reviews, Articles on Films for Childrens. Things To Think About Whilst Streaming Music. Reviews for Kids Travel Destination - Disneyland Paris.

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