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Did you know cannabidiol or CBD obtained from hemp is one of the most effective natural pet wellness products on the market? Dog CBD oil can be used to help with managing behavioral problems, supporting immune systems, supporting healthy inflammatory responses, and even easing discomfort related to normal daily activities. CBD derived from hemp is legal for pets and made into various products including balms, sprays, and other natural pet products. But, not all pet CBD products are made alike. Some include impurities like metals, pesticides, solvents, and other unnatural substances. At King Kanine, we use CBD obtained from Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol Oils which are extracted from the best quality hemp and suspended in high Omega-3 krill oil. Our natural pet products are manufactured in a GMP certified, ISO–9001 certified, FDA registered facility. Whether you’re looking at dog or cat CBD products, none of our products include artificial ingredients or flavors. We wouldn’t sell you any product we wouldn’t give to our own pets! For more information about pet CBD products, visit or call 754-216-5888 to order a pet CBD product today!

Natural CBD Oil for Pets. CBD Benefits for Dogs. King Kalm CBD for Dogs. King Kalm CBD for Dogs. CBD for Dogs at King Kanine. CBD for pets is becoming increasingly popular among pet owners at home and abroad.

CBD for Dogs at King Kanine

The reasons for this are numerous:CBD for dogsandCBD oil for pets can do wonders for the overall physical and mental health for our pets, it is all-natural and organic, and, perhaps best of all, it is thought by scientists and pet experts alike to carry no negative side effects. That means that pet owners can rest assured that this highly customizable product can be added to their pet’s diet without increasing the risk of unwanted consequences. CBD for pets comes in many different forms, includingCBD oil for pets, CBD edibles and treats, and CBD topicals. King Kanine carries the highest qualitypet CBD oil because we want all pet owners to develop strong and intimate relationships with their pets while doing all they can to promote healthy lifestyles. If you’re a dog owner and have a feeling thatdog CBD oil might be exactly what your pooch needs, King Kanine is here with all the answers! Things You Must Consider Before Using CBD for Pets.

Your dog may be barking continuously, peeing inside the house, or acting strangely.

Things You Must Consider Before Using CBD for Pets

It can be due to anxiety, stress, allergies, inflammation, or various other factors. In such instances, CBD for pets may help to ease your dog’s symptoms. One in seven adults in the US uses CBD for medical purposes. As both pets and humans have cannabinoid receptors in the brain, CBD can also be used for dogs and cats. However, you must know a few things before you rush out to a drug store to buy CBD for dogs. How to Treat an Itchy Dog at Home with Natural Remedies. Dogs feel discomfort for several reasons.

How to Treat an Itchy Dog at Home with Natural Remedies

The most common place for skin rashes is around the ears, belly, groin, paws, and rump. If your dog is experiencing mild itching, there are some easy remedies you can use at home. But if it develops into chronic itching or is combined with other symptoms, you should seek a professional’s help. Here are some natural remedies that can be used to treat an itchy dog at home. Aloe Vera Aloe Vera is a powerful healing agent that helps to reduce redness on the skin. A Healthy Balanced Diet. How to Treat an Itchy Dog at Home [Natural Remedies] Buy CBD for Dogs Online at King Kanine. CBD for Dogs at King Kanine. Pet CBD at Affordable Prices. Visit King Kanine to Buy CBD for Dogs. Buy CBD for Dogs at King Kanine.

Hemp for Dogs. Free Delivery on Orders Over $100. CBD for Dogs at King Kanine. 5 Things to Know Before Buying CBD for Dogs. If you’re a pet parent, you have likely heard about pet CBD.

5 Things to Know Before Buying CBD for Dogs

It is one of the latest trends in the natural pet wellness industry. But there’s also a lot of misinformation about this product. While some CBD oil manufacturers claim it to be a miracle cure for all ailments, others dismiss the available claims as mere anecdotal evidence and would rather wait for more research-based evidence. Read on if you are a pet parent and looking for more information about CBD for dogs.

What Is CBD? CBD is one of the many phytocannabinoids derived from the hemp or cannabis plant. Like humans, dogs have the ECS or endocannabinoid system. Is CBD Legal? There’s much ambiguity about the legality of CBD products. How Does CBD Help Pets? There have been several research studies conducted to understand the effectiveness of hemp-derived CBD in humans and pets. Cannabinoids may also protect the body from certain kinds of cancerous cells in the liver, mammary glands, uterus, and pancreas. CBD for Pets.

CBD for Dogs. CBD For Dogs. CBD for Dogs: How Does It Help? CBD for dogs is the latest trend in the pet wellness industry.

CBD for Dogs: How Does It Help?

Pet parents across the world have been using CBD-based products to manage a wide range of issues, including noise phobia, stress, and chronic pain. If you are on the fence about using CBD, here’s how it could help your pet: 1. Manage Stress. Treating Noise Phobia in Dogs. It is not uncommon for dogs to bolt when hearing fireworks or other loud noises.

Treating Noise Phobia in Dogs

But some dogs are excessively scared, almost to the extent that it can be irrational and intense. They tend to hide, urinate, defecate, and even become aggressive when hearing a normal noise. Some dogs begin to tremble, shake, bark, or even chew on furniture and walls. It is believed that around 40% of dogs suffer from noise phobia. Here’s everything you wanted to know about treating noise phobia: What Causes Noise Hypersensitivity? How to Reduce Anxiety and Stress in Dogs Naturally? By Robert Johnson Digital Marketing Expert Dogs are sometimes like children, and when they develop the fear of noises, people, or places, it is hard to calm them down.

How to Reduce Anxiety and Stress in Dogs Naturally?

Some shiver uncontrollably during thunderstorms or when firecrackers go off. Some dogs dislike visitors or hate being left alone. Dogs have different ways of expressing anxiety, such as barking or howling incessantly, hiding under furniture, or urinating inside the house. Medication rarely helps under these circumstances as it gives only temporary relief, and anxiety levels may worsen over time.

Types of Anxiety in Dogs A new pet dog may appear stressed or anxious until it settles down and gets used to people and new surroundings. There are other reasons a dog may feel anxious. Tips to Keep a Senior Dog Healthy and Happy. Every dog is a joyful companion from the time it is brought home as a pup.

Tips to Keep a Senior Dog Healthy and Happy

Improvements in veterinary care have helped to relieve dogs of several regular health issues, but even medical advancements cannot protect dogs from age-related health issues. Dogs seven and older are generally considered senior pets and may develop physical issues like humans. Weakness, heart problems, liver or kidney problems, and cancer are common issues for senior dogs. It is very hard to see a beloved pet sitting morosely in a corner, getting anxious, or just not being their usual boisterous self. If you have a senior dog, here are some tips to keep your senior dog happy and restore his vitality naturally. CBD for Dogs and Cats. CBD for Dogs from King Kanine. CBD for Dogs from King Kanine. CBD For Dogs and Cats. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Should You Feed Fruits to Your Dog?

Many pet parents believe that since dogs are carnivores, they do not need fruits.

Should You Feed Fruits to Your Dog?

But fruits and veggies provide a lot of benefits to dogs. In the following sections, we’re going to look at how a raw vegetarian diet can be beneficial for your pet. (NOTE: We are not saying you should ditch your regular meat-based dog diet. Instead, we are saying you should incorporate fruits and veggies with the meals they already enjoy.) Fruits Are Rich in Polyphenols Polyphenols are natural compounds that are found only in fruits and vegetables. Fruits Combat Cancer Polyphenols minimize the risk of cancer. Fruits Minimize Inflammation. What Are The Best Natural Sources Of Glucosamine? Important Factors to Consider When Flying With Your Dog. Whether you’re taking your pet along with you on vacation or relocating to another city/town, flying can be overwhelming for both pets and pet parents.

Important Factors to Consider When Flying With Your Dog

But with a little planning and care, you can ensure your dog is safe while flying. Consult Your Vet Your pet should be healthy enough to fly. This is the first and most important factor. Make an appointment with your regular vet before departure so a proper medical checkup can be done on your dog. CBD for Pets. CBD Chews for Dogs: Is It the Right Choice? By Robert Johnson Digital Marketing Expert CBD oils and CBD dog treats are increasingly taking a foothold in the pet supplements market. But are CBD products safe? Are they effective, and do they offer the stated benefits? How to Take Care of Shedding in Dogs Naturally.

Organic CBD for Dogs. 3 Things to Consider Before Giving CBD to Pets. 3 Things to Consider Before Giving CBD to Pets While the scientific community has labeled CBD an alternative medicine, such hasn’t stopped millions of people from using CBD and CBD-infused products. In fact, there is enough evidence to suggest that CBD is effective at reducing pain and managing stress. You see, most mammals, including dogs and cats, have an endocannabinoid system that’s comprised of neurotransmitters, receptors, and metabolic enzymes. Mammals use their endocannabinoid systems to help maintain homeostasis, i.e. a state of balance. All You Wanted to Know About Pain Management for Pets. Pain is uncomfortable, but in many ways it helps us survive. Chronic pain, however, is hardly beneficial, so those that experience it often seek appropriate treatment immediately. Managing pain in humans is relatively easy when compared to managing pain in animals.

For one, animals cannot tell us when they’re in pain. Also, we don’t know much about how pain affects them. It’s also believed that animals tend to hide pain as a part of their survival instinct, and they do this so they don’t appear weak. 1. King Kanine CBD Products. How to Keep Your Pet Healthy During Winters and Cold Weather. Most of us can attest to the severe cold temperatures and winds that only winter brings, but these conditions can be even worse on your pets. If your furry friend has a thick, heavy coat, they may still feel chilly in the wintertime.

Pets can get hypothermia or frostbite just like you! If you take precautions to make sure your four-footed friend stays warm and healthy this winter, you’ll both be better off. If icy, Arctic-like winter weather is bearing down on your part of the country, here’s how you can protect your pooch from the cold. Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Stress. Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oil for Pets.

In certain U.S. states, governments have begun to legalize both medical and recreational cannabis, and these plants can be used by humans as well as pets. Today, many pet owners are wondering how CBD oil for pets can help their furry friends, but most aren’t comfortable with giving their pets products that lack scientific research. This explains why researchers are focusing more and more on how pet CBD oil affects pets.

At this time, only a few studies outline how CBD oil can be used to help pets, but there’s likely more information on the way. Read on if you’d like to know more about CBD oil for dogs and cats: What Is CBD Oil? Cannabidiol is one of the many active compounds in the cannabis sativa plant, and it’s been found that cannabidiol helps with managing chronic conditions like pain and stress in both pets and humans. How to Manage Mange in Pets. How to Buy CBD for Dogs. Pet parents are constantly trying to find natural products that will alleviate issues canines commonly face, like chronic pain, stress, and noise phobia.

CBD for Dogs. How to Manage Your Dog’s Chronic Pain Naturally. By Robert Johnson Digital Marketing Expert Not long ago, researchers believed that animals, especially dogs, experienced pain in the same ways humans do. Pet Wellness Products. Don’t Be Mislead on CBD Oil for Dogs. Wholesale CBD Pet Treats from King Kanine. What to Look for When Buying CBD Products for Pets. By Robert Johnson Digital Marketing Expert It’s hard for a pet owner to have not heard some of the discussions around CBD products for pets. It is currently one of the biggest health trends in the natural pet wellness industry. CBD dog treats and oils are lining shelves at pet stores around the country. Reviews of CBD products are all over the internet. But are these products safe? There were several studies done to prove the effectiveness of CBD in managing symptoms associated with a wide range of illnesses like cancer, arthritis, and seizures. 1.

The purity of the CBD is a major factor that determines the effectiveness of the product. These products are likely to include fillers and even contaminants such as pesticides and heavy metals. 2. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) issued by an independent lab that confirms the veracity of the manufacturer’s claims. 3 Common Problems that Afflict Senior Dogs. Although your dog will always be a puppy in your eyes, your dog is getting older.

As your dog reaches his senior years, caring for him can sometimes be more challenging. 3 Myths about CBD Oil for Dogs. The pet wellness industry in the United States is worth several billion dollars. Manufacturers offer hundreds of products and services, ranging from farm-to-table food, end-of-life care services, and specialized afterlife services for pet parents looking to preserve their animal friends for eternity. CBD oils are one such trend that's becoming very popular. It has been touted as a miracle cure for a wide range of ailments and had been gaining the attention of many pet owners. As with most natural pet wellness products, there's a lot of information about CBD on the internet. Some of it is true, but a lot of it is loaded with half-truth and misinformation.

Myth #1: CBD Treats Have Psychoactive Properties. 3 Things You Need to Know about CBD for Dogs. CBD Oils for Pets from King Kanine. Natural Pet Wellness Products – Topical CBD.