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ADSI Error Codes in Visual Basic Scripts (VBScript) Table of Content > ADSI Error Codes and Runtime Error Handling ADSI requests can fail due to many reasons: The LDAP server is unreachable, the authentication data is incorrect, the user hasn't the required permissions, the object or the used attributes of the script do not exist or can't be accessed in this particular way etc. etc.

ADSI Error Codes in Visual Basic Scripts (VBScript)

< The following contents are available here: ADSI Error Codes In the following you will find a list of potential error return codes when scripting with ADSI. Common ADSI error codes Win32 error codes for ADSI Win32 error codes for ADSI 2.0 Specific error codes for ADO usage Error codes, especially in MSDN, are handled in a hexadecimal syntax. Conversion of Error Codes : Decimal <> Hex You can't find an entry for a runtime error code (e.g. -2147217911) in Microsoft's online documentation?

Generally, error codes appear as 32 bit DWORDs. Example: Runtime Error -2147217911 (dec) + 4294967296 (dec) ______________________________ = 2147749385 (dec) => 0x80040E09 (hex) Pscodegen - Release: PSCodeGenerator. Recommended Download application, 35K, uploaded Jun 12, 2010 - 893 downloads.

pscodegen - Release: PSCodeGenerator

Authoring Toolkit. Synopsis:This Script Editor Add-on adds a New Add-on... menu item and toolbar button, 51 Add-on snippets and type and format configuration for Script Editor SDK types that make it much easier to create Script Editor Add-ons.

Authoring Toolkit

Version: Requirements:PowerGUI Pro 3.0 Script Editor or later or PowerGUI 3.0 (freeware) Script Editor or laterPowerShell 2.0 or later Features:• Create new Add-on modules with full manifest quickly and easily via the File | New | Add-on... menu item and toolbar button.• Use any of the 49 snippets to easily add, get, or remove:&nbsp;&nbsp;• Menus&nbsp;&nbsp;• Submenus&nbsp;&nbsp;• Menu items&nbsp;&nbsp;• Submenu items&nbsp;&nbsp;• Toolbars&nbsp;&nbsp;• Toolbar buttons&nbsp;&nbsp;• Events&nbsp;&nbsp;• Document contents&nbsp;&nbsp;• Dockable windows&nbsp;&nbsp;• Commands• Re-use previous Add-on configuration such as description, author, company name, and initial version in new Add-ons you create.

Screencasts:TBD Release notes:None Manual install:1. Notes and Domino wiki. Lotus Domino and Notes Information Center. IBM Lotus Domino and Notes Information Center. Notes and Domino Application Development wiki. This wiki is for you to learn about Domino application development, contribute to its knowledge base, and collaborate with others.

Notes and Domino Application Development wiki

It includes articles on using IBM® Domino® Designer(TM), XPages, DXL, programming with Java, JavaScript, and LotusScript, and other topics related to building world class solutions with Domino applications. In addition, this wiki will help you create and deploy Domino applications and contains application design guidelines and best practices for developing both Notes Client and Web applications. We invite you to create new articles on these topics, or to expand our content to include samples and troubleshooting.

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Learning. Microsoft. Why WireShark is important, or how I use it. There are tools out there that have their value severly underestimated.

Why WireShark is important, or how I use it

One of these tools is WireShark - a network protocol analyzer For Windows and *nix systems. And although I never used it on anything but my Windows PC, it's a really interesting tool to have installed - both for developers and curious minds. So what are some uses that might potentially benefit the people who decided to install it? Personally I have three main reasons, and i am describing those below. Web debugging Have you ever had issues controlling the traffic flow - maybe you were calling a service but weren't sure that the requests went the right way?

Detailed data might include source port, target port, target and source IPs as well as some details about the actual physical network controller handling the processing. Capture interesting stuff For example Windows Phone applications that come as XAP packages. Making sure that the right applications access the right resources.


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