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Mobile CSS stylng. By David Storey Introduction Following on from my previous article on mobile markup, this article will cover the W3C’s recommended option for supplying style to your mobile documents—CSS Mobile Profile 2.0.

Mobile CSS stylng

I will introduce what is available in the mobile profile and how it differs from CSS 2.1; then, I will discuss progressive enhancement and applying more advanced styles to more capable devices. A note on mobile-specific versions This article will not cover the reasons why you should or should not create a mobile-specific version of your site. One point worth mentioning is that the CSS Mobile Profile need not just be used with a stripped-down mobile-specific version.

Introducing CSS Mobile Profile 2.0 As is the case with XHTML, there are two different style sheet variations that focus on mobile. The W3C is in the process of updating the CSS Mobile Profile spec, and the second version has just reached Candidate Recommendation. CSS Support in CSS Mobile Profile 2.0 Selectors Positioning Lists. Designing for the Web M Boulton. App Analysis & Metrics insight.