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The Payroll and Business Game of the Philippines

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Philippine business and entrepreneurship know-hows for everyone who plans to do business in the Pearl of the Orient

The State of Payroll in the Philippines. Human resources (HR) is a very interesting field for me.

The State of Payroll in the Philippines

The primary reason is that it deals primarily with people. It is also one of the departments that is least appreciated, understood, and often deprived of resources. In one of my earlier post, I wrote about a benchmark regarding how many people your HR staff supports. According to the data, a single HR staff can support, on average, 83 employees in the organization. Another area I looked into was that of payroll. Participate in our State of Payroll Survey Aside from that obvious reason, payroll, being part of HR in most cases, is often the last place where managers and business owners look into when improving efficiencies and productivity. When people talk about payroll, people usually think of 3 different systems working together. Timekeeping and attendance system (TAS)Human resource information system (HRIS)Payroll system TAS refers to the one that captures time and attendance of every employee.

The Entrepreneur's Tax Checklist for the Holidays. We are fast approaching the end of the year, and there are a number of things that we, as entrepreneurs, have to stay on top of to best manage our business’ finances, and one of those is our taxes.

The Entrepreneur's Tax Checklist for the Holidays

Preparing for tax season as early as possible will help us avoid penalties, as well as ensure that our holidays don’t get ruined by tax-related concerns. All businesses—from freelancers to corporations, need to comply with the BIR’s rules and regulations on filing taxes. Filipinos, however, usually do everything at the last minute, which puts them at risk for penalties. To avoid this, we have put together a tax checklist to guide you on what you’re supposed to be preparing as early as now. 3 Business Tips to Survive Philippine Taxation. Starting and running a business is never a walk in the park.

3 Business Tips to Survive Philippine Taxation

Here in the Philippines, even a renewal of business permit will already entail long and tedious processes, as well as lots and lots of forms—making it discouraging for entrepreneurs to follow the law or even to start a business in the first place. It is a well-known fact that Philippine taxation is a burden especially for small and medium-sized businesses, and some of whom may even not have enough resources to hire accounting services. On top of this, the country still has an outdated tax system in dire need of reform. Fraudulent individuals have also been known to take advantage of clueless and desperate business owners, who are forced to pay penalties and back taxes even if it wasn’t their fault.

The best way to avoid this from happening to you is to become a smart tax payer. The Ultimate Guide to Business Permits Renewal. 2016 is fast approaching and you know what it means!

The Ultimate Guide to Business Permits Renewal

It’s time to renew our business registration papers. Be proactive and prepare for the process the renewing of your business permits ahead of time. In partnership with Bantay.Ph, we have collated everything we know about the process of business permit renewals and present it to you visually as an infographic to help you out this 2016. Right-click on image then select Open in New Tab to view larger image. Insider Tips to Business Permit and Renewal. Deciding to have your own business entails a lot of proceedings such as accomplishing the necessary permits and licenses for business in the Philippines.

Insider Tips to Business Permit and Renewal

Aside from completing the important paperwork, ensuring that your business permit is renewed is also vital in your business operation. If you’re having difficulties with these documents, here are some insider tips that would help in this particular undertaking to enable you to focus on other business functions. Business Permit and Registration Renewal Guide for January 2016. Most of us are guilty of doing things the last minute, as we tend to procrastinate, especially if the deadline is still months away.

Business Permit and Registration Renewal Guide for January 2016

The problem with putting things off and doing them at the final hour is that there will always be something that’s bound to go wrong—and that shouldn’t be the case when it comes to your business. It is important that you comply with tax deadlines to avoid the hassle. To have a better understanding, read on to find out everything you need to know about permits and licenses for business in the Philippines.

Here is a walk-through that will help you acquire the required barangay and mayor’s permits for your business on or before January 20, as failure to process and pay these taxes on time will result into payment for surcharges and penalties. 1. A renewed Barangay Permit, also known as Barangay Clearance, is necessary for acquiring a new mayor’s permit from the city hall. Requirements: Procedure: Processing Time: 1 day. How to Protect Your Business from Piracy and Counterfeit.

In this day and age, having a business has become more convenient because of the availability of information through the internet.

How to Protect Your Business from Piracy and Counterfeit

Whether you want to put up a blog or start an online shop, the information you need is just a click away. Since everything is readily available online, your businesses have become vulnerable as well, and could easily be imitated or pirated if not well-protected by law. Conversely, apart from acquiring necessary business permits and registrations, you also have to protect your intellectual property. 7 Things You Did Not Know About Starting Your Own Business in the Philippines. I Want to Start My Own Business. 7 Steps to Getting a Mayor's Permit. Securing a Business Permit is one of the requirements for every business or company to operate in the Philippines.

7 Steps to Getting a Mayor's Permit

Local Government Units (LGUs) can be cities or municipalities. Each municipality has different procedures depending on the ordinance of the city or municipality. A Business Permit is sometimes also referred to as a Mayor’s Permit, because it is processed at the City Hall – the office of the mayor. Securing a business permit from the Mayor’s Office can only be done after accomplishing two other registrations: Certification – either one of the following: DTI Business Name Certificate; or,SEC Articles of Partnership; or,SEC Certificate of IncorporationBarangay Clearance / PermitContract of Lease or Land Title / Tax DeclarationAuthorization letter of owner with IDSketch of LocationOccupancy PermitLocational ClearancePublic Liability InsuranceCommunity Tax Certificate (Cedula)Fire PermitSanitary Permit Most of these requirements can be prepared beforehand.

Submission. Top 5 Reasons to Hire the People You Think You Can’t Afford. Entrepreneurs are all in the look out to cut down costs and are all aiming for efficiency at the same time.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire the People You Think You Can’t Afford

Hiring the right people can be a huge problem. This is because it costs a lot and it takes a long process to recruit, train, manage, and retain people. What to Do If My Client Refuses to Pay? We have been getting a lot of comments regarding this huge confusion regarding Sales Invoices and Official Receipts.

What to Do If My Client Refuses to Pay?

Some comments from the article about the New BIR Ruling and the Difference Between Official Receipts and Sales Invoices show us that it really is a big concern for the company and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) as well. But one of the most asked question is this one, What do I do if my client does not want to pay me because I do not have the “right” receipt? Before we answer that, let us go through a short summary of what documents are really needed for your business, then the next part is what you are going to do if your client still refuses to pay, assuming you have the right type of receipts. The Right Type of Receipt If you are selling Goods (or items), you should have a Sales Invoice (SI). Photopedia : Top 5 Books for Photography Enthusiasts. At a certain age, most people just want to spend their time in activities outside their field of work.

Whether it be to travel around the world or to devote time at their homes, they would allocate it in activities that satisfy their thirst for recreation. In our digital era, it is noticeable that most individuals or travellers carry with them Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras (DSLRs), point-and-shoot’s, polaroids, lomo and even vintage film cameras. The art of capturing memories has been a timeless hobby that a lot of individuals are now immersing themselves in. Here are five books that reflects the different use, form, art, people, and culture in photography. Bruce Davidson: Black & White. 3 Steps to Business Permit Renewal.

At the start of every year, businesses are tasked to comply with the renewal of business permits with the Barangay, City Hall (collectively called Local Government Units or LGUs) and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). Deadline for renewal of permits with the LGUs is on January 20, while the deadline for the annual registration with the BIR is on January 31. You can expect fees to be paid include barangay permit fee, business tax, mayor’s permit fee, sanitary permit, and fire permit among others. Here’s the steps and business permit renewal requirements. Step 1: Renewal of Barangay Permit RequirementsPrevious year’s barangay permit, originalPrevious year’s official receipt / proof of paymentProcedureSubmit your accomplished application form together with the requirements at the Barangay Permit DivisionWait for the assessmentPay corresponding feesRelease of Barangay Permit, securing of Barangay Permit can be done within a day.

What Are The Right Types of Receipts for My Business. Ever since our article about the new BIR ruling on Official Receipts and Sales Invoices came out, we received a lot of comments and questions about their own businesses. One particular question that people ask is about which receipts are applicable for their business. To help answer these questions, we decided to put together a summary of all the types of receipts your business should have. If you do not have them, better get them now! This article will cover three things. How to Amend Articles of Incorporation and By-laws. I have been dealing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for almost two years now.

One of the transactions I do frequently is amending the Articles of Incorporation (AOI) and By-laws of the company. Most of the time, it is just a minor change, like changes in address (Article III of the AOI). The law requires that these changes are reflected in their records. [INFOGRAPHIC] A Matter of Time. Small business owners often have so much ideas but got very limited time to execute them. Computation of VAT: Output VAT - Input VAT = VAT Payable. This is the first part in our three-part series on How to Compute for Value Added Tax (VAT).

In this article, we will be covering the computations and briefly mention its effects to your business. A Freelancer’s Guide to Paying Income Tax. 8 Must-Read Books if You Want to Start Your Own Business. 8 Qualities That Make Ordinary Bosses Extraordinary. We believe that every worker has boundless potential if only they are managed by superiors who possess excellent leadership skills. Sadly, we still hear stories about bad bosses in office lunchrooms and we all have our own experiences with poor leadership in the workplace. We are all for improvement, so we have made a list of qualities that can make an extraordinary boss out of the ordinary. 1. Mentor You can easily spot an extraordinary boss by how they relate to their staff. 2. 10 Productivity Quotes from Gamechangers. In the business world where the competition is always survival of the fittest, the top-secret strategy lies in productivity. Productivity measures your efficiency as a company.

What Successful People Do Differently to Beat Monday Morning Blues. “It’s Monday again?! The ‘Now and Later’ Checklist Every Startup Must Have. Are Pinoy Freelancers Required to Pay Income Tax? While the employed Filipino has no choice but to pay taxes, most freelancers have been enjoying a tax-free income because they are not aware that they are required, while some do know it but they intentionally evade the obligation. How to Deal with Clients from Hell. There will always be that one (or two) client that will make you feel like they came straight out of hell and you have no choice but to deal with them – it’s part of your professional life. When you work freelance or run your own business, when a client gets angry or is being particularly difficult and upset and says bad things, it’s your work, your business – your own blood, sweat and tears – that he is insulting.

5 Common Mistakes of Small Business. 5 Tips for Starting a Business with a Full-Time Job. 5 Tips for Deciding a Name for Your Business. 10 Tools for Running Your Business Anywhere. Want to Be More Productive? Take a Vacation. An Employer’s Guide to Registering Employees in the Philippines. Is Your Business Name Taken? DTI Online Business Name Registration. BIR, DTI, SEC, PEZA: Which Government Agencies You Need to Register Your Business. 5 Tips for Hiring Your First Employees. How Can I Legally Reduce My Business Tax? 5 Stages of Starting a Business in the Philippines. Do I Need to Pay Taxes for My Online Business? 5 Tips on Choosing an Auditor for Philippine Businesses.

BIR TIN Application: Everything You Need to Know. The Ultimate Guide to Philippine Business Permit Renewal. 3 BIR Approved Formats for Books of Account. The Ultimate Guide to BIR Forms. What's the Difference Between Vat and Percentage Tax? Business Owner's Checklist for Starting a New Year Right. Tax Type 101: What are the Different Tax Types. Income Tax Calculator: Preparing for Tax Season. Business Partnership: Everything You Need to Know about Incorporation and Assigning Shares. How to Avoid a BIR Tax Audit: Hire an Auditor. How to Set Up the Right Deduction Scheme.

Trademark Registration in the Philippines: Everything You Need to Know. The Ultimate Guide to Registering Your Business in the Philippines [Infographic] Philippines Makes Doing Business Easier. Google Sheets - create and edit spreadsheets online, for free. How To Register Online With SSS [Inforgraphic] 7 Most Common Accounting Mistakes of Businesses in the Philippines. 4 Business Benefits from Registering Your Trademark with IPO. 5 Steps to Register Your Logo or Trademark in the Philippines. Do's and Don'ts of Registering your Business with BIR.

How To Register Your Company with SEC [Infographic] The Ultimate Guide to BIR Online Services. Know Your Intellectual Property Rights in the Philippines. The Ultimate Guide to Trademark Registration in the Philippines. The Beginner’s Guide to Intellectual Property Laws in The Philippines. The Solopreneur’s Guide to Starting a Microbusiness in the Philippines.