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Information Technology

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The Cost of IT Support Downtime in A Business [Infographic] Business operations greatly involve processing and managing large amounts of data, which is why server speed and efficiency level significantly affect a business performance.

The Cost of IT Support Downtime in A Business [Infographic]

Having a good IT infrastructure ensures business continuity and protection against cyber attacks, which can make or break a business. IT downtime does not just lead to operational nuances, but also to large amounts of money lost. In a Ponemon Institute report, researchers found that the average cost of data center downtime across the industries was about $5,600 per minute. Meanwhile, for IT downtime incident length, the average was 90 minutes, which had an average cost of about $505,500 per incident. Apart from the huge losses, IT downtime also affects business performance and employee productivity, which results in lost time and resources. Here are more IT downtime statistics you need to know: Preparation is Key Preparing for the worst always helps businesses prevent the worst things that could happen.

6 Important Reasons Why Businesses Should Prioritize IT Infrastructure. Regardless of size and industry, businesses should make IT infrastructure management one of its top priorities, especially in today’s highly digitized world.

6 Important Reasons Why Businesses Should Prioritize IT Infrastructure

In a survey by Fuse Technology Group, small business continues to increase their future investments in terms of IT infrastructure, specifically in business management software (50 percent), data analytics (43 percent), mobile devices (37 percent), social media (36 percent), and cloud computing (34 percent). This suggests that many businesses, even the small and medium ones, are leveraging on the growth potential that technology continues to provide. Here are some reasons why businesses should not only invest in IT infrastructure, but also prioritize its improvements. 1. Add Value to Customers’ Lives A business aims to provide value to its customers through the services and/or products they sell. For instance, a well-thought out website can provide customers and even potential ones the right information at the right time. 2. 3. 4. 5 Ways the Brexit May Affect the Tech Industry.

The world witnessed the United Kingdom abandon its place in the European Union (EU) after a nationwide referendum last June 2016.

5 Ways the Brexit May Affect the Tech Industry

“Brexit” won by 52% to 48% with Britain officially out of the EU, an economic and political partnership involving 28 European countries that encourages fair trade, cooperation and peace. It’s a historic moment as no country has ever opted to leave the EU. There is uncertainty as to what its implications are now that “Brexit” is a reality. The ambiguity extends to the effects it would have on the technology industry. A survey of the UK’s tech workers by Juniper Research has found that 65% foresee Brexit negatively affecting the global tech industry. How will Brexit affect the UK tech sector? Although it will likely take the UK years to fully exit from the EU, the decision will have various implications for the country’s tech industry. 1.

6 Data Protection Tips for Healthcare Companies. Earlier this year, the private healthcare information of over 91,000 Medicaid clients in the United States were compromised.

6 Data Protection Tips for Healthcare Companies

An investigation traced a data breach involving two government employees who turned out to be siblings. According to reports, the two exchanged emails that contained the private healthcare data of the clients. The woman was a medical assistance specialist at the Health Care Authority (HCA) while her brother was an internet technician at the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS). While the HCA risk manager said that the spreadsheets containing patient information had not been forwarded to unauthorized personnel or third parties, and even though the data had not been used in any “improper way,” there had been a huge data breach and the two employees have been fired.

In this article, we will discuss tips how healthcare companies and organizations can avoid data breaches and address other cyber security challenges. Quick Guide to Setting Up Your Business Computer Network. Every company has its unique business needs and priorities, which define the kind of computer network security it demands to meet requirements and allow team members to exchange information.

Quick Guide to Setting Up Your Business Computer Network

As your business grows, chances are, you’ll need to update your existing network to suit your increasing necessities. If you already have a basic setup, detailing your business requirements to a vendor that offers technical support services will help you in upgrading the network. If you’re quite new, a competent vendor can help build your business computer network based on your requirements and priorities. A Complete Guide to Social Media-Based Lead Generation for IT and Software Companies. For better or for worse, social media isn’t a fad.

A Complete Guide to Social Media-Based Lead Generation for IT and Software Companies

It’s not going away and it is completely changing the way the human race communicates on a daily basis. In the midst of this social media revolution, Information & Technology (IT) and software companies have been creating better and faster business solutions every day. However, in an increasingly busy marketplace, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Given this state of affairs, IT and software companies have had to rely more and more on lead generation to be successful in the modern marketplace.

Business lead generation directly affects revenue by becoming a constant source of loyal, passionate customers. Lead generation via social media channels is simple, fast, and effective. 35 Must-Follow Blogs to Keep You Updated on the IT Industry in 2016. The age of information has ushered in blogging, a content phenomenon that has given voices from all over the world a medium to express ideas and ultimately, build an audience.

35 Must-Follow Blogs to Keep You Updated on the IT Industry in 2016

Different blogs offer a wide range of content for different kinds of audiences. IT services companies and IT professionals produce and consume their share of the bulk too. Many blogs don’t solely focus on IT, some also feature a complete perspective on the different types of technology. Common article topics include Big Data, analytics, cloud computing, the roles they play in shaping Information Technology and how they improve our quality of work and life in general. The Top 3 Weaknesses of Datacenter Security. The C-Suite’s Guide for Better Datacenter Security.

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