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Digital marketing tips and trends for aspiring digital marketers

Advertising in the Digital Age: Search vs. Display Ads. Advertising in the Digital Age: Search vs.

Advertising in the Digital Age: Search vs. Display Ads

Display Ads. The Ultimate Guide to Building a Successful Mobile-Friendly Website. “Does my business need a mobile-friendly website?”

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Successful Mobile-Friendly Website

Now that smartphones and other mobile devices have become the most convenient tool by which people gain access to the Internet, asking that question is unacceptable. If your business has yet to put up a mobile-friendly website, you better get to it fast. For starters, there are 3.65 unique global mobile users today, with nearly 7 billion in mobile subscriptions worldwide. It is more important to know that out of the billions of global mobile users and subscriptions, 1.91 billion have smartphones. With mobile website traffic increasing all the time—even emails are now predominately opened on a mobile device, businesses should be compelled to get to grips with the platform. Wireframing Tools. Opportunities and Challenges for ASEAN Digital Marketers. The present leading driver of innovation and growth on almost all aspects of the business sector, and even the human life is the digital evolution as of late.

Opportunities and Challenges for ASEAN Digital Marketers

While the existing boundaries and geographical borders are now considered redundant, business models are changing, and new industries are being created today. With the upcoming ASEAN integration, it is said that they have an opportunity to come up on the top 5 digital economies by 2025—if these major and highly developed economies gather up their digital marketing strategies and concentrate on how they can co-opt these new advancements to help boost economic development. The need for this digital marketing strategy is the reason marketers are in abundance of opportunities, which they can use to up their game. In terms of cold cash, the execution of an appropriate digital agenda and procedure could add $1 trillion to ASEAN GDP throughout the following ten years.

Limited Broadband Access. The Many Facets of Social Media. Overtime, social media has evolved, it's one thing we all know.

The Many Facets of Social Media

Gone are the times when social was just a platform for brands to announce upcoming promos, and organizational and product development. Today we're seeing a more complex and multi-faceted platform for brands to utilize. Let's look into social's other sides: As a customer service platform Did you know that 67% of consumers claimed they got in touch with a company thru social media for customer service?

The 3 Social Media Statistics Every Marketer Needs in 2016. Traditional media plays a significant role in shaping people’s perceptions, as well as their mindset to the extent of influencing their opinions, actions, and way of life.

The 3 Social Media Statistics Every Marketer Needs in 2016

But, the rise of technology has opened different opportunities for growth by means of disseminating information through social media. From the day social media penetrated the Philippines, it gradually become part of every Filipino’s life. It became widely used to gather and spread news, serve as a channel for intelligent topic discussions, deliver entertainment, and even drive the political agendas of government officials.

Undoubtedly, Filipinos remarked it as a powerful medium that helped in every aspect of their life. The advent of the internet has made the Philippines adjust to the trend it is offering, and one of it is the digitalization of processes that includes marketing. The digital lifestyle of Filipinos is evident through the years with the help of statistics, and marketing is made much easier than before. Let's Talk About Social Media Marketing. In just a year, we've seen brands improve drastically on their social efforts.

Let's Talk About Social Media Marketing

The once seemingly anti-social marketing strategies now put the 'social' aspect before anything else. Do You Still Believe in These Digital Marketing Myths? The future of online marketing in the Philippines is very bright, as these days, the number of Filipino digital marketers specializing in fields such as social media marketing, content marketing, and search engine marketing continues to increase.

Do You Still Believe in These Digital Marketing Myths?

While Filipino businesses slowly realize how they can benefit from digital marketing, projects coming from around the world continue its way to our shores, as most companies choose to outsource from the best digital marketing agencies in the country. As the digital industry is fast-paced and constantly evolving, keeping pace with the current methods to stay ahead of the game is crucial. Rethinking Content: Top Content Marketing Changes To Look Into This 2016 [gifs] As we welcome 2016, here are some content marketing discussion points you need to take note of this year: 1.

Rethinking Content: Top Content Marketing Changes To Look Into This 2016 [gifs]

SEO will go beyond search engines source: Digital Marketing This Year of the Monkey. It's a new year!

Digital Marketing This Year of the Monkey

According to the Chinese Zodiac calendar, 2016 is the year of the Red Fire Monkey. And you know what? Marketers will need to embody monkey's characteristics such as “smart, quick witted, frank, ambitious and adventurous.” Be smart. Digital Disruptors That Took Over 2015. Here are a few digital disruptors in 2015 that you can take inspiration from in mapping your strategies for the upcoming year: Netflix What you can learn: Contributor, Justin Bariso wrote in an article that Netflix read and reacted to market shifts.

Digital Disruptors That Took Over 2015

"No one can predict the future, but you can learn to anticipate market changes, react quickly, and not settle for short-term gains that sink long-term goals," Bariso added. Uber. Insights from 2016 Digital Marketing Predictions. Traditional marketing still dominates over digital marketing in the Philippines, despite the fact that countries such as the United States, Australia and United Kingdom choose to outsource their digital marketing projects to the country’s digital marketing agencies. While there are some brands already utilizing what digital marketing has to offer, a majority of businesses in the country are comprised of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are either clueless or doubtful how digital marketing can help their bottom line. This is understandable as most of them have been operating using brick and mortar models for the longest time and have survived – how would digital marketing benefit them when they don’t have plans on setting up an online store?

Here lies one of the common misconceptions about digital marketing, that it can only serve its purpose when you operate your business online. Let's Talk About SEO. A lot has been said and written about how social media, email and display ads are the top digital channels. So much that marketers often times overlook some platforms that could do wonders as well as the said channels. Say, search engine optimization (SEO). In fact, according to Maxweb, Inc.'s CEO, Luch Zanirato, SEO is "one of the most underrated channels for digital marketing," and that "there's a lot of education that needs to be done [in SEO]. " To give you a brief explanation on how search engines work, take a look at this video by Search Engine Land: Talking before the CDM Acceleration Program students, Luch provided an elevator pitch on the subject matter, saying "[SEO's purpose is to] rank your website highly in search engines for terms customers will use to find your products or services.

" Content Strategy: A Guide to an Effective Roadmap for 2016. Content Marketing has undeniably earned its place in enterprise marketing budgets in 2015. According to a survey, 79 percent of marketing departments invest in marketing technologies that mainly aim to level the playing field, vying for budget and proving content’s worth. Marketer today operate on a content battleground where they fight for content to be heard above the competitive noise.

To win, marketers need to produce content that connects, converts and resonates with an audience. With trends emerging and changing the playing field, there is a need for marketers to understand the performance of content within the context of a more competitive and broader marketplace. For instance, Google is tweaking its algorithm to find relevant content, shifting the focus away from keywords. Digital Marketing Practices that Need New Year Resolutions. Without a doubt, 2015 is the year of continued digital marketing growth in the Philippines, as more and more Filipinos have established their presence online. From infographics, SEO and content strategies, YouTube ads, social media sites ads, along with the booming mobile marketing industry—a number of brands and marketers had been introduced to the greener pastures brought about by the improving digital marketing practices in the country.

Despite these constant advances, only a few Filipino businesses leverage online marketing. With 2016 just a few leads away, it’s never too soon to step back and rethink your marketing initiatives. So, this coming 2016, revamp your business with these resolutions and gain wins as you go with the flow: Social Media Marketing Guide for the Holiday Season. The holiday season has started, and retailers are trying to find ways to use social media, not only to promote their products and services but to encourage people to purchase them as well. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, are continuously evolving to help highlight brands especially this season. Facebook and Twitter, in particular, have recently announced certain enhancements that cater specifically to retailers. These enhancements are not limited to online retailers, though, as brick-and-mortar stores can likewise leverage these platforms to get more customers into their stores this season and beyond.

Philippine Digital Marketing 2015: Top Video Ads and Why They Became a Hit. 7 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Your Best Tool This December. As the holidays are fast approaching, one thing that you, as a marketer, might be excited for is the much-awaited break. But, being on break doesn’t mean that business should be on break too. In fact, this season, or the month of December in particular, is the period where you should implement more efficient online marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

In the Philippines, social media has become the platform where most Filipinos come together for different reasons. On the other hand, businesses have also recognized the importance of social media, such that it wasn’t simply for entertainment, rather a medium where they can perform tasks that can better reach their audience—and ultimately, contribute to their overall success. No Rest for the Holiday Marketers. The holiday season is almost here! And while some are already packing their bags for a beachy vacation or an out of the country escapade, us marketers have to deal with a huge task ahead of us.

Digital Marketing 2015: What happened to some predictions. 1. Content marketing will solve the decrease in Facebook organic reach. App-ing The Game: Brands & Their Mobile Apps. Halloween Marketing Treats for Digital Marketers. The practice of Halloween trick-or-treating has become popular in the Philippines more than ever. Every village seems to hold annual trick and treat events for the children in the neighborhood, and several local companies are already hosting Halloween parties for their employees with kids. Content: Stronger on Mobile. The Challenge of Talent on Digital Marketing Analytics. Improving your mobile app engagement can help your business succeed. Here’s how you can do it.

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What Makes a Strong Online Business Model - cdm-update. 3 Quick Tips for Social Media Optimizaion - cdm-update. The Online Marketplace and Types of Business Model - cdm-update. CRM Best Practices - cdm-update. Data Visualization: More than Just Showing Numbers - cdm-update. Brand Loyalty Do's and Don'ts - cdm-update. Creating a Holistic Analytics Report - cdm-update. 4 Types of Ad Buying Methods Every Marketer Must Know.

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Know What Your Finish Line is Before Your Metrics. Search Engine Marketing: Search for Life Moments. The Power of Search Engine Marketing. [Video Lecture] CEO of aCommerce PH Discuss eCommerce. 4 Marketing Fails Every Brand Must Avoid. Crafting Content Experiences: Highlights on the Content Marketing Summit 2015. Mobile Marketing Landscape As Told By JV Rufino. Generation M [Infographic] 3 Ways To Integrate Mobile Into The Marketing Mix.

Quick Tips on Jumpstarting your mCommerce. CRM, Email & Loyalty [Infographic] 5 Content Marketing Myths that Ruin Your Branding Campaign. 4 Instagram Tips for Brands and Beginners. How to Find a Credible Digital Marketing Course in the Philippines. A Student's Guide to Digital Marketing Disciplines. To Enroll or Not to Enroll. 9 Actionable Insights from Mobile Marketing Trends in 2015. The Future of Mobile Ads on Facebook. Why Marketers Need to Think of the Holiday Season As Early As Now. Meet 'M' Facebook's Own Virtual Assistant.