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Understanding Time Complexity Of Algorithms. In Computer Science, the efficiency of any program or algorithm is measured in terms of the Time and Space Complexity of that algorithm.

Understanding Time Complexity Of Algorithms

In this article, we will talk about the Time Complexity of the algorithms and have a look at different algorithms with some common time complexities. Time Complexity, in computer science, is measured as the amount of “computational time” it takes to execute the elementary operations/statements that execute in a fixed time. The time complexity is generally denoted by the Big O notation and it is taken as a function of the input of the algorithm. To understand it better, let’s take a look at some programs: long NumberOfHandShakes(int persons_in_the_room) { long handshakes = (persons_in_the_room * (personss_in_the_room - 1)) / 2; return handshakes; } In this function, we are calculating the number of handshakes that would happen if all the persons present in the room shake hands with every other person present in the room.

Logarithmic Time Complexity P.S. DNN Installable Module. DNN Platform is an open source software that is intended to allow management of websites without much technical knowledge, and to be extensible through a large number of third-party apps to provide functionality not included in the DNN core modules.

DNN Installable Module

Skins can be used to change the look of a website using DNN. MODULES: The default functionality of DotNetNuke can be expanded by adding third-party modules, either from an existing library of modules, or through in-house development of custom functionality. The DotNetNuke framework provides basic functionality such as security, user administration, and content management, while modules are used to tailor the website for specific deployment needs.

DNN Modules can be created by various ways but one of the most popular way is by using Christoc’s templates. After Installing the Christocs Module you will have the DNN Module Templates listed like below – Introduction To Jquery Mobile. What Is jQuery Mobile?

Introduction To Jquery Mobile

jQuery mobile is an open-source multi platform UI framework to create mobile apps. jQuery mobile is a cross platform framework basically used for mobile apps development using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and jQuery UI. Filter Spam In Google Analytics. Referrer traffic with 100% bounce rate in Google Analytics (GA) report is becoming a serious issue.

Filter Spam In Google Analytics

This referrer traffic in the report is just a traffic stat not the actual traffic. This spam traffic affects the quality of analytics stats and alter website metrics, especially for website with fairly low traffic. Even in some cases this spam traffic stat affects the reputation of SEO agencies by creating a doubt in web owner’s mind against their SEO strategies that aim to promote their online business. So for the sake of Google Analytics traffic stats it becomes very important to handle these spam referrers. Some of the popular spam referrer are,, free-flo,

Testing Secured Web Service Methods With SOAP UI. OVERVIEW Securing Web Service methods to protect them from malicious attackers, has been an indispensable part of SOA and web services for mobile applications.

Testing Secured Web Service Methods With SOAP UI

However, it also makes testing the web methods equally hard and unmanageable. I have been using SOAP UI for testing the web services of one of our mobile applications, where the web team has secured the REST web methods (PHP) using headers with encrypted values using HMAC hash and AES-256 algorithms. Here, I’ll share how we can use a groovy script (essentially Java code, for those who are not familiar with groovy) and property transfers in our SOAP UI test cases, automate test the secured web methods or anywhere you need to send the encrypted values in web services. A little background on the web service methods. Inversion Of Control (IoC) And Dependency Injection (DI)

“Inversion of Control is a generic design principle of software architecture that assists in creating reusable, modular software frameworks that are easy to maintain.”

Inversion Of Control (IoC) And Dependency Injection (DI)

It is a design principle in which the Flow of Control is “received” from the generic-written library or reusable code. To understand it better, in procedural/traditional languages, the business logic generally controls the flow of the application and “Calls” the generic or reusable code/functions. For example, In a simple Console application, my flow of control is controlled by my program’s instructions, that may include the calls to some general reusable functions. In Contrast, in IoC, Frameworks are the reusable code that “Calls” the business logic. print ("Please enter your name:"); scan (&name); print ("Please enter your DOB:"); scan (&dob); //More print and scan statements //Call a Library function to find the age (common code) //Print Age.

Introduction To Shopify. 07Feb, 2017 Shopify is a complete package of e-commerce solutions that allows users to sell and manage their products online.

Introduction To Shopify

Major benefits of shopify in comparison to other CMS, that it is ready to use whereas in case of other CMS like wordpress/magento, we need to download and install them before using their services. Here is the list of some key features offered by Shopify: All the above things are implemented into one package called Shopify. React Js. React is an open-source JavaScript framework developed at Facebook for building user interfaces.

React Js

It is used at facebook in the production environment. Instagram has been built using this framework. It is fast, scalable, flexible, powerful, and has a robust developer community that is rapidly growing. It can be used on the client side as well as on the server side. Another fact about the React’s is Virtual DOM which selects the specific node of the DOM and perform the DOM manipulation to update those elements which results in enhancing the overall performance. Cloudfront SSL SETUP. 27Dec, 2017 If you are hosting your website on Amazon EC2, it is very easy to integrate the SSL certificate in it and make it secure.

Cloudfront SSL SETUP

The most interesting thing with Amazon is, its SSL certificate is free. And if we use SSL certificate from any other provider like Godaddy, it costs us around $60-70 per year. But with Amazon we don’t have to pay a single penny for SSL. But Hold on, take a breath and read out further as well. Business Mobile App, Mobile Applications. If you think that Apps are only made for big market players like Uber, Amazon, Airbnb, etc and your business venture is simply going to get satisfied by merely a website, you may be wrong and losing out on a lot of potential business and money.

Business Mobile App, Mobile Applications

In today’s mobile world, you can’t entirely rely on website views. Apps are the new culture and your business’ success depends on how quickly you adapt with the changing trends. Here are 7 quick picks why apps are a must for any kind of business be it a startup or an old business firm acquired from your forefathers: A real time communication!

An app means everything you want to communicate gets through to your customer in real time. Let your customers engage with each other and create the much needed buzz! With an App, comes Brand recognition! Build brand reliability! Listen more, learn more! BlockChain (Part 1) – Introduction. A lot of my friends and people I know from software and technology background are talking about this pleasantly strange phenomenon that they have experienced lately in different parts of the world. They say you go to any part of the world, try to say this magic word three times in a row : “BlockChain”, “BlockChain”, “BlockChain” and atleast a dozen investors will appear from a thick cloud of smoke, pouring a million dollars out of their fancy suitcases onto you.

Well, Not Literally! Blockchain (Part 2) – Mining. I have discussed minutely about mining and Proof-of-Work in Part 1 of the article. I’ll try to explain the technical details of mining and its benefits in Blockchain and how it is used in Bitcoin. Website Migration Checklist SEO: Don't Loose Traffic. By the term “site migration” what SEO professionals are trying to describe is any event where a website is put through significant changes in its structure and content management, coding and hosting protocols and much more.

These changes affect the search engine visibility of the website quite substantially. If you need to perform a website migration, you have to choose a digital marketing agency that understands the various risks associated with it and also the types that make for a successful site in the long run. Important Part Of Your Website Migration Checklist SEO. What Are Some Obvious Reasons To Hire An SEO Savvy Web Developer ? Search Engine Optimization is nothing new. 4 Signs It’s High Time You Got An ERP Software For Your Business. You feel good when you see that the scope and scale of your business operations are expanding. But along with this prosperity and profits what comes is complexity. With your operations and information dispersed across various channels and sources, you need a more unified approach to managing your business.

And this is where Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), an essential business process management software, steps in. 3 Paramount Ecommerce UX Design Tips To Lure Your Users. 7 Of The Hottest Personal Trainer Web Design Trends 2018. How To Perform A Quick Google AdWords Health Check. When it comes to extracting better performance from your paid internet search campaigns, it is very important that you consider doing a Google AdWords health check.

How CRM Software Enables Realtors To Manage Various Tasks. CRM which stands for Customer Relationship Management seems to have seeped into every industry. Adaptive Vs. Responsive Design: What’s The Best Choice? There are primarily two distinct approaches to web design. Redefining User Experience : Infinite Scrolling Vs. Pagination. 9 Reasons To Use ROR For ECommerce Store Development. IT Asset Management, RFID Solutions. Most Common UX Design Methods And Techniques. 5 Common Hreflang Mistakes You Might Be Making. Custom Healthcare Software Development - Tips. Python Web Development Company. How Does The New AdWords Affect You And Your Business? EMR & EHR — Do We Understand Their Differences And Importance? Boost Your Marketing Campaigns With UX Design Principles.

Improve Low Quality Score With Google Ads Script - Google Adwords.