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Learning & Skills Survey: 87% More eLearning & Mobile Learning; 73% Less 2-3 Day Classroom Training.

The Big Question

The off the wall A-Z of instructional design - Training at its Basic is a Positive Impact Caused by Learning. The WSJ recently ran an informative article, Lessons Learned that discusses the importance of the need to create a workplace environment that actively encourages people to change.

Training at its Basic is a Positive Impact Caused by Learning

They start their article with the statement, “With some studies suggesting that just 10% to 40% of training is ever used on the job, it is clear that a big chunk of the tens of billions of dollars organizations spend annually on staff development is going down the drain.”This is actually a myth as some studies suggest the transfer rate is actually around 60% as the the study the WSJ used is based on extremely faulty research (see Myth - 10% of Training Transfers to the Job).

However, 60% is still too low of a transfer rate, thus we know we must use a better method for designing our learning processes. Top 47 eLearning & Workplace Learning Blogs.