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Kim Curtin

Kim Curtin is the owner and operator of Curtin Livery Transportation. Curtin transportation was created back in 1918 to help individuals throughout Connecticut get where they needed to go.

Kim Curtin - Networking With Trust in Business. TrustworthinessIf you'd like to find out more about Curtin Livery, then visit the link in bold here to Kim Curtin, Old Methods in the New Transportation Industry.

Kim Curtin - Networking With Trust in Business

How do you build business in the modern age? Sure, the foundation is having a good service and product that meets the initial customer demands in the market, and can be offered consistently at a competitive price for what it is worth. However, offering a good service and product doesn't necessarily mean that the business will grow. It requires more intuitive methods, such as networking, building portfolios and proving time and time again that one can be trusted to deliver. In doing so a business can ensure that it is making an assertive effort to go the extra mile in business, and solidify its reputation which can lead to exponential growth. Kim Curtin - What Does it Mean To Go the Extra Mile in Business?

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Kim Curtin - What Does it Mean To Go the Extra Mile in Business?

What does it mean to go the extra mile in business? Usually, it refers to a company offering services beyond the basic demands of the consumers and customers in their market, and doing something to make it even better. When running a fully comprehensive private transport service, it is always important to ensure not just the quality of the vehicles, but also the operators of those vehicles. This means hiring the best professionals to do the best jobs.

Obviously when it comes to driving, experience is a vital aspect, that helps ensure the comfort and safety of all passengers. Kim Curtin – Safety In Student Transportation. Find out more about the company here at Kim Curtin – Leaders In Private Transportation video on YouTube.

Kim Curtin – Safety In Student Transportation

For many parents, the anxiety of sending one’s kids on the school bus to school or on field trips, can be no better captured than in the legendary satirical cartoon The Simpsons. Kim Curtin - Safety and Assurance in the Transport Business. Kim Curtin - Medical Transportation Excellence. For owner of Curtin Livery Kim Curtin, Medical Disabilities and Transportation are the company's specialty.

Kim Curtin - Medical Transportation Excellence

They pride themselves on offering a fine fleet vehicles that can get those with medical transportation needs to their appointments or wherever they need to go. This means Curtin Livery maintain a fleet of medically equipped vehicles, with wheelchair lifts and ramps for example that can help the passengers travel in comfort, and of course most importantly, safety, to and from their destination. Having medical difficulties can provide a huge barrier to many of the things we take most for granted in life. One such example thinks Kim Curtin, owner of Curtin Livery Transportation Services, is the way we use transport and get to and from events. Being in a wheelchair for example, or being hooked up to machine renders using a normal car quite challenging.

Kim Curtin - The Importance of Inclusion in Schools. Find out more about student transportation services here at Kim Curtin, Old Methods in the New Transportation Industry.

Kim Curtin - The Importance of Inclusion in Schools

Curtin Livery are a transportation company who specialize in a variety of areas. The offer transport for group outings, student school trips, student bus services in the morning and after school, and also medical transportation for those with special medical transport needs. For Curtin Livery, giving the children an opportunity to go on a field trip adventure is key to their inspiration, and what ensures they meet the highest standards of safety and comfort for all their passengers. Inclusion as a concept in educational circles is becoming increasingly important for many people, as they recognize the benefits it has.

This means that mixed classes of ability are being more readily explored, and how teachers can develop methods for satisfying the learning needs of all those inside. Kim Curtin – The Best Way of Getting Around. When it comes to the transportation industry, there are two major divisions: the public transportation industry and the private transportation industry.

Kim Curtin – The Best Way of Getting Around

The public transportation industry is largely supported by government funding and has established the general infrastructure that individuals have been taking advantage of, primarily in urban areas. Outside of major cities, however, public transportation is few and far between. Residents in suburban and rural areas are lucky if their town or neighborhood even has a single bus line. Kim Curtin – Balancing Private and Public Transport. Millions of people in the United States have the luxury of a private vehicle, and the financial means to support themselves.

Kim Curtin – Balancing Private and Public Transport

For others, having their own car is a necessity, but at the same time a serious burden on their daily lives. Cars are expensive. In addition to the steep upfront cost, they require constant maintenance, insurance payments, and gas. Unfortunately, for individuals outside of major cities, owning a vehicle is must because they lack sufficient public transportation.

But what about individuals who cannot drive? Kim Curtin — Kim Curtin – Urban and Rural Transportation. Kim Curtin – No Student Should Be Left Behind. As the Kim Curtin account on elaborates, every day, roughly 26 million students board buses to head to and from school.

Kim Curtin – No Student Should Be Left Behind

Every day countless parents and guardians trust that bus drivers and transportation companies are doing everything within their power to make sure that their children are safe while on the road. And every day, transportation companies follow through and deliver on their promise to get children safely to school. Kim Curtin – Proven Track Record.

As Kim Curtin, the owner of Curtin Livery is only too well aware, the transportation industry is one of the most important industries in the United States.

Kim Curtin – Proven Track Record

It covers public transportation such as buses, trams, and metro lines that spider across our major cities. It also overlaps with civil planning and logistics organizations, whose job is to establish and maintain networks of roads that keep our country connected.