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Go through your accessory collection from time-to-time, to see if it will once again fit into your wardrobe. #WardrobePlanning | Wardrobe Planning. Choose your colours and styles carefully so that you appear healthy, up-to-date and put-together. #ProfessionalLook | Corporate Image Training. Colour | Image Consultant Vancouver, Business Etiquette Training Vancouver. This Spring Navy is overtaking Black as a neutral Colour to wear for casual, dressy and business activities. Here are 4 great reasons to wear Navy: Navy is an easy colour to wear. Most people look great in at least one version of Navy.Navy say’s, “success” – making it one of the best colours for business. Why?? Psychologically blue is trustworthy colour. When darkened to Navy it inspires confidence and commands attention.Navy brings out most eye colours.

The shoes you wear can have a major effect on how slim or wide your feet look. I remember when I was in my 20’s and 30’s all I could think about was how to look older. Wear darker colours – Darker colours come across more mature and authoritative. Wear make-up tastefully – For those of us women who look young, we tend to look even younger when we don’t wear make-up.

Tame the mane – Big hair or long distracting hair will make you look less mature, less serious and less polished. Formal Make-Up Ideas, 10 Make-Up Brushes I Use Everyday. | Image Consultant Vancouver, Business Etiquette Training Vancouver. Posted on July 21, 2014 by Kimberly There are a variety of brushes that range in size. The lip brush is generally one of the smallest and the powder brush is generally the largest. There are many more kinds of brushes of different sizes in between. Make sure the brush you use is suited for the job. The best way to pick the right brush is to choose one that is a reasonable size and stiffness for what you are using it for. A stiff brush will deposit more colour and works well for a dramatic effect or precise application.A wide brush works well for applying colour to large areas and for blending.An angled or dome shaped brush works well for contouring or shading.A small to medium brush, angled or dome shaped of medium stiffness, works well for precise work such as shading small areas.

Watch the video and I’ll show you my 10 favourite make up brushes and tell you why: Filed Under: Make up , Make Up Tools , Uncategorized Posted on July 17, 2014 by Kimberly Filed Under: Make up , Make Up Tools.