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Student teacher at VIU

Classroom Management

TEDxBlue - Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. - 10/18/09. Mindfulness A Teachers Guide. Sharing the Connections That Students Value. Sometimes in our social studies department meetings, we'll ask one another, "How's your supplemental?

Bond with 'em: We have created "All about Me" presentations that work really well at creating a connection with students in your class - making classroom management easier and the learning more fun. – kimberanna

" Teachers who coach a sport or advise a group receive supplemental pay.

Sharing the Connections That Students Value

So when we ask about supplementals, we're referring to the one class that you courageously navigate each day for which you should be rewarded with an additional line item in your paycheck! Socrative.

Great way to start a class or check in with formative assessment – kimberanna

Motivating Successful Teamwork With Games. I dread introducing mid-year projects to my class.

Motivating Successful Teamwork With Games

By now, students are keenly aware of how much work goes into high-quality projects and resist jumping into a new team or envisioning the next public exhibition. How do we motivate students to begin a new project when they are already tired by the middle of the school year? Building Smooth Transitions Into Your Classroom. Likes and dislikes...from video on choreography. What do I need...