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Book excerpt: How to write so people pay attention. My book, Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success, is shipping from Amazon!

Book excerpt: How to write so people pay attention

Buy it there now. Or buy the book in local book stores starting on May 25. Here is tip #25 from the book: Don’t Use Adverbs If you want people to pay attention to what you have to say, write short. This is true in all of life, but most true at work. We sound most authentic when we talk, and verbally, short, simple sentence construction comes naturally to us. Writing short is not easy. Lewis Aleman sur Twitter : "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. #writing #books #vampire #princessbride #80s. Kimberlee Lockhart sur Twitter : "9 Tips For Better Proofreading via @PRDaily #writing #editing...

9 tips for better proofreading. Proofreading can be tough.

9 tips for better proofreading

It can seem like no matter how much you read and re-read your content, errors still get through. On the Web, these errors can be corrected easily enough, but in print, that’s another story. Next time you are tasked with proofreading a project, consider the following tips: 1. Avoid getting bored. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Kimberlee Lockhart sur Twitter : "7 ways writing by hand can save your brain > Kimberlee Lockhart sur Twitter : "50 Amazing Resources That Will Make You a Better Writer > The UnNovelist sur Twitter : "The best stories come from that black box lost at the bottom of the soul. #amwriting #writing #writingtip. Kimberlee Lockhart sur Twitter : "The 51 Greatest Articles About Writing I’ve Ever Read via @buffer #Writing #writingarticles. The 51 Best Writing Articles I’ve Ever Read.

You want to be the world’s best online writer, a David Ogilvy of the blogs, a Shakespeare of the social media.

The 51 Best Writing Articles I’ve Ever Read

Or maybe you just want to be good enough to get by on freelance writing. Where do you get your education? How do you improve? I’ve faced these same questions, and I still face these questions as I aim to keep improving as an online writer. I majored in journalism in college. Everything I’ve learned has been self-taught. And I’d love to share some of my favorite lessons. I’ve emptied my swipe file. The Nuts and Bolts of Web Writing 1. By Robin Sloane, Snark Market Stock is your evergreen, tentpole content that draws traffic from the moment of publish to the end of time.

Kimberlee Lockhart sur Twitter : "50 Articles On #Writing To Help You In 2015. 20 Writing Tips: This Week’s Most Popular Writing Articles. I’m sat in front of a blazing fire, eating yet more mince pies, sheltering from the white, glistening frost outside.

20 Writing Tips: This Week’s Most Popular Writing Articles

Everything is covered in a white, twinkling, icy blanket and looks so pretty when seen from the viewpoint of a cosy, warm room. Christmas is over, presents unwrapped and there’s more of me than before. 7 Ways to Write Better (That Have Nothing to Do With Writing) When it comes to unleashing our best, most potent writing, it’s not only about the hours we have, it’s the quality of mind and body we bring to those hours.

7 Ways to Write Better (That Have Nothing to Do With Writing)

The Very Best Articles on Writing in 2014. Practice means what it says: writing is something to be done over and over, something that improves through the repetitive doing but that needs not be done perfectly.

The Very Best Articles on Writing in 2014

~Julia Cameron It’s that time again, it’s the end of the year roundup! (Oh, my bad, this is the very first ever end of the year roundup from Positive Writer. Enjoy!) I wanted to do something a little different with this roundup: Instead of me choosing my favorite articles of 2014, I thought it would be cooler, funner, and, well, overall just plain better to have you, the readers, choose the best articles of the year. The way I’ve done that is by selecting the posts with the most “shares,” which was easy to do by analyzing the ‘sharethis’ plug-in stats. 10 Essential Quotes on Becoming a Writer (plus one of my own) I Made a Mistake in an Article. Here’s How I Bounced Back. Throw a bunch of seasoned journalists in a bar and it shouldn’t take long before they start comparing war stories about assignments that went awry.

I Made a Mistake in an Article. Here’s How I Bounced Back

Missed flights, bad interviews, and obstructing PR reps are all standard fare, but most journalists aren’t as quick to discuss their own shortcomings. Nobody likes talking about screwing up. In 20-plus years as a writer, I should be grateful that, when pressed, I can only think of two real clangers. The first error was listing a set of tour dates in the wrong month; the other was a near-the-knuckle joke about a celebrity I was briefly convinced would get me fired. Both passed without incident. Unfortunately, it was my turn to sit in the idiot’s chair again last week. The UnNovelist sur Twitter : "All fiction is fantasized biography. James Joyce #amwriting #writing... A Writer’s Cheatsheet to Plot and Structure.

6 of the Best Pieces of Advice from Successful Writers. I’ve been reading some advice from successful writers lately and exploring what their routines are like to see what I can learn about Here are six of the most common pieces of advice I came across that have helped me a lot improving my writing here at Buffer.

6 of the Best Pieces of Advice from Successful Writers

It also features actionable tips for you on how to implement them in your own writing. 1. The best ways to get over the “blank page hurdle” What makes a hero? - Matthew Winkler. How to Write a Blog Article. Writing a good blog article is a fairly simple thing.

How to Write a Blog Article

If properly constructed, a well-written post will invite traffic from search engines and promote commentary. It may seem strange that people who can write a novel of 100,000 words can struggle so much over a mere 750 word post. In truth, it is no more surprising than discovering a decent sprinter might beat a champion marathon runner in a 100 yard dash. How to Write 50,000 Words in a Month  Have you ever tried to write a novel?

How to Write 50,000 Words in a Month 

Yes? Then you know what soul-crushing despair looks like: you, sitting by yourself, in front of a blinking cursor. The Secret to Writing Massively Popular Blog Posts. Finding Your Genius: 3 Places to Get Creatively Inspired. Today, I don’t know what I should write about. This doesn’t happen too often as I keep a repository of ideas for this very purpose. But today, nothing feels right. So what do I do? I thought I just might share my process for where I turn to when I run out of ideas — and why creativity never happens in a vacuum.

We all get stuck sometimes. The answer to this feeling of “stuckness” is a complicated one. 8 Writing Strategies for People Who Say They Can't Write. If you want to launch and grow a business, chances are you're going to have to put words on the page. Probably many words on many pages. Which means there's no room for saying you "hate writing" or "can't write. " In many cases, the more important the writing task, the more the would-be writer freezes up. The result can be something of a Mobius strip of anxiety turned into fear turned into more anxiety, and what you're left with is a blank page. 8 Essential Habits for Effective Writing. When it comes to blogging we all know that content is king and keeping things updated is the number one priority. But how do you do that when you (at times literally) have a monkey on your back?

Between children, coworkers, construction, and other c words that stand for chaos, it is a wonder we can get anything written at all. This is when you need to develop some habits that create calm and order in the middle of mayhem. 23 Writing Websites to Improve Your Writing. We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master. ~Ernest Hemingway How strong is your writing? No matter how good you think it is, there’s always room for improvement. In most cases, plenty of room. Luckily, there are some amazing websites that’ll help you improve your writing, and take it to the next level. (***By the way, have you seen this amazing online creative writing course, “Story Is a State of Mind,” created by Giller finalist Sarah Selecky?

These ‘Color Thesaurus’ Charts Let You Correctly Name Any Color Imaginable. Ingrid Sundberg, a writer and children’s book illustrator, created a very useful infographic chart for anyone struggling with color names. The writer says that she loves to collect words that can help give her stories variety and depth. Show Full Text “I’ve learned that we all have different associations with color words,” Sundberg told Bored Panda. “For example the color sapphire is a light blue to me (since that’s the color of the sapphire on my engagement ring), but a sapphire can also be a very dark blue. Time Tracking by Brenda Anderson. What Are Your Favorite Writing Websites? These Lazy Writing Mistakes May Be Turning Off Your Readers - CoSchedule. Writing From the Trenches - Duane Gundrum's podcast - So you want to be a writer.

23 (More) Websites That Make Your Writing Stronger. Kimberlee Lockhart sur Twitter : "Use this invite in Rooms to see Learning To Write. Don't have Rooms? Get it at #writing. Should You Scrap that Novel? Maybe Not  Is the Art of Writing Dying? Daily Writing Tips. Pinterest as a Writing Tool: 5 Tips for Creative Writers. Storymind. Isobel Adams sur Twitter : "Oh wait. Things just got more difficult again. #amtryingtowrite #cats #writing... Daily Writing Tips. How to use 3 keyboard keys you’ve never used - Hot Pepper Communications. 4 Flares 4 Flares × There’s probably a good chance you know most of the punctuation symbols on your keyboard, but there’s an even better chance there are three you don’t know.

In fact, you might not even know their names, let alone how to use them. - Writing Forums and Community. 30 tips to improve your writing now. 11 Tips for Editing Your Own Writing. You thought of a great idea, gathered the information and used your keyboard to create a piece of art. Now comes the tough part—editing.