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Library Display and Promotions

Facebook Twitter Jarrett Lerner. Scout Songs, Music and Lyrics for Campfires. School Library Journal. Illustration by Irmun/iStock When Jennifer Brooks became a librarian at the Donnell Middle School in Findlay, OH, the few graphic books in the library were spread throughout the nonfiction and fiction collections.

School Library Journal

“I received a lot of requests from students, so I gave graphic novels their own section,” she says. Students started gathering there every period, and she bought more. Circulation jumped. “Previously, [kids] would check out something to appease their teacher and never even open it up,” says Brooks. Brooks decided to reorganize her library’s entire fiction collection and saw her circulation rise 80 percent in the first month. Circulation numbers are one vital measure of how busy a library is. To boost circulation, of course, you need to get more kids excited about reading. Genrefy For those eager to genrefy, Boatner emphasizes the importance of getting to know students’ reading preferences and devising a solid plan for your particular community. AASL Toolkit Promoting SLP 033016. Program Ideas, Activities, and Events. Toolkits Afterschool Alliance STEM Toolkit (Hang Out, Mess Around, Geek Out) Guidebook YALSA's STEM Toolkit created by YALSA task force YALSA's STEM Resources Wiki - create by YALSA task forceCreative Technology Labs - Carnegie Mellon: Tutorials, projects and badges that can be earned Science for Girls - low cost curriculum materials and projects Videos Pop-up Pagoda video YouTube channel; An entire channel of 1-3 minute videos on physics: videos from a mathematician from Khan Academy courses in several areas of science: - Make Magazines vimeo channel Projects Make a digital camera with cardboard and an arduino To Smile - All the best science and math activities SySTEMic Solution Lesson Plans Places to Look for Project Ideas (from Maker Ed Initiative website) Gardening Ideas Straw Bale Gardens Game Development Stuff GoGoLabs - Shake it Up Learning Stealth Programming Competitions, Contests, and Maker Events.

Program Ideas, Activities, and Events

Shake Your Sillies Out - Stories and More: Dewey's Number Of The Day. Tricks to Getting Library Books Returned - Lessons by Sandy. The end of the year in the library brings many stresses, but the biggest one for me is how to get library books returned at the end of the year.

Tricks to Getting Library Books Returned - Lessons by Sandy

I’ve tried making announcements in the morning and handing out certificates for classes to post on their door showing that they have turned everything in (you can read more about that here) , but this year I decided to go one step further. On the front of our library doors, I put up this collection of signs to help advertise and make the school aware of how many books were still needing to be turned in at the end of the year. My hope was that as parents came and dropped off or picked up their kids, or as teachers dropped their kids off at the library, it would help remind them to look for lost books.

Here’s how our display looked this year. (Note: We had just finished our “Happy Camper” book fair, and I was asked to keep it up for the end of the year. If you are interested in setting up this display for your school, it’s super easy! Hiawatha Learning Center. Smocus Smocus (Hocus Pocus)...: Currently February. It's time again to link up with Oh Boy 4th Grade for Currently February!

Smocus Smocus (Hocus Pocus)...: Currently February

* I love me some snow!! (My hubby says that's because I usually don't have to shovel it. He's the best!) Smithville Elementary Library: April is National Poetry Month! All month, Smithville Elementary will be celebrating poetry!

Smithville Elementary Library: April is National Poetry Month!

Each day, a different teacher will read a poem over the announcements. The poems will then be posted on our poetry calendar across from the office. If you'd like to have some fun with poetry, check out one of these sites: Poetry Splatter: Write your own poem by filling in the blanks with some splatter words! Happy National Library Week! (A little late) And one other thing... - Hojo's Teaching Adventures. Happy National Library Week! (A little late) And one other thing... - Hojo's Teaching Adventures.