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I am the owner of Killer Bee Hobby, an online retail and education website dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, the sharing of insightful information, the fostering of social interaction, and the celebration of captivating products. Enthralled by amazing mediums of movement--trains, cars, planes, boats, spaceships, and more--we endeavor to provide all the best products currently available in our market, and also strive to create and deliver interesting content related to those products. This Pearltrees collection helps us sort through the amazing information available online, and is a wonderful springboard to learning, discovery, and enlightenment.


Southern Railway (U.S.) The Southern Railway (reporting mark SOU) was a US class 1 railroad that was based in the Southern United States.

Southern Railway (U.S.)

It was the product of nearly 150 predecessor lines that were combined, reorganized and recombined beginning in the 1830s, formally becoming the Southern Railway in 1894. At the end of 1970 Southern operated 6,026 miles (9,698 km) of railroad, not including its Class I subsidiaries AGS (528 miles or 850 km) CofG (1729 miles) S&A (167 miles) CNOTP (415 miles) GS&F (454 miles) and twelve Class II subsidiaries. That year Southern itself reported 26111 million net ton-miles of revenue freight and 110 million passenger-miles; AGS reported 3854 and 11, CofG 3595 and 17, S&A 140 and 0, CNO&TP 4906 and 0.3, and GS&F 1431 and 0.3 It merged with the Norfolk and Western Railway (N&W) in 1982, forming the Norfolk Southern Corporation. As railroad fever struck other Southern states, networks gradually spread across the South and even across the Appalachian Mountains. EMD GP40. The GP40 is 3 feet (0.914 m) longer than its EMD 567D3A-engined predecessor, the GP35, and distinguished visually by its three 48-inch radiator fans at the rear of the long hood, while the GP35 has two large fans and a smaller one in between.


It was built on a 55 ft (16.76 m) frame; the GP35 was built on a 52 ft (15.85 m) frame - as was the GP7, 9, 18, and 30. The difference in length can be seen in the GP40's ten handrail stanchions compared to the GP35's nine.[1] On Jan. 1, 1972 the GP40 was discontinued and replaced by the GP40-2, which has a modular electrical system and a few minor exterior changes. GP22ECO[edit] EMD FT. The EMD FT was a 1,350-horsepower (1,010 kW) diesel-electric locomotive produced between November 1939 and November 1945, by General Motors' Electro-Motive Division (the "F" stood for 1400 horsepower (rounded from 1350) and the "T" for twin, as it came standard in a two-unit set).


All told 555 cab-equipped A units were built, along with 541 cabless booster B units, for a grand total of 1,096 units. The locomotives were all sold to customers in the United States. It was the first model in EMD's very successful F-unit series of cab unit freight diesels, and was the locomotive that convinced many U.S. railroads that the diesel-electric freight locomotive was the future.

Many rail historians consider the FT one of the most important locomotive models of all time. See EMD 567 for specific information on the history of the 567 medium-speed two-stroke cycle Diesel engine, as employed in the FT and its many successors. EMD GP40-based passenger locomotives. GP40TC[edit] The GMD GP40TC was built by General Motors Diesel (GMD), for GO Transit in Toronto, Ontario (The 'TC' stood for 'Toronto Commuter').

EMD GP40-based passenger locomotives

A total of eight units were manufactured between 1966-1968. Scale Train Drawings. Welcome to the Trainiax drawings page!

Scale Train Drawings

This is a collection of drawings that I have been working on since late 2000.

Welcome to Killer Bee Hobby

Airplanes, Flying, & Aviation. Ships, Subs, & Sailing. Scale Model Building. Ford Motor Company. Auto Racing. CES 2014: $4.5 million Lamborghini Veneno Roadster with Monster’s dynamic audio system. Lamborghini Veneno is one sexy car that is a dream for millions out there but only a few have the money to buy it.

CES 2014: $4.5 million Lamborghini Veneno Roadster with Monster’s dynamic audio system

And when a Lamborghini Veneno gets even sexier than ever it is kind of a car lover’s ultimate fantasy. Sant’ Agata-based company Monster has joined hands with Lamborghini to come up with a special edition Monster version of Lamborghini Veneno Roadster having a high end music system powered by Monster. The audio system that alone costs around $50,000 is in a class of its own with dynamic sound and clarity courtesy Pure Monster Sound tuned by Head Monster Noel Lee and the latest technologies in sonic innovation for an immersive listening experience. Lamborghini Veneno Roadster is currently on display at CES 2014 and is turning eyeballs as everyone wants to get inside this exclusive supercar to have a feel of it. Veneno roadster is powered by a 6.5 liter 12 cylinder engine and swiftly shifting ISR transmission that has five driving modes.

ACO - Automobile Club de l'Ouest.

Die Cast and Plastic Display Models

Action Figures. Industrial Rail Trains Archive by Union Pacific. List of rail transport modelling scale standards. Scale Standards[edit] NEM[edit] MOROP (The European federation of national model railway associations) is a European organisation which publishes NEM-standards.

List of rail transport modelling scale standards

NEM-standards are used by model railway industry and hobbyists in Europe. The standards are published in French and German and both versions have an official status. Unofficial translations in English from third parties exist for certain NEM-standard sheets. Ferreomodelismo.