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Hi Imgur, big lurker, love you all, here is a comic I am working on about my rubbish life, just sharing, if it dies here that is more then fine! We all have powers. The Monkeys You Ordered. Frenum's Comics - Album on Imgur. eH4l2KZ.png (PNG Image, 660 × 680 pixels) Emptiness - MercWorks. Read More. I wish people read to me more.

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Be careful what you wish for! It just might come true… but not on its own, only if you put a lot of work into it. But, then again be careful what you wish for if you plan to put a lot of work into it, because it just might not come true! Basically, if wishes are involved, be really, really careful. In fact, it’s probably a good idea to just stop wishing entirely. Police Sketch. ''Quick!

Police Sketch

Before the wind gets him! '' What’s great about the criminal justice system is that there are so many opportunities to do arts and crafts! Between police sketches, courtroom artists, and whoever is in charge of drawing those chalk outlines, there’s a wealth of opportunities for the creatively inclined (though if you ask me, chalk outline artists are cheap frauds because that’s just glorified tracing). Pool. Welcome to the ''L'', you'll notice there's no poo- HEY STOP THAT Big News, guys!


As you know, we always have plenty of irons in the fire. Well, due to a couple of time-demanding Big Projects, we are going to switch gears to one comic per week. While we understand this may challenge the very fabric of your existence for some of you, you’ve got our word that we’ll deliver you as many High Octane Fart Jokes as frequently as we possibly can. Keep your eyes peeled on YouTube and on the app store, exciting stuff is on the way!

Wes + Tony Some of our popular stuff: Happiest Day. ''In fact, you're going to cost me like 100 thousand dollars.'' The problem with the Greatest Day of Your Life is that you probably have no idea that it’s happening.

Happiest Day

Sure, births, weddings, and the occasional five dollars are pretty cool, but there’s no way to know for sure until you can look back on everything on your deathbed. And even then, you might be about to have the most amazing deathbed ever! In fact, you might be living the greatest day of your life TODAY and you don’t even realize it. Later this afternoon you might discover that the video game you’ve been playing is a secret simulator to determine the world’s champion in defending humanity from giant space crabs.

Sexy Talk. This is probably what sex would sound like if you ran it through Google Translate.

Sexy Talk

Hey sexy, are you ready to get freaky? Try these kinky moves in your intimate moments the next time you want to impress your partner(s) with your sex: The Mountain Man Imagine your partner’s surprise when you grow an entire beard during orgasm! Tear Down This Wall Do the sex against the wall until it crumbles to the ground. Your neighbors will be impressed/aroused. No Bones Bone Unhinge all of your joints to become some kind of sex octopus capable of positions contortionists can only dream about. Two Turnips Present your partner with a turnip. “The Bear is Here” Whisper this right before orgasm. Startup Trail. Three panels daily » keepin it clean: travel edition.

Three panels daily » a discreet voyage. Three panels daily » pest control. Three panels daily » too busy for business. Three panels daily » accomplishments. My wife is out of town, and i’m gonna have a guy’s night in Big news!

three panels daily » accomplishments

I will be a guest at PAX Australia 2015, October 30 – November 2nd at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center! I’m very excited to go back to Melbourne — it’ll be my first time at PAX on another continent! (Excluding 2009’s failed PAX Antarctica.) And although the event schedule isn’t set, Paul Verhoeven and I will be doing a live version of our gaming podcast 28 Plays Later! Sex is like the ocean.