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Should you still invest in FDs or look at other options! Mumbai: A businessman or a retired individual or a professional with a large corpus always face the investment dilemma of whether to invest in traditional savings instruments like a fixed deposit or to look out for other avenues like debt mutual funds.

Should you still invest in FDs or look at other options!

While fixed deposits provide safety of capital with assured returns, debt funds have the potential to provide higher returns with better taxation provisions. “Debt mutual funds are better placed than fixed deposits in the current scenario as these avenues not only provide higher returns on capital, liquidity is also better than fixed deposits of banks,” Rohit Grover, Certified Financial Planner at Mumbai-based advisory firm, MoneyFrog told the Finapolis.

With retail inflation hovering below 4% in last one year, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) reduced the repo rate by 0.25% to a six year low of 6% in August this year. This has prompted banks to reduce both deposit and lending rates. Know 5 Smart Year-End Tax Planning Tips. Every year, the month of March sees the highest number of investments in tax planning instruments.

Know 5 Smart Year-End Tax Planning Tips

The last minute rush often leads to taxpayers making investments even in those instruments that yield only 5-6% returns like the traditional life insurance policy. At most, all young people will rush to park their money in the Public Provident Fund (PPF) even though the Government of India has brought down the interest rate to 7.6% from January 2018. Finance. FD vs Mutual Fund: Which is the Better Investment Option to Pick? Be financially ready for these emergencies in life. They say ‘no one is saved from the wrath of an emergency’.

Be financially ready for these emergencies in life

You might be planning really well for buying a house, funding children’s education etc. and you might have nailed all the right investment instruments to save for it. But all your dreams could come crashing and funds could get drained, if you were to face an unforeseen situation such as a job loss, death in the family etc., which you are not prepared to tackle. The best way to go about it is to be prepared. A liquid fund worth six to 12 months of your expense could rescue you from an emergency situation without disrupting any of the long-term plans or putting you into a debt spiral. Here are five emergencies you must prepare for: Health Emergency: Healthcare and treatment expenses have been shooting up with time and if an emergency befalls you, all your savings could get drained. If you already have a health insurance, you can take it a notch higher by buying critical insurance.

Financial Mistakes Every Woman Must Avoid. Whether the pay is equal or not for men and women is debatable, but the cost of living is the same for both.

Financial Mistakes Every Woman Must Avoid

This gap often reduces the propensity to save among women. Moreover, they need to take more career breaks than men to manage their personal lives and care for children. As a result, a lot of women end up relying on the men in the family for financial matters. This may reduce their financial independence. Women who want to achieve financial independence in every sense must start planning and investing independently. Leaving Financial Decisions Completely On Partners: While it’s a good thing that you trust your partner, you don’t want to be completely uninvolved in financial decisions. Not Creating Assets For Self: Irrespective of the financial status of the family, women must put an effort to build their own wealth. Delaying Plans For Retirement: Irrespective of your gender, you must start putting together a retirement fund right when you start earning.

Business epaper - Weekly Financial & Business epaper Online by The Finapolis. 5 Golden Rules for Retirement Financial Planning in India. People start retirement planning at various stages of their lives.

5 Golden Rules for Retirement Financial Planning in India

It is said the ideal time to start is from the first paycheck. But that seldom happens. Experts still suggest starting as early as possible to ensure that there is enough for the golden years. There are certain rules one can follow to ensure a comfortable and secured retired life. These are as follows: Save a part of your income for retirement This is the first and easiest rule to planning your retirement. As PF amount is compounded every year, even a small sum becomes a substantial amount during retirement.

NPS - Know What is National Pension Scheme & NPS Tax Benefits. Every individual ultimately plans to retire with a healthy corpus.

NPS - Know What is National Pension Scheme & NPS Tax Benefits

This money will not only guarantee stress-free golden years, but the person will also be self-sufficient in case of emergency situations. The best way to ensure that is to build a pension scheme. What is NPS? The National Pension System (NPS) is a government approved pension scheme which was initially launched in 2004 for central government employees. NPS vs PPF - Which One is A Better Investment Option? Mumbai, December 6 - Market is replete with various kinds of financial instruments, both in debt and equity space.

NPS vs PPF - Which One is A Better Investment Option?

However, an individual investor has to choose a financial instrument carefully which will help him to reach his financial goal. When an individual investor looks for long term savings products to secure his retirement or to meet important social obligations like education or marriage of his child, financial instruments like Public Provident Fund (PPF) and National Pension System (NPS) come to the fore. But, financial planners are of the opinion that features of both these products vary a lot and one should understand these products fully before committing long term money.

“These two products have different features suiting the needs of different sets of people. While equity investment is allowed up to 50% in NPS, PPF is a purely debt product. “Currently, only 40% of the accumulated NPS corpus is exempted from tax during withdrawal at the time of retirement. 5 Financial Emergencies You Need To Prepare For. Nobody is immune to the wrath of an emergency.

5 Financial Emergencies You Need To Prepare For

It can come unannounced in anyone’s life at any point. The best thing anyone can do is to follow the Scout Motto: be prepared. Financial emergencies aren’t hard to prepare for. Golden Tips & Steps for Family Financial Planning at The Finapolis. Whether you are single and supporting aged parents or married with children, it is essential to have your finances in order and planned for unforeseeable circumstances.

Golden Tips & Steps for Family Financial Planning at The Finapolis

Whether its health insurance for the family or children’s education fund or your retirement plan, there is a great peace of mind that comes with knowing that your family is secure and taken care of. There are one main concerns of any individual that they face in their later life; how do I ensure that my money doesn’t run out. That’s why it’s important to do family financial planning and yourself earlier in life so that you’re not faced with such a situation later in life. The following are a few points to keep in mind when you start planning your finances for your family, if you already haven’t:

Is it the right time to invest in ULIPs? Know more. Mumbai, December 19: Unit Linked Insurance Plan, popularly known as ULIP, is getting its mojo back in the past two years on the back of sound performance of equity markets.

Is it the right time to invest in ULIPs? Know more

Post imposition of strict norms by the insurance regulator- IRDA, private insurers have witnessed rise in ULIP sales in recent years. ULIP offers an investor the option of portfolio diversification as it is a financial product which mixes insurance with investment. An investor can invest in both debt and equity markets through the ULIP route. NPS becomes more attractive for investors after tax rejig. 5 Safe Investment Options in India with High Returns.

Safe investments are those where the element of risk is almost zero. These types of investments are opted for by individuals who are not up for taking risk, such as elderly and retired people. Many people also are not in favour of putting their hard earned money to risk and therefore choose to invest in safe investments. Public Provident Fund The PPF is the most favoured investment instrument for the salaried individual. PPF offers several advantages. A few years ago, the interest rate was 9% but has been dropped to 7.6% recently. Investors can invest minimum Rs 500 to maximum Rs 1,50,000 in one financial year and can get the facilities such as loan, withdrawal and extension of account. Post Office Monthly Income Scheme. Top 13 Smart Investment Tips for Beginners in India. In financial planning, it is said the most difficult journey for any investor is the one that he doesn’t begin. Just like every journey has its own adventures, discoveries and learning, the financial journey too has its twists and turns.

Yet it is the most adventurous journey that every individual should take and learn from. Investment is one of the most important itineraries in the financial journey. To make sure that the investor takes the right decision and at the right time, there are some textbook steps that he can take to ensure the journey is safe and fulfilling. Following are some of the top tips on investment: Review your needs and goals: The most important criterion in devising a plan is to first know what are the needs and goals.

Set the amount to be invested: The amount required to achieve your goals can be calculated after assessing the cash flows and net worth. Understand the risk appetite: Risk profiling is based on age, cash availability, commitment, family conditions. Maturity Value Calculator – Karvyvalue. Check the maturity amount with Income Tax Calculator Now! Income Tax Calculator Note * : Fill all the fields on the above Income Tax Calculator Income tax is not an unknown subject to any income earning person. Mutual Fund SIP Calculator. SIP Calculator Check the maturity amount with SIP Calculator Now!

SIP Calculator Monthly SIP Amount Calculator Note * : Fill all the fields on the above Monthly SIP Amount Calculator Monthly SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) Amount Calculator is a calculator designed to help investors who plan to invest for their financial goals. Check out the top performing SIPs How to use this calculator?

You need to input the following details to get the desired results: Target Amount – The target amount that you desire to achieve after a specified time period. Tax Saving Investments. ELSS Schemes offer Tax benefit u/s 80C and are also the best instrument to earn higher returns. One can invest Maximum Rs. 1,50,000 and save tax under sec 80C. ELSS Mutual funds have a lock-in period of 3 years unlike most other with lock in of 5 Years or more. One can opt for lumpsum as well as Monthly systematic investment which reduce the problem of hasty decision of saving tax during the financial year end.

Here are few tips which will help you to choose the best ELSS Funds. Past Performance and Age of the fund: Past performance speaks tremendous about one’s ability and likelihood for success. However it is only possible with the funds which has track record of more than 5 years where a full market cycle get covered, new funds can only be judged based on the objective of the fund as well as fund allocation. Consistency: This is very important for the people who have an investment time horizon of medium or long term, a fund can’t be judged based on its 1 year or 6 months returns. Karvy Value. Top Mutual Fund Recent Dividends. Latest-navs. List of Best Government Bonds in India. Top Mutual Funds - List of Top Performing Funds in India. Mutual Funds Meaning - Know What is Mutual Fund & Its Types.

Mutual fund is a unique investment pooling entity which enables investors to invest in a wide range of securities through a single platform. What is Mutual Fund Investment. About PMS. Portfolio Management Services are ideal for High Net Worth Individuals or Institutions who wish to opt for personalized management of their finances. A team of expert professionals conduct extensive research on markets to provide a customized solution for achieving unique investment objectives. This ensures the optimal selection of investment opportunities within an asset class and active monitoring for optimized results.

Investors have the access to track their portfolios at all times. Karvy offers PMS across two asset classes – Debt and Equity Multi Cap Advantage PMS - the right time to allocate. Latest-ncds. Company Fixed Deposit in India. Top Fixed Deposits Here is a list of top company fixed deposits based on interest rates, credit ratings, etc. New IPOs - List of Latest IPOs & Recently Listed IPOs in India. NEW IPOs. Higher Rates of Interest than Regular Bank Deposits. Mutual Fund Investment in India. Financial Investment - Online Mutual Fund Investment Platform.

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