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Cooliris for Developers. Increase site engagement with Cooliris.

Cooliris for Developers

Add functionality and pizazz to your website by embedding a customizable, streaming Cooliris Wall of your content. Built in Adobe Flash®, the embeddable Cooliris Wall gives all visitors to your site the fastest and most stunning way to browse your photos, videos, and other media content. Showcase vast amounts of your media content with ease. 6 Free Sites for Creating Your Own Animations. The long and illustrious history of moving pictures all started with the zoetrope.

6 Free Sites for Creating Your Own Animations

Then there was the thaumatrope, the flip book, and my personal favorite, the phenakistoscope. And now we have (drumroll please): The Internet. People have been excited about moving pictures for ages. Create Games with Construct 2. The Construct 2 start page Quick & Easy Bring your work to life in hours and days instead of weeks and months.

Create Games with Construct 2

With Construct 2 making games is a piece of cake: just drag and drop objects around, add behaviors to them, and make everything come alive with events! With a quick and easy to grasp Ribbon interface, you have clear access to a wide set of tools that allows anyone to jump into game creation with little to no prior game development knowledge.

Text-to-Speech. Flip Text. Weebly. WordPress. Blogger. Open Web Design - Download Free Web Design Templates. Web Design Tutorials. Gravatar. 5 Things That Belong on the Front Page of Your Website. In business, you only get one chance to make a good first impression, and your company's website is no different.

5 Things That Belong on the Front Page of Your Website

When customers arrive at your site they should instantly have a clear understanding of who you are and what you do. But statistics show that many small-business websites lack the basics, which puts them at risk of losing a customer with just one click. The relationship between a customer and a business is based on trust. Is your website customer-friendly? Start with the five things that belong on the front page of every business website. MyAdopts. Poll Daddy.