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960 Grid System. 用 Compass 寫 CSS. 最近在開發一個新產品,整體來說應該是接近寫完了,不過越接近完工,抓 IE 系列的 bug 就越是挫折。

用 Compass 寫 CSS

朋友 @evenwu 就來洗我要不要換成 Compass,說這東西超神奇,超好用,還可以把 IE bug 殺光光! 其實之前就久仰 Compass 大名了,只是文件實在看起來太他媽的眼花繚亂,因為專案進度一直在跑,不太敢貿然換掉寫 CSS 的方式。 而且怕配合的網頁美術跟不上。 後來某天解票實在解到太賭爛了,下班後就花了一兩個小時摸這個東西,一用就驚為天人! 960 Gridder - Lay out websites with ease. What is this?

960 Gridder - Lay out websites with ease.

960 Gridder is an excellent tool for any web developer/ designer that wants to easily align, match and/or lay out websites. The idea came when designing a website for a student organization where I worked with several designers that handed their lay outs and designs in Photoshop format with a similar grid built-in to me. After a while I noticed how hard it became to make sure everything looked exactly how they intended it, especially in the different browsers. 960 Gridder is cross-browser compliant and works well in Internet Explorer 6/7/8, Firefox 2/3 and Chrome. Safari 4 Beta and Opera 9 is also working as expected and it should work in Safari 2.x-3.x also. Compass Home | Compass Documentation. Compass.app. 你是網頁設計師嗎,當你寫 css 時是否常常頭暈目眩、眼神渙散、注意力無法集中呢?


是否常常因為重複的原始碼搞的心情浮躁、焦慮不安? 還是會為了層層結構問題落的精神崩潰、夜夜失眠的下場?