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Happy Birthday Gurnam Bhullar – Top Songs To Groove On! He is one of the most renowned singers in the Punjabi industry.

Happy Birthday Gurnam Bhullar – Top Songs To Groove On!

His charming smile, dedicated work-life and soothing voice are some of his key attributes. On his birthday today, we will know about the top 5 Punjabi songs on his name, and we cannot stop but groove on them each time the D.J. plays them. Here is the list- Rakhli Pyar Nal Released in 2016, this one is his first official hit and hence, on no1 of our listicles. Diamond As someone talks about Gurman Bhullar, this one song comes to mind immediately.

“Tere gutt nu kada sardaarniye, Diamond di Jhanjar paa dange..!” Okay, let’s stop grooving on to this one and move to the another. Fakira Out of his leagues, this playback by Bhullar is a sad romantic song and is all things perfect. Be bhangra ready you guys! Jatt Zimidaar One cannot forget this track by the birthday boy himself. Smelling good is respecting others – Psychologists. What is respecting someone?

Smelling good is respecting others – Psychologists

To speak good, to behave nicely and to let the individuality of the person right in front of you not hamper in any means possible. Yes, of course, this is respecting someone. Also to mention, as per the psychologist smelling good is also one of them. Smelling good does not always mean investing in high-end perfumes, mists, and deodorants. Bathing daily and wearing clean clothes so that you are not smelling sweat or anything for that matter when you hit out in public. Let us take an example of a person who comes inside the bus smelling sweat and looks completely worn out as if he worked hard in the sun all day long and one enters with a decent smell, looking clean.

Also Read | Surprising Health Benefits Of Drinking Plenty OF Water To conclude, let us take u a practice of checking for the smells if any before we hit out because your lenience could be a problem for someone else to deal with. Why television videos do not buffer but internet videos do? Buffering was never a case in our so-called ‘idiot box’ (television) whether it is working with help of cable connection, set-top box, or anything for that matter.

Why television videos do not buffer but internet videos do?

There might be many people, who have this question in mind. Why the television does not buffer but on the other hand, this is not the case with the internet. Read More: The famous Comedy show of Sony Entertainment’s The Kapil Sharma’s show to go audience-less, Check it out The number one reason which many people are confused about is that the Internet does not work with the help of satellite. It rather works with the help of radio waves that connect a device to another with the connections of an internet provider.

More details – The second biggest reason is related to the first – For internet we use the word ‘streaming’ and for television, it is broadcasting. While broadcasting means that a provider will send the signals to the satellite and the same thing will air on all the devices available. Let us take an example- Visakhapatnam Gas leak – Is Bhopal repeating itself? Visakhapatnam (Vizag) LG Polymers Gas leak Latest News: Home Minister has said that there was no fresh leakage reported in Visakhapatnam.

Visakhapatnam Gas leak – Is Bhopal repeating itself?

Eleven people lost their lives and over 1,000 are affected because of the spread of poisonous gas. Visakhapatnam Gas Leak, Visakhapatnam Gas Leak cost, chemical gas leakage at Vizag, LG polymers in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, LG Polymers industry, latest news on Visakhapatnam gas leak Visakhapatnam (Vizag) Gas Leak News Updates: Hundreds fell sick and 11 lost their lives in Visakhapatnam when styrene gas leaked within the wee hours on Thursday.

As per the govt. data, people who fell unconscious are stable now and can be discharged soon. Reports say that 20 people are still on ventilator support. The govt. has already ordered a high-level inquiry into the tragedy that was harking back to the horrific Bhopal gas leak tragedy that killed thousands leftover 15,000 exposed to the poisonous gas. Sports News : Sports News Headlines,Breaking Sports News. Editor Picks.

Sports News : Sports News Headlines,Breaking Sports News

Technology News : Latest Gadgets News & Reviews, Latest Tech News. Samsung Galaxy M01 review Block title.

Technology News : Latest Gadgets News & Reviews, Latest Tech News