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How to Download YouTube Videos to Watch Offline? Download YouTube Videos: YouTube is the most popular streaming website especially designed for sharing the video.

How to Download YouTube Videos to Watch Offline?

Here, you will get millions of users that have created their accounts on YouTube to upload the videos that anyone can watch. You can promote your video by simply sharing the URL that YouTube has created after you upload the video on your account. In 2005, YouTube was created in San Bruno, California with three former PayPal employees (Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim). Afterwards, in 2006 Google bought the American video-sharing website i.e. YouTube for US$1.65 billion. We can upload and download YouTube videos. Amazon Alexa commands: Our guide to Everything Alexa can do. Alexa commands: Alexa is one of the best example and most successful device of artificial intelligence.

Amazon Alexa commands: Our guide to Everything Alexa can do

The smart speaker voice assistance will help you with your daily tasks at your home, office, or trips. Amazon Alexa Speakers have so many variants, and now Alexa compatible with more Alexa smart devices than ever, and it keeps on increasing from smart TVs to home appliances, fitness trackers, doorbells, and much more. Alexa voice assistance can be used for all of the Amazon smart speakers like a tap, Echo, Echo Dot, Scho show, Dash wand, and more. With all these smart speakers, you can collect any information and even operate other devices of your home and office. How to Start Your Mac in Recovery Mode. Mac in Recovery Mode: If you own a Mac device and you need to wipe it clean or restore it to factory settings, then here’s the perfect tutorial for you.

How to Start Your Mac in Recovery Mode

This tutorial will also guide you by using recovery mode. Checkout this step-wise guide for finding the Terminal while your Mac device is on Recovery Mode. Recovery HD is an additional feature that has covered in this tutorial. Let’s begin with the importance of the recovery mode in a Mac. Your Mac device has been preloaded with certain contingency plans to help your device survive even when there has been substantial damage to its drives or its hardware. Apple TV app launches on Amazon Fire TV devices {Latest Guide on it} Amazon Fire TV devices: With the online streaming platforms like Netflix, prime life has become easy and fun.

Apple TV app launches on Amazon Fire TV devices {Latest Guide on it}

You know more have to step out to buy your favourite movie or wait for your favourite series. It is all available online at reasonable price. How to change privacy & delete Facebook account on iPhone? Delete Facebook Account on iPhone: The never-ending life coupled with social pressure really takes a toll on you.

How to change privacy & delete Facebook account on iPhone?

In such situations while some people take social media detox, the other blocks social media completely from their lives. One of the biggest social media platforms at present is Facebook. With 2.45 billion active users in the third quarter of 2019, Facebook comes with its share of perks and issues. While it provides a great platform to find your old friends and connect with everyone around, it can lead to a breach of data and your privacy being compromised. How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock on used iPhone? Remove iCloud Activation Lock: If you have recently purchased a second-hand iPhone from some person and found out that the iCloud account is locked and for using your device you will have to break the iCloud activation lock on iPhone.

How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock on used iPhone?

Well, this can become a hassle sometimes and the easiest way to solve this is to contact the reseller or the owner of the device for the activation code and use your device with ease. But if that option is not available you can still turn off the activation lock. Before we begin with the process let’s know a little about the activation lock. An activation lock is a feature of the IOS which is basically designed to prevent anyone, other than the user to use their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, even if it is ever lost or stolen. Best Shooter Action Games for Android in 2020.

Shooter Action Games for Android: Both at the professional level are at a rapid pace becoming a sustainable trend in the industry trend of mobile gaming.

Best Shooter Action Games for Android in 2020

This holds true with game developers and smartphone hardware. Now we are at a point where phones are in a position to deliver the best android games experience — even for first-person shooters. Any traditional PC gamer who reads this might still find it strange to believe but the reality is that mobile shooters have stolen the game/limelight and carved a niche within the pro-gaming community. The franchises of popular Shooter Action Games for Android like PUBG Mobile and Guns of Boom have competitive eSports leagues which can prove to be beneficial to those who have been infatuated with streaming or can gamble and play for cash in a tournament.

How to Open and Extract rar Files on Mac : Phoneier. Extract rar Files on Mac: Are you facing trouble with the opening of rar files in your Mac?

How to Open and Extract rar Files on Mac : Phoneier

Well, you are not alone. There are many who have faced the same problems and lodged their complaints. Often we share .rar files with each file because of their compactness and the security of this file type, but if the receiver fails to open it, the purpose remains unfulfilled. We have surveyed out that this is one of the most common problems that Mac users experience and so in this blog we are going to discuss how to open or Extract rar Files on mac. Rather than directly jumping to the process, it is better to give brief introduction about the Extract .rar Files in Mac. Read More: Tips Fix Mac FaceTime Camera not Working RAR files are basically archive files similar to zip files, though there are differences between RAR files and Zip files but both of them belong to the same category of file. RAR is capable of compressing large files into a single RAR format and initiate the convenient transfer.

Apple Music Not Working On iPhone? Here's The Real Fix! Apple Music Not Working On iPhone: If music is your favorite, then Apple Music is probably the most important app on your iPhone.

Apple Music Not Working On iPhone? Here's The Real Fix!

Thus, if you notice any disruption while playing the application, it can be very irritating for you. The disruption can occur due to Apple Music problems and iOS music bugs. There are many reports that come from iPhone users about Apple Music problems. Sometimes, after updating their iOS to the latest version, certain problems can occur. How To Open .Pages File Format On Microsoft Windows? How to open .pages file: The ease that cellphones have brought in our lives, we prefer to do our daily work on our cellphones, instead of opening a laptop.

How To Open .Pages File Format On Microsoft Windows?

From the office to personal work, cellphones have made work easy and portable. You can do writing, editing uploading on all your cellphones. However, these devices are not very comfortable when you have to work for a longer duration. In such cases, you need a laptop to work in. You have to transfer your files on a laptop and get going. For people using Android phones, transferring is easy, but for iPad or iPhone users transferring data can be a little difficult. The Apple software saves files in its own personal format with .pages” file extension. How To Block Emails and Messages on iPhone? Block Emails and Messages on iPhone: A cluttered and overflowing inbox is irritating and getting all those spamming emails can get frustrating.

While these emails hamper your normal working they also sometimes block important emails that otherwise require your attention. Similar is the case with messages, unknowingly we subscribe to some things that just spam our folder and are of no great help. Live wallpapers not working on iPhone- Here’s How You Fix It. Live wallpapers not working on your iPhone display screen is a common phenomenon for maximum iPhone users. A number of technical complexities are responsible for one such issue. A number of times you must have seen that after downloading live wallpapers from Avengers: End game series the live features in the wallpaper are not working! “Now that sounds quite embarrassing when your favorite characters from Avenger series are stuck in the midst of an action to seize Infinity stone from Thanos featured in live wallpaper soon after downloading it on iPhone. But that’s no longer trouble anymore when you have a number of quick-fix available to make your best iPhone live wallpapers work on the display screen of your iPhone.

Switching on/off some technical features in iPhone settings might be one of the reasons for which live wallpapers may not work properly. Easiest Way To Capture Screenshots on iPhone/iPad. Have you ever thought that you need to save a conversation or any important information from Google where the link cannot be saved? What would you do in the first place; you will definitely take a screenshot, right? Screenshots are the best way to save memories or moments that have melted your heart. However, do you really face hassle while clicking screenshots on your Apple iPhone/iPad? If yes, you are just in the right place. How to Fix Netflix app On apple Devices.

Fix Netflix App On apple Devices: The discussion of web series starts with Netflix, This is one of those apps that made our taste for live web series streaming. In our discussion, the context of Netflix often comes up with the movies and web series it has already introduced. Live streaming is not a new concept. People used to browse through various websites to stream movies or matches. However, all those sites were not safe for their use.

iMessage Not Syncing Between Mac and iPhone? Here is a Fix. iMessage is a free service provided by Apple that allows users to send or receive messages such as Emojis, text, photos, contacts and other information between all iOS and Mac devices. iMessage is an instant messaging software developed by Apple. It serves as a great tool for messaging. It is a very convenient form of messaging as you can easily sync iMessage on your iPhone or Mac. Whether you are working on your Mac PC or iPhone, you can freely send messages by using iMessage. Mac Doesn't Recognize External Hard Drive, How to Fix? Top 20+ Free Online Anime Streaming Websites : Phoneier. Google Assistant commands: Best Things to Ask Google Home. Ultimate Guide to iPod Won't Sync to iTunes Problems.

Netflix alternatives: The 10 best free movie streaming services. How to Uninstall Microsoft Office (2011/2016) for Mac Completely? How to Type Accents on Mac? [The Easy Way] : Phoneier. How to Find Stolen Android Phone Back Fast? Stolen Android Phone: Nowadays we rely on our phone for many things, whether it’s entertainment, transaction-payments, conversation or to gain information and knowledge. There is so much you can do with your phone, and it’s tough to spend a single day without a mobile phone. Losing a mobile phone is just the worst nightmare for anyone. iOS: Can a Blocked Number Leave a Voicemail? Sometimes an unwanted call or message in between some important work spoils your mood and you want to avoid any contact from these tele-callers or any other person.

Well, if you are using an IOS device and looking for looking these callers it isn’t that tough. For all the customers using IOS 7 or above, you can block any calls or messages from unwanted numbers and avoid all the hustle. For blocking any number all you have to do is go to the recent calls tab on your iPhone and tap on the ‘i’ icon which is present at the right of whichever you wish to block. You can also browse the number in your contact list if you have the number saved. In either case, you just have to click the I’ and scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on Block This caller tab.

This method though efficient requires the person to either call you or you must have the number of the person saved. So while you can block a number on iPhone, you can still receive voicemails from that number. Tap the button. 1. 2. 3. My iPhone Won't Send Pictures in Text! Here's The Real Fix. When you find out that your iPhone won’t send pictures in text, it can be quite infuriating. List of 7 Best Android Tablets To Buy in 2020. How to Fix iPhone Screen Is Black And Won't Turn on? How To Unlock Disabled iPod Touch : Phoneier. Hassle-free Steps To Send Direct Messages on Instagram From Phone/PC. 3 Ways to Recover Deleted Photos From Android Device.

How To Stop Location Tracking and Remove Location History? How To Transfer Contact list To iPhone From Google Account. How To Mirror iPhone or iPad on LG or Samsung Smart TV? How to log in to on your iPhone or iPad? How To Download Instagram Photos or Videos To iPhone? How to know what an Emojis Means on Your Mac? How to check Activation Lock Status via Apple’s Support Page? Best Free Apps For Creating Animated GIFs on iPhone.