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The Ten Faces of Innovation: IDEO's Strategies for Defeating the Devil's Advocate and Driving Creativity Throughout Your Organization: Tom Kelley, Jonathan Littman: 9780385512077: DREAM. Tumkur. The Map of the Future. 2009 Ten-Year Forecast. The Future is our chance to be new.

2009 Ten-Year Forecast

The 2009 Ten-Year Forecast research delves into issues from a collapsing economy paving the way for new kinds of value to a new voice rising from the Global South plotting a new path for the next big economy to extreme climate conditions wiping the landscape clean to a new neuroscience presenting an extraordinary new picture of humans, and much much more. _TYF2009_handbook_READER. Means of Exchange. Definition.

Means of Exchange

Coworking, Coliving: towards new lifestyles beyond the border Life / Work. Are you a hacker looking for an island?

Coworking, Coliving: towards new lifestyles beyond the border Life / Work

A creative who is travelling amongst the new kinds of “monasteries” in Europe? Mais Oui, We Share. PSFK Future of Work Report 2013. Social Story. Blog : Maker Faire Africa. NIDians design innovative tiffin service for Amdavadis. Dayananda Yumlembam, TNN Oct 10, 2011, 11.19AM IST AHMEDABAD: Earning few extra bucks couldn't be easier for housewives in Ahmedabad, if a model development by National Institute of Design (NID) is put into practice.

NIDians design innovative tiffin service for Amdavadis

All they have to do is cook a tad extra and leave the rest to delivery men, who would pick up the food and hand it over to customers. Food Swaps: Trading Tasty Treats Keeps Culinary Boredom at Bay. Downtown Resilience: Cultural Districts vs. Urban Workshops. Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh, PA Different but equally important Cities and their broader economic regions are beginning to recognize once again the importance of creating neighborhoods that can readily attract, develop, and export robust economic activity and offer a high quality of life.

Downtown Resilience: Cultural Districts vs. Urban Workshops

These types of considerations are particularly important to regions that historically have been tied to large single industries, whether it is cars (Detroit), steel (Pittsburgh), government (Washington, DC), or military (Hampton Roads). Creative cities that foster a wide variety of industries provide the sort of robustness to changes in the market that regions require. Building creative places, therefore, is of citywide and regional significance to ensure continued economic competitiveness and resilience.

But some confuse building creative places with building cultural, arts-focused districts. A City’s Cultural District Cultural districts are defined by the institutions that anchor them. Connect: SpontaneousInterventions. is an interactive, user-generated mapping website populated with personal video accounts of the life and culture of New York City.


The public is invited to upload videos and tag them to the exact time and location where they were shot. The MyBlock map conveys not just the geography of the city but the stories, culture, and style that define a location. Rapvis_polimi2005. Uconnector. URBAN INITIATIVE, ARTIST AND PROJECT CONNECTOR U CONNECTOR serves to share, motivate and inspire.


U CONNECTOR database unifies organizations, initiatives, groups and individuals that operate in the city space. Their projects, presented here, are of various scale, impact and time frames. It is an interactive web database that offers an overview of the present situation. Concurrently it acts as a tool for communication and interconnection for wide ranging contributors of the city-shaping processes. It is a place to learn about previous successes and the future visions of people with similar experiences and aims for the urban space. Open Source Ecology. OuiShare - Travail. Les hackerspaces sont des laboratoires communautaires ouverts où des amateurs éclairés peuvent partager leurs ressources et leurs savoirs.

OuiShare - Travail

Beaucoup de hackerspaces participent à des projets autour des logiciels libres, du hardware libre ou des médias alternatifs. FabLab.iMAL. WikiHouse. Everyday stories - urban european sustainable living. Shabnam is half French, half Iranian and born in the USA, where she spent the first years of her life.

everyday stories - urban european sustainable living

So it is perhaps no wonder, her openness to the diversity of all things and her ability to look at things from many angles. Growing up in a family involved in human rights, Shabnam took her own stance, and at a very early age became a defender of the planet. Tactical Urbanism. Architect Student Edition August 2012. Cooperative. Tiedote: Eurooppalainen tutkimushanke selvitti, miltä elämäntapamme voivat vuonna 2050 näyttää.

Joshua Glenn: Unbored: The Power of 'Making' in the Classroom. The sixth graders at Marymount School -- an independent Catholic school for girls in Manhattan -- have a problem they need to solve.

Joshua Glenn: Unbored: The Power of 'Making' in the Classroom

The American Dental Association recommends that kids brush their teeth for two minutes, twice a day. But the students know that most kids fall well short of that goal. How -- their teachers ask -- can they find a solution to this challenge? The girls open their sketchbooks and doodle possible solutions. One toothbrush plays music. Master MDS. Oriental Wars: Zombies! for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad on the iTunes App Store. Remember Me in 2084. Nice. An HTML5 mixed-media experience telling the story of the 100 years preceding the game Remember Me set in 2084 via side-scrolling… Not a massive fan of side-scrolling but this is ok. This is how we live in the Banni. Virtual Auroville.