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PSAW Implementation Guide 15. Ijss jan ra01. Safety first: Organization celebrating Patient Safety Awareness Week – Michigan Medicine Headlines. Survival Flight staff don their gear — and their appreciation for patient safety.

Safety first: Organization celebrating Patient Safety Awareness Week – Michigan Medicine Headlines

Staff from the Admissions and Bed Coordination Center. Team members from C&W phlebotomy. Representatives from 4C get in the spirit of Patient Safety Awareness Week. Members of the Mott operating room anesthesia team. Members of the Office of Clinical Affairs. The C&W Cath Lab is excited for Patient Safety Awareness Week. The Surgical ICU gets into the spirit of the week. Team members from Patient Food and Nutrition Services. This week, Michigan Medicine is joining together with hospitals and health systems across the country to celebrate patient safety, a core value that is central to everything employees do in the organization. Patient Safety Awareness Week provides a platform for everyone across Michigan Medicine to reflect on the importance of patient safety and celebrate ongoing efforts to continuously improve the quality and safety of the patient care experience.

10464 36231 1 PB. One way to turn the Patient Safety Goals into fun games - Accreditation Connection, July 30, 2004 Atlantic City Medical Center in Pomona, NJ, pulled out all the stops during its patient safety fair last year.

One way to turn the Patient Safety Goals into fun games -

Clinical education staff worked for weeks to turn a cafeteria and conference room into a circus-like atmosphere, complete with clowns, music, popcorn, and candy.Staff from different departments volunteered to host carnival "booths. " Each booth highlighted one of the JCAHO's National Patient Safety Goals. "Staff volunteers were asked to make the experience fun and to communicate the intent of each National Patient Safety Goal," says Grissel Hernandez, RN, BSN, MPH, a clinical education coordinator who worked with more than 15 others to plan and produce the event at two different campuses. Upon entering the carnival, participants received a coupon that listed each of the six Patient Safety Goals (the JCAHO added a seventh goal on January 1). Each booth used a different theme to promote its goal.

9 Interactive Approaches to Emphasize Patient Safety and Compliance With Accreditation Standards. Finding effective means to engage staff and physicians in making safety and accreditation a priority can be a challenge. But it’s certainly not impossible. To help with safety education and ensure greater buy-in from staff and physicians for meeting accreditation standards and creating a safer environment, Surgery Center of Des Moines (Iowa) has implemented a variety of creative educational tools, interactive games, and many other practices throughout the year to achieve this engagement.

“We have found that through repetition and making safety fun, you achieve more compliance with rules and regulations,” says Christy Field, RN, a quality/risk manager for the center. Here are just nine of the methods the center has used over the past year to keep accreditation and patient safety at the top of its priorities list. 1. The staff and physicians have enjoyed the event and found value in the safety theme surrounding it, she says. 2. 3.

Lectures online. What is MEDICAL CASE MANAGEMENT? What does MEDICAL CASE MANAGEMENT mean? How to Set Up a Center of Excellence. Steve Jobs: “The most powerful person in the world is the story teller." - JovanaBanovic. (2090) Bluetooth Land Line Phone Adapter with 10 Meter Range, ISM Band Frequency. How Generation Z Will Change The World According To Experts. Generation Z characteristics and its implications for companies. See our latest research on Gen Z in America and Gen Z in Asia.

Generation Z characteristics and its implications for companies

Long before the term “influencer” was coined, young people played that social role by creating and interpreting trends. Now a new generation of influencers has come on the scene. Members of Gen Z—loosely, people born from 1995 to 2010—are true digital natives: from earliest youth, they have been exposed to the internet, to social networks, and to mobile systems. That context has produced a hypercognitive generation very comfortable with collecting and cross-referencing many sources of information and with integrating virtual and offline experiences.

As global connectivity soars, generational shifts could come to play a more important role in setting behavior than socioeconomic differences do. Our study based on the survey reveals four core Gen Z behaviors, all anchored in one element: this generation’s search for truth. Such behaviors influence the way Gen Zers view consumption and their relationships with brands.