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Suggestions for Online Presentations. Suggestions for Online Presentations Following are a number of suggestions and helpful hints for recording, developing, and publishing online presentations and education. Slide Shows Slides are useful for visually displaying speaking points, providing diagrams, graphs, and flow charts, and giving detailed text such as URL links. Teaching is aided by presenting information in different formats. Some students learn best from text, others learn by listening, others learn visually from spatial presentation. These are some of the more common methods of developing slides for presenations: Microsoft PowerPoint Advantages: Large user base. Disadvantages: Editing confuses styles with content.

OpenOffice Impress Advantages: OpenOffice available on many platforms. Portable Document Format (PDF) Dot org - IFilters for Microsoft search technologies. IFilters and custom components for Microsoft Search products and services: SharePoint, WSS, Search Server, SQL Server, Exchange. FreeMind IFilter Version 1.0 FreeMind IFilter is a plug-in that allows Microsoft Search products and services to index maps generated by FreeMind mind-mapping software, enabling customers to search and organize their content.

IFilters and custom components for Microsoft Search products and services: SharePoint, WSS, Search Server, SQL Server, Exchange

FreeMind IFilter extracts all valuable information from .mm files. This information includes node text, attributes, notes and hyperlinks. For more details please refer to FreeMind IFilter readme file. FreeMind IFilter supports Indexing Service, SharePoint Portal Server, SQL Server Full-Text Search, Window Search Service and all other products based on Microsoft Search technology. For more information contact us at FreeMind IFilter is available now as direct download. Detailed information about FreeMind IFilter functionality can be found in readme file.

Full-text searching with IFilter's. Introduction The nineties were all about information creation and sharing.

Full-text searching with IFilter's

Today's challenge is about finding the information you need when you need it. We all feel the ongoing pain that we never can find that piece of information which helps us to do the tasks at hand. The result being that we either spend a lot of time searching for information or if we can't find it we spend a lot of time achieving the task at hand with trial and error till we figured out how to do it. Microsoft products like Indexing Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, SQL Server and Windows Desktop Search provide powerful full text search capabilities. All Microsoft full text search engines have in common that they index the actual content and then allow to perform searches against these indexes. A Linux User’s Review of Doxie Go. Last year, in my mission to go paperless and digitize all of my photos and documents, I began searching for the perfect scanner.

A Linux User’s Review of Doxie Go

It wasn’t long until I came across several recommendations for Doxie. Doxie is a brand of digital scanners that aims to be really simple to use. It comes coupled with software that makes importing and editing scans supremely easy, and provides integration with cloud services like Dropbox and Evernote. It seemed that all the reviews were overwhelmingly positive, but I couldn’t find any from Linux users. Linux isn’t officially supported, but as it turns out it you can use Doxie with Linux quite painlessly. Hardware After comparing the different models I settled on the Doxie Go. It includes a built-in battery that, as far as my usage suggests, seems to last for ~100 scans. The Doxie Go now comes with an AC adapter, and that makes all the difference. Looking for work if you're disabled. Green Friday - recycling and re-thinking. Want to carry out your sport and save the planet? Ever wondered what to do with all that old or unwanted climbing and walking stuff?

Well here are some ideas to help you on your way There’s always eBay and your local freecycle group The climbing gear forum on UK Climbing can also be used for buying and selling used gear, and there’s always your local climbing wall notice board. Recycling climbing rope Ropes tend to tatter. Use mail merge to send personalized e-mail messages to your e-mail address list. When you want to send personalized e-mail to recipients in your address list, you can use mail merge to create the e-mail messages. Each message has the same kind of information, yet the content of each message is unique. For example, in e-mail to your customers, each message can be personalized to address each customer by name. The unique information in each message comes from entries in a data file. Furthermore, with mail merge, each e-mail message is a separate mailing where each recipient is the sole recipient of each message.

This is unlike broadcasting an e-mail message to group of recipients or hiding recipients on the blind carbon copy (bcc) line of the message. Notes. Amil's Website: Google Calendar: Repeating Events on Every 5th Sunday. The Trick Click on the first day of the series in Google Calendar and type 'My Event, fifth Sunday of every month, 12:30-3:00' in the "What:" field: Modify details as necessary.

Amil's Website: Google Calendar: Repeating Events on Every 5th Sunday

The Story I use Google Calendar as my primary calendar. Having an Android phone, this is quite convenient, as I can not only pull up my calendar at any time, but am also able to set reminders which deliver notifications to my phone. Just today, I ran into a problem: how do I get an event to repeat on every 5th Sunday of the month?