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10 Sites You Should Know for Christmas Deals - MoneySavingQueen - October 2012. Posted: 10/12/12 3:00 PM (Modified: 07/24/13 8:01 PM) It's ALMOST here believe it or not, Christmas time!

10 Sites You Should Know for Christmas Deals - MoneySavingQueen - October 2012

In order to get the best deals, you have to start checking out the deal sites. Most of these take a bit to ship the products so purchasing now will get them here on time. I love the sites below and have used every single one. Check them out and be sure to bookmark this post for later! {10 Daily Deal Sites You Should Know for Christmas Deals} 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 1SaleaDay: Just a warning, you'll be visiting this site every single day. 10. There you have it. Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links however, all of the links are pure awesomeness. Avocado Cuber. Shipping Information This item is shipped from our warehouse by UPS to arrive within five business days of our receiving your order.

Avocado Cuber

Shipping Rates The shipping rate varies depending on your order total and shipping destination. View Shipping Options and Charges. Rush Delivery For an additional charge of $15 per address, we can rush delivery to most destinations. Return Policy. Make Your Own Mixes. Pumpkin Pie Spice mix is a blend of cinnamon, allspice, cloves, ginger and nutmeg brought together to bring out the wonderful flavor of pumpkin in all it's autumn glory.

Make Your Own Mixes

Make Your Own Mixes. Did You Know... One thing that just makes me giddy all over is when I am randomly bouncing around from site to site and suddenly I discover something new.

Did You Know...

Slow cooker marinara. I’ve made a few variations of red sauce for Budget Bytes, but this one is definitely the best of the best.

slow cooker marinara

I don’t like using my slow cooker for everything, but for a few things it works complete magic (beans and meat, for instance). The magical long, slow cooking process caramelizes the sugars in the tomatoes and creates a depth of flavor that can’t be matched! Plus, what more could you ask for than to just throw some ingredients in a pot, forget about it for 8 hours, and then come back to a rich, delicious red sauce? The price of this recipe will depend greatly on what you’re able to get your canned tomatoes for. When I made the original (non-slow cooker) version of this recipe a couple of years ago, I paid almost half what I paid for canned tomatoes today. How To Freeze Food — Timeline, Tips and Don’ts. I have been trying to freeze more foods lately.

How To Freeze Food — Timeline, Tips and Don’ts

It saves money, I am not wasting food because the leftovers are not getting eaten, and it actually will preserve the food’s freshness. I realized I had a lot to learn when it came to freezing foods. There are so many things that can be frozen that I never knew, shredded cheese, soups, certain fruits. Home on the Range : The Pioneer Woman. Surprise Birthday : The Pioneer Woman. Cowgirls And Cowboys : The Pioneer Woman. The Drummond Bunch : The Pioneer Woman. Rancher's Dinner : The Pioneer Woman. Little School House on the Prairie : The Pioneer Woman. Easiest Comfort Foods Videos. Pepperoni Pizza Pocket Recipe : Jeff Mauro. For those in my life who prefer soft cookies. - Popular Food. Shrimp With Avocado-Mango Salsa: Recipes. Two Timin’ Pasta. Have you ever eaten at an Italian restaurant and found yourself torn between pasta with alfredo or marinara?!

Two Timin’ Pasta

Ummm…me?! Not so much. I’m a marinara girl all the way, but every now and then I like a little alfredo in my life. I love this pasta because it combines the best of both worlds and ohmiword… This little pasta bake required all of no time to prep, but tasted like I spent hours in the kitchen. 1 box penne pasta 1 (15 oz.) jar Alfredo sauce 1 (24oz.) jar Marinara sauce 2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese 1 cup shredded parmesan cheese Cook pasta according to directions and drain. Add the mozzarella and stir to combine. Pour pasta into 9x13 baking dish and cook on 350 for 20-25 minutes or until bubbly. Is it more moist? The Hellman's chocolate mayonnaise cake IS indeed - Norfolk Dessert. I was a little taken aback when a friend told me about a chocolate mayonnaise cake.

Is it more moist? The Hellman's chocolate mayonnaise cake IS indeed - Norfolk Dessert

The idea sounded gross to me since I'm a die hard mustard girl, a loyal oil and vinegar girl and I detest mayonnaise and all it stands for. I won't even let the guy at subway cut the $5 foot long with that knife because I am quite certain he cut a few dozen mayonnaise laden sandwiches with it previous to mine. I won't even eat at the same table if my husband has a chicken sandwich and I see the mayo oozing out from under the bun as it's in my field of vision. I think I've made my point but in case I neglected to do so please contact me for more of my anti-mayonnaise rants. But alas that is not why we are here. Looking Back on 2012 to Look Into 2013. A brief look at which posts and recipes resonated with you in 2012, and what that means for 2013 here at Food for My Family.

Looking Back on 2012 to Look Into 2013

I wasn’t going to do one of these posts where we tick off the top 10 (or 12 as the trend seems to be) posts of the past year. Still, here I am on Friday of the first week, and it seems like a legitimate place to start off 2013. So, these are a few of the posts that received the most love this year: Search results for oven door. As most of you know my family recently took a 16 hour (one way) road trip.

Search results for oven door

In yesterdays post I shared with you a few tips and tricks to surviving a long road trip with two young kiddos as well as some great snack options. If you missed that post you can check it out HERE. Today I would like to share the games and activities I used to keep my girls entertained. The first activity the girls received was this fun eye spy game. I made some binoculars out of recycled paper towel rolls to make the game a little more exciting. The next activity was one of my favorites. Recipe Index. Anchor Charts. It may not be a very exciting title, but I am very excited with what I've created and even more excited to share with you!

In September, I will be working with small groups in other teachers' classrooms. It got me thinking about how different each room will be. Stabilized Whipped Cream Frosting. Lemon Pound Cake. This recipe is from the Ritz Carlton Cooking School I went to back in August.

I've been working my way through some of my favorite dishes at home, and this lemon pound cake was the first recipe I attempted. 30 Healthy Breakfast Snacks for Mornings on the Run. Threads. My daily looks. (All available pieces are linked. If a piece does not have a clickable link, it is old or no longer available.) Teal dress ℅ Flourish Boutique (Exact here)// Black opaque tights (Exact here)// Watermelon Lime Sorbet Slices.

A sweet and tangy watermelon lime sorbet is a great way to cool off in the summer. As a bonus, this recipe is frozen back in the watermelon rind and cut off into slices. It’s hot. The type of heat where when you step outside the door and your skin is wet before the door swings shut behind you. It’s a hot that hangs in the air, letting you breathe it in, that is cured only by two things: being completely immersed in water or hiding indoors, the air conditioning cranked as far as it will go.I find that the heat makes me very unmotivated to do things like take a walk, water and weed the garden (though I have forced that one on myself) and prepare food and eat it. However, when the promise of cooking provides ice cold watermelon sorbet, I just may be convinced. When your simple syrup is cool and watermelon chunked, blend them together in a food processor or blender until smooth.

Cool the liquid completely in the refrigerator for a few hours. Healthy and Indulgent Meals Dangling in Front of You. I didn’t have a reason for making this. Well, except for that thought that popped into my head, “Hmmmm….what sounds really good? MEXICAN CHICKEN. MEXICAN CHICKEN 1 pound boneless chicken breasts 1 teaspoon Seasoning for Tacos Salt, to taste 1/2 cup enchilada sauce 4 ounces cheddar cheese, shredded 3 green onions, chopped Sprinkle the chicken on both sides with taco seasoning; grill or sauté. Cut the chicken into cubes and place in a greased 8x8" baking dish; season with salt to taste. Add the enchilada sauce and toss to coat the chicken. Elementary math videos. Non-sappy father/daughter dance songs. Crunchy Apple & Grape Salad. Snow Ice Cream. Perfect Sweet Tea.

Sweet Tea... Simple Seal Postcard Save the Date. A save the date postcard is a fun way to let your guests know the date of your big day. As a more non-traditional method of sending your save the date cards, your guests will be delighted to receive your postcard save the date in the mail. Whether you are interested in a save the date postcard with your engagement photo, or a save the date postcard design, we have plenty of options that are sure to fit your style. Slow Cooker Cheesy Chicken And Rice (The downside of being a Swan Princess) Teaching My Friends! Mama Jenn: “Mama & Me” Journal.

Current books - Read to me. Daily Five/ Literacy Centers. Overview of the Daily 5 Program used during my Reader’s Workshop © The 2 Sisters Boushey & Moser. Words Their Way: Resources and Ideas - ELL Tool Box. Discs. Teacher Book Wizard: Find Children's Books by Reading Level, Topic, Genre. Level Books. Shopping Cart. Life in general: let's go on a date: august. The date envelope contents gift certificate for 2 nine-hole rounds of golf with golf cart cost $48 the plan Scott loves to golf but doesn't get to do it very often.

I want to learn to golf. The date afternoon. "Exploding Box" Class... Soup & Stew Recipes. Undressed Skeleton. 100% Natural Pancakes Recipe – Gluten Free, Flourless, Low Calorie, Easy. Types of Houseplants That Clean Indoor Air. AP4%20Family%20Tradition%20Interview.

Recipes 2

Jack-o'-Lantern Tamale Bake. The Lovely Cupboard: Avocado Hummus. Pensacolafishingforum. Crispy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. S’more Bars. Fried Bocconcini with Spicy Tomato Sauce. Puppy Chow Krispie Treats. Misc. Recipes. Education. Beauty. Crafty. Pearltrees videos. Getting started.