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TBS316. The best children's books to read aloud this Christmas. School is out and Christmas is still some days away.

The best children's books to read aloud this Christmas

Before the big TV viewing days of Christmas and New Year we want to have a few days which are screen free in which we will read aloud to them instead. Waaaaaahhhhhh! In loooooooove... - Children's Books Daily. 10 Must Have iPad Apps for Librarians. October 25, 2015 As requested by some of our readers here in EdTech and mLearning, we went ahead and curated the list below comprising some of the best iPad apps for librarians.

10 Must Have iPad Apps for Librarians

We have particularly focused on apps that enable librarians to search for, access, manage and read journal articles and some note taking and referencing apps. Additionally, we would also highly recommend Nicole Hennig's book ‘Apps for Librarians: Using the Best Mobile Technology to Educate, Create, and Engage’ which covers in more details over 100 Android and iPad apps for librarians. Library Scientist has also this great list of apps to check out. 1- Penultimate The most natural digital handwriting experience on iPad, Penultimate gives you the convenience and feel of writing on paper with the added power and availability of Evernote.

Resources for Youth Makerspaces. Maker Ed is delighted to make these materials available for free.

Resources for Youth Makerspaces

If you would like to order a printed copy of the Youth Makerspace Playbook, you may purchase one here. The Youth Makerspace Playbook is a resource providing context and support around planning spaces for youth to make. It offers practical suggestions on finding spaces to make, outfitting spaces with tools and materials, exploring the possible educational approaches within spaces, and sustaining spaces in the long-term.

(Note: The Playbook has been updated as of Oct 13, 2015 to correct photo credits on pages 30 and 31.) Accompanying the Youth Makerspace Playbook is “Makerspaces: Highlights of Select Literature,” a selection of the latest thinking emerging from the growth of makerspaces and their developing roles in education and communities. Sense and Sensibility: Why Librarians Remain Essential to Our Schools  In the broad constellation of professionals who make up public schools, it is important to pause and acknowledge the forgotten education professionals who aide and support teachers.

Sense and Sensibility: Why Librarians Remain Essential to Our Schools 

These include the librarians, nurses, social workers, learning specialists, and guidance counselors. They contribute to the growth and development of our young people but often find themselves left out of broader discussions about the preservation of public education. They provide a range of critical support and intervention frequently invisible to us. Most certainly, their value has escaped the notice of so-called education reformers and politicians. All too often, these champions of a "new order" have taken aim at the forgotten teachers in their ever-expanding quest to cut public school funding. To be clear, budget and personnel cuts have hurt the profession across the board. A Thematic Approach to Planning Your Maker Spac... Getting Graphic: Introducing Graphic Novels to the Classroom – Resources and Inspiration. Why the 'Maker Movement' is Popular in Schools. The maker movement is a global, DIY movement of people who take charge of their lives, solve their own problems and share how they solved them.

Why the 'Maker Movement' is Popular in Schools

And it's growing in schools that are searching for more authentic learning experiences for their students. Since the beginning of time, people have made things to solve problems and otherwise improve their quality of life. But previously, the amount of exposure individual projects received was limited. Now the Internet has driven projects into the limelight. "These things that used to be isolated are now shared widely," said Sylvia Libow Martinez, president of nonprofit education technology organization Generation YES and co-author of the book Invent to Learn. She shared an example of how this global movement works. Can children's books help build a better world? Cut the teacher librarians last! A message from Kim Yeomans, Nick Earls and me. Yesterday I wrote a post in my school library blog about my visit to Kim Yeomans’ primary school library.

Cut the teacher librarians last! A message from Kim Yeomans, Nick Earls and me

I wrote it because I feel strongly about voicing the uncertain future of school libraries and teacher librarians. Curious about classroom Makerspaces? Here’s how to get started. The Judy O'Connell Daily. Storytelling with a wink and a smile: the arrival of the Emoji-pocalypse. Are School Internet Filters the Forgotten Equity Battleground? Despite the increasing emphasis on technology as a learning tool in the classroom, many school districts still aggressively filter the Internet that teachers and students can access.

Are School Internet Filters the Forgotten Equity Battleground?

While the federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires that schools filter for pornographic images, many districts are over-filtering, blocking sites that can be used positively for education. Librarian as Teacher: Information literacy in special libraries, or, how to secretly teach people things. When I was in library school I learned that information literacy is something that is taught in classes and seminars, by professional librarians to small or large groups of clients.

Librarian as Teacher: Information literacy in special libraries, or, how to secretly teach people things

While the content of information literacy training varied, what was made clear in the model I was presented with was that a client knew when they were being taught information literacy. Apps for Librarians - the book - Nicole Hennig. School Libraries and Makerspaces: Can They Coex... The Kids' Guide to Google Search. Linking Literature to Makerspaces. Libraries seem to be the space where makerspaces are taking off.

Linking Literature to Makerspaces

The library is a place of engagement, learning, discovery, belonging, community, creativity and innovation. A makerspace is a place of engagement, learning, discovery, belonging, community, creativity and innovation. Theconversation. As a young child, I loved to imagine myself as a pioneer girl in Little House in the Big Woods, eating fresh snow drizzled with maple syrup.


I even pestered my mother to make this treat with the dirty snow that fell on our Manhattan sidewalk. Not a chance. Years later, I honored my young sons’ request to try a coconut after reading the adventures of Babar. It’s Not About Shelving The Books and Keeping Kids Quiet. Some schools no longer have teacher-librarians and, the more I see of teacher-librarians, the less sense that makes to me. What’s next? No teachers? 10 Tips For Launching An Inquiry-Based Classroom. Transforming teaching practices is a long, slow road. But increasingly schools and teachers experiencing success are sharing their ideas online and in-person. Science Leadership Academy opened as a public magnet school almost ten years ago in Philadelphia. The educators that make up the school community have spent nearly half that time sharing best practices through a school-run conference each year and more recently by opening a second school in Philadelphia.

Improve Your Vocabulary With the “Wheel of Feelings” f7c7dbe061ea11e5a153998e89303901_audio_mp3. Why kids should learn how to code - Life Matters. Wisdom in the Age of Information and the Importance of Storytelling in Making Sense of the World: An Animated Essay. Creative Courage for Young Hearts: 15 Emboldening Picture Books Celebrating the Lives of Great Artists, Writers, and Scientists.

By Maria Popova. Lost for words? How reading can teach children empathy. Neil Gaiman: Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming.