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Raise Your Voice Against Animal Cruelty. The world seems to be a nice place to live in; but if you were to peep into the heart of it, you would see the darkness simmering within. There is violence and hostility everywhere with very little light and love. And the moment someone tries to sow seeds of affection and goodwill in any act, there are a thousand others waiting in line to strip the world of every last bit of kindness. Human beings are incredible creatures. They know and understand comfort. They are living beings with the gift of understanding and logic, yet fail to understand several subtleties of emotions. They fail to realize that every living being on the planet (at least the sentient ones) are capable of feeling kindness and cruelty alike. Therefore, when you throw stones at a stray animal shivering in a cold night, you are defying your capacity of logic and putting up a show of your idiocy. Use Your Voice To Speak Up A small voice in the quiet can do wonders. Learn All About Animal Protection Laws In Your Place.