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Ideas innovadoras y útiles

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25 Invenciones que deberían estar en todas partes. Nunca te ha pasado que en la vida diaria te encuentras con los mismos pequeños problemas y te preguntas ¿por qué nadie le ha encontrado una solución a esto?

25 Invenciones que deberían estar en todas partes

¿no sería mejor dedicar esa energía a algo que realmente disfrutemos? En esperamos que estas invenciones se hagan populares cuanto antes, ¡miralas, son sencillamente geniales! Amazing Interior Design 10 Ingenious Ideas for Small Space Interiors. 20 Items That Are Borderline Genius - Part 2. This Compact Loft Space Is Filled With Hidden Features. Concrete have designed a compact loft hotel room with many hidden features, for a new hotel brand named Zoku.

This Compact Loft Space Is Filled With Hidden Features

Their first hotel will be opening in Amsterdam in the fall of 2015. concrete’s description concrete has designed Zoku, a new hotel industry brand facilitating global living and working for the travelling professional. Zoku, which is Japanese for family, tribe, or clan, will disrupt and create a new category in the hotel industry. Joe’s Truck House. I don’t feel I missed anything beyond this form of life.

Joe’s Truck House

Yes, I gave up a lot of stuff-books, clothing and other unnecessary things we all registers. But gained freedom. Real freedom. Freedom of movement, that allows me to live near the beach, in the beautiful wooded area, or even in the city. Freedom from taxes, electricity, cable companies and corporations. 25 ideas fáciles y creativas para ayudarte en tu vida. Desde como hacer un aspersor para regar el jardín con una botella de plástico, hasta como clavar un clavo en la pared con un peine para proteger nuestros dedos.

25 ideas fáciles y creativas para ayudarte en tu vida

Mi Casa Feels So Boring Después de ver estas 30 cosas impresionantes. Wednesday, February 12, 2014 Each of us probably have an idea about what our individual dream homes would look like.

Mi Casa Feels So Boring Después de ver estas 30 cosas impresionantes.

Maybe your dream home would have a hammock … or maybe an indoor slide that leads outside into a pool filled with Jell-O. You can have whatever you want, after all, it’s YOUR dream home. 20 Of The Most Creative DIY Lighting Ideas That You Should Try. 30 Amazing Products Usted Nunca creía que lo necesitaba ... Hasta Ahora. 32 Cleverly Designed Inventions. There are people, all over the world, who are inventing new products every day.

32 Cleverly Designed Inventions

I’m not that creative, but at least I know someone is doing it. I’m personally a sucker for new, neat gadgets… and hopefully you are, too. Even if you’re not looking to make your life a lot easier you’ll want these 32 clever household items. Believe me, you’re going to want to buy everything on this list. Especially #7. 25 Coolest Sala Ideas de partición. 18.9K Flares Twitter 48 Facebook 18.6K Google+ 15 Pin It Share 168 Email -- 18.9K Flares × Like the room divider, better than a solid wall?

25 Coolest Sala Ideas de partición

Need help finding the perfect room divider? We collected these room dividers and room partitions that will make excellent wardrobes, studies, dining rooms and many more at your place. Advertisement Source: 31 Beautiful Hidden Rooms And Secret Passages. Advertisement.

31 Beautiful Hidden Rooms And Secret Passages

16 Fantastic And Easy DIY Dorm Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Easy. Here we are presenting you 16 most surprisingly easy DIY dorm hacks that you may have never imagine before.

16 Fantastic And Easy DIY Dorm Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Easy.

Life is a struggle and we all struggle with lots of things in our life, but there are some people who are inventing things for us and making our life easier and easier every day. DIY projects are too hot now a day as it saves us money and mostly uses the things we already have in our store room as a used or useless items. 35 Cool Ideas To Make Your Home Awesome. 3.1K Flares Twitter 11 Facebook 3.1K Google+ 5 Pin It Share 7 Email -- 3.1K Flares × Here at Architecture & Design we’re constantly on the search for the cool, the unique and the quirky.

35 Cool Ideas To Make Your Home Awesome

17 Secret Hiding Places That Will Fool Even the Smartest Burglar. Keeping your stuff safe from potential burglars is important. Whether you have a security system installed in your home or not, there is nothing wrong with a bit of extra protection. Instead of heading out and buying the most expensive safe on the market, you can actually hide your things strategically around the house and burglars will never find them. 33 Awesome DIY Summer Backyard Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind. 101 Consejos para la Casa para cada habitación de tu hogar. I love to discover tips which make housework easier! From time-saving tricks to finding new and ingenious uses for old things, the Internet provides a wealth of information and advice. Home Design: 20 Creative Ways To Maximize Limited Living Space. We’d all like to have a place to call our own, a spot in the world where we can say, "I am king of this spot".

But space – or the lack of it – is fast becoming an issue, particularly in major cities. If you don’t intend to have the traditional home design, the kind you fill up with creative or futuristic furniture, and fantasy-themed bedrooms, then perhaps these unconventional home designs may give you new ideas. Ingenius architects and pretty talented interior designers have turned spaces, apartments & lofts as small as 240 square feet into compact yet cozy homes. Most of them utilize ‘airspace’ or create multiple, moveable sections to transform an otherwise small living space into a full range (somewhat) multi-room home.

23 super creative repurposed items. No se como podía vivir... ¡Sin Saber Estos 14 Trucos Para El Día A Día! (El Nº7 es MUY BUENO) Todos trabajamos mucho y siempre andamos muy justos de tiempo. Además, no nos sobra el dinero. Te invito a que en este artículo veas unos trucos que de seguro te harán la vida cotidiana mucho mas fácil. Conocía el primero, y hoy, probaré el séptimo y creo que el último! Estos 25 Inventos Van A Serte Los Más Útiles Que Hayas Visto Nunca. Hay Que Tener Mucha Imaginación! 460EmailShare. Las 37 Cosas Que Tienes Que Tener En La Casa De Tus Sueños. 30 inventos extraños y terribles. 20 Objetos que tienes en tu casa y les puedes sacar mas usos ¡Y no lo sabías! Objetos que vemos, usamos o pasamos desapercibidos en nuestra vida diaria, sin embargo estamos desperdiciando sus usos no convencionales.