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Kevin Negrete

Kevin Negrete is President of NuScience Corporation and Principal Partner of The Negrete Group. Kevin Negrete graduate in Communication from University of California, Los Angeles. Kevin Negrete, President of Nu Science Corporation discusses Cell Food and Cell-Food technologies that the Nu Science Corporation provides to the entire world. Cell Food is currently sold in over 70 countries around the world. Our largest market here is the domestic market. It's the number one selling oxygen-plus-nutrition supplement in the world today.

Kevin Negrete – Communication in the Work Place. Kevin Negrete decided to get his Communications degree from the University of California, Los Angeles due to the fact that he realized just how beneficial this degree would be for his future career.

Kevin Negrete – Communication in the Work Place

Since then, Kevin has worked at the Tandy Corporation where he was the general retail manager for two years. This management position allowed Kevin to put his skills to the test, as well as assisted him in acquiring good management skills. Kevin then was offered an opportunity to work for The Good Guys as the general retail manager. After four long years, Kevin then went on to be the Vice President for Plentitude Inc. Kevin Negrete – CellFood Guru. Kevin Negrete – Epitome of Success. Kevin Negrete is a very successful businessman due to both his education and also his extensive experience.

Kevin Negrete – Epitome of Success

He first received his degree from the University of California, Los Angeles in Communications, where he was able to obtain many valuable skills such as, teamwork, critical thinking, analysis and problem solving skills, strong writing and speech skills. He then went on to be the general retail manager at Tandy Corporation, where he worked for two years. Kevin then received an opportunity to work for The Good Guys and jumped at the chance to further expand his general retail manager experience. After four long years, Kevin then went on to be the Vice President for Plentitude Inc. Kevin Negrete currently works as the president of NuScience Corporation, which he has done for over 17 years, as well as serves as a principal partner of The Negrete Group, which he has done for several years now.

A communications degree can lead to a very successful career in business due to many reasons. Kevin Negrete – The man leading NuScience into the future. It takes a brave and courageous man to lead a company like the innovative science and research enterprise NuScience.

Kevin Negrete – The man leading NuScience into the future

It is an industry full of contention, with many people along the way trying to discredit ideas, disprove theories and undermine the research being done there. Revolutions are never without their adversaries, and this is true in the medical world as much as anywhere. Kevin Negrete is one such man who knows all about this.

The early days of NuScience’s innovative nutritional supplement CELLFOOD were wrought with negativity and skepticism. CELLFOOD – A Leader in the Holistic World. It is clear upon meeting Kevin Negrete for the fist time that you are in the presence of someone special.

CELLFOOD – A Leader in the Holistic World

He is calm, confident and highly passionate about the work his innovative science and research institution NuScience are contributing towards. He can barely hold in his excitement in explaining the wonders of their most popular product to date, CELLFOOD, which is now distributed in over 90 countries in the world. Having received its FDA approval in 1995, despite being conceived by genius scientist Everett Storey in 1969, the product has proved to be hugely popular amongst the health conscious classes, and recently in particular amongst sports teams and athletes.

CELLFOOD - The man leading the world into a new age of Preventative Medicine. CELLFOOD -The choice of the Athlete. Take a look into the world of innovation in sports science and training, and you will be taken aback by the large array of supplements used by doctors, scientists and nutritionists to help optimize the performance of their athletes.

CELLFOOD -The choice of the Athlete

Whilst the list of illegal performing-enhancing substances grows in sports every year, more specialists recognize the risk of trying to directly increase the speed or strength of the stars. More than ever, theses specialists are turning towards supplements that will prevent the stars from getting injured of ill, allowing their bodies internal systems to work better and therefore keep them of the injury list for longer.Kevin Negrete's NuScience are one such company that have taken this market by storm, and look set bring about a revolution in the world of preventative medicine. It is clear to see why in the current sporting environment then, why athletes are turning more to preventative medical supplements. CELLFOOD – Leading the way towards the Preventative Economy. Ever more people are turning towards more antiquated and holistic forms of medicine in a bid to stay immune from illness.

CELLFOOD – Leading the way towards the Preventative Economy

In the pharmaceutically-led Western world of medicine, in which the profit-driven interests of institutions means more emphasis is placed on treating illness rather than preventing it, people are turning towards an approach adopted and revered in nations like China for centuries. Kevin Negrete - CELLFOOD Athletes strengthening their building blocks. CELLFOOD - The shift towards Prevention. One of the largest criticisms of modern medicine in the Western world, is that it puts to much emphasis on treatment based on the symptoms of illness.

CELLFOOD - The shift towards Prevention

The drive towards more holistic forms of medicine has been huge in the past decade, and seen the rise in popularity of health food shops and old practices such s Chinese medicine. More than ever people are focusing on prevention rather than treatment. It may seem like an obvious answer to solve the modern humans self-inflicted ills, and is growing traction all over Europe, America and beyond. The power wielded by pharmaceutical companies and their treatment-based products probably holds some sway as to why doctors now have to gravitate towards treatment rather than prevention methods.

But at last, finally, the tide seems to be turning. Kevin Negrete - Making the Impossible Possible. Kevin Negrete - Get More Oxygen. Everybody knows that oxygen is important but very few people realize just how important this miraculous substance really is.

Kevin Negrete - Get More Oxygen

Without adequate intake of oxygen we can die, but many adults are getting too little oxygen throughout the entire duration of their lives without realizing. Kevin Negrete – Communication is a Necessity. One of the first things people say when they encounter NuScience Corporation is to comment on the manner in which it is run: everything is smooth, seamless and modern.

Kevin Negrete – Communication is a Necessity

Communication flows eloquently throughout the company and nobody is ever in any doubt as to what they have to do for the day. Company objectives are clear and every single member of the team has a crystal understanding of the company’s ethos at last, each filled with a sense of purpose and well-being which is then reflected in their flawless work and high output. Kevin Negrete - The Importance of Exercise. Kevin Negrete - Dare to Dream. In the world of business the mark of a successful individual is that they have imagination: they dare to dream of possibilities that others do not and this gives them a hardened eye for any opportunity or opening in the market.

Kevin Negrete - Dare to Dream

Many of the best businessmen and women think in this way: they are radical thinkers, conceptualizing solutions that nobody else has thought of and which once presented, seem stunningly self-evident. Kevin Negrete - Change Your Life. Kevin Negrete - Visionary Solutions. One of the central reasons as to why Kevin Negrete has experienced such astronomical success in the corporate world is because he dares to dream of solving problems that people had previously deemed insurmountable. In practice, this visionary quality amounts to the formulation of radical solutions for insolvable problems: by approaching critical issues in a dramatically new manner Kevin Negrete and his company NuScience Corporation have redefined the healthcare industry.

How have they redefined the industry? Kevin Negrete – Why Healthcare? It is highly interesting to consider the backgrounds of successful people and to devote time to analyzing the reasons as to why they have flourished in their respective fields. Kevin Negrete is a fascinating example of a highly successful businessman with an admirable code of ethics, a stellar example of how success can be wedded to moral integrity within the demands of contemporary business. Kevin Negrete has always wanted to be part of a capitalism that cares and he has achieved this goal to resounding acclaim, swiftly making a name for himself within the healthcare industry. Why has Kevin Negrete done so well in modern business, and what factors prompted him to consider a career in healthcare? Kevin Negrete - Health is Important. Kevin Negrete - The Health of the Whole. A lesson that Kevin Negrete has learned over the course of his life is that the health of the whole is always contingent on the health of its parts.

Of course, this is not a radical idea, and has been with us since the time of the Ancient Greeks, and the radical discoveries made by the Athenian doctors and philosophers. But it seems to have fallen out of fashion in modern society because so many people neglect their health in such a fundamental way.

In modern life, man-made illnesses such as obesity have become ubiquitous. Many of our current health problems arise from our present-day lifestyles, which revolve around a sedentary job, an imbalanced diet, and lives lived in front of the television screen. An incredible quantity of our health problems arise directly as a consequence of out lifestyles — and yet, people continue to live in this fashion.

Kevin Negrete - Compassion is Key. Kevin Negrete - Business and Meaning. For Kevin Negrete the practice of modern day business can never be separate from a rigorous analysis of meaning. It is essential that we ask ourselves hard questions concerning the purpose of what we do and the motivations under which we work. Only then can we move towards a position that is meaningful, a business practice that has a kind of ethical integrity that can stand any test. For too long, Kevin Negrete believes, the practice of modern business has been isolated from an overarching sense of social purpose, the kinds of ethical structures that inflect the rest of our lives.

When Kevin Negrete decided that he wanted to enter the business world he knew that he didn’t just want to be any kind of businessman: he wanted to be able to look back on his life and to be able to conclude that he did something good with his time. He wanted his life to be a testament to what people could accomplish when they set out to do good things. Kevin Negrete – Think Big. When Kevin Negrete started out in the healthcare field he was just a newcomer with not many achievements to his name. He was fresh out of university, having just graduated from the University of California, and all he knew was that he wanted to make a difference in the world, to find a profession that would make a real and tangible difference to the lives of the people around him. This admirable ethos was what led him into the field of healthcare and soon won him many admirers throughout the industry. Kevin Negrete’s visionary capacities have led his company NuScience Corporation all the way from its humble beginnings to the mammoth success that it experiences today, improving people’s lives all across the board.

Kevin Negrete - Be the Change. Kevin Negrete - Never ending Success. For Kevin Negrete, the business accolades simply keep rolling in: he is moving from strength to strength along with his excellent company NuScience. In the current business climate it takes a man with real strength of character to differentiate himself from his peers, but Kevin Negrete is one such individual.

He has an immense energy and passion for what he does and this shines through every executive decision that he makes when managing NuScience, propelling the company ever higher in the field of contemporary healthcare. Kevin Negrete - What Problems Can Oxygen Solve? KevinNegrete - Maximize Your Oxygen. As every schoolchild knows, oxygen is essential to the functioning of the human body. Without oxygen we die and when we breathe in oxygen this is the substance that enables our mitochondria to create energy. When oxygen formed in the atmosphere of the globe, all life on earth began. Kevin Negrete – Healthcare and Weight Loss. It is difficult to be healthy if you are overweight and obesity is a problem that now affects the majority of adults in developed countries and is a problem that is continuing to grow throughout the world. But what chance does the average person today have? Everywhere that we go we are targeted by adverts for junk food and salt and sugar can be found in high quantities of even the least suspecting foods.

Kevin Negrete - Worldwide Popularity. Kevin Negrete - Find Yourself. Kevin Negrete - Communication is Key. KevinNegrete - Exercise and Athletics. The body needs exercise otherwise it becomes weak and ill. This is something in which Kevin Negrete believes firmly and he posits that regular exercise could solve many of America’s healthcare problems, which are socially embedded in a lack of education and infrastructure throughout the wider population. The diseases caused by obesity, such as diabetes and heart disease, are a social problem and have a social cause in the lack of knowledge in the areas of nutrition and physical activity that is perpetuated by a less than ideal school system.

Kevin Negrete – Cellular Sense. Kevin Negrete - NuScience and Social Purpose. Kevin Negrete - Broaden Your Expectations. In this world, the mark of a successful company is one that caters to a range of human needs. NuScience Corporation, which is managed by respected business mogul Kevin Negrete, has imbibed this lesson. Kevin Negrete - A Success Story. KevinNegrete - Educate Yourself. Kevin Negrete – Health is Essential. Kevin Negrete - The Making of a Mogul. Kevin Negrete - The Microscopic is the Macroscopic. Kevin Negrete - Cellfood and Global Recognition. Kevin Negrete - Rewriting the Book with Cellfood. Kevin Negrete – Cellfood and the Democratization of Medicine.

Kevin Negrete - Why Take Cellfood? Kevin Negrete - The New Health Miracle.