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Elementary school video resrouces

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Oversharing - Digital Citizenship. Digital Footprint. Internet Safety with Annie and Moby. Internet Safety. Upper Elementary Assembly (bullying, cyberbullying, Internet use) Our upper elementary assembly is designed for students in grades 3-5 who need a general introduction to the safe and responsible use of technology. Students will learn what to do if they are being mistreated at school or online, or if they see something bad happening to one of their friends. Students are encouraged to communicate with adults that they trust about what they are doing and seeing online. General safety principles are covered, including: (1) don’t meet anyone in real life who you only know online without your parent present, (2) don’t share passwords with friends, (3) don’t say mean things to others online, even if they say mean things to you, and many others. Students are also encouraged to use technology, because it is great and fun and educational!

But they need to be safe and smart while interacting online. This presentation will help upper elementary school (grade 3-5) students: Students Take On Cyberbullying (3 min) | Not in Our Town.