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Everything is designed. Few things are designed well. UI/UX Designer.

How to Activate YouTube Using YouTube is a video sharing platform that allows its users to view other users uploaded videos and upload their videos.

How to Activate YouTube Using

It’s 2021, and everyone knows about YouTube and the services it aims to offer. The YouTube service is specifically designed for ordinary individuals who want to publish videos they have made. Although many businesses and organizations also use YouTube to promote their business, the vast majority of YouTube videos are made by amateurs. Project Management Software Landing Page by Ridoy Rock on Dribbble. How to Create a Sticky Menu & Header With Elementor. Many of our readers often ask us, “How to Create a Sticky Menu & Header With the Elementor.”

How to Create a Sticky Menu & Header With Elementor

To address this query, we thought of why don’t we write an article explaining the entire process of how to create a sticky menu & header with Elementor. What Does a Data Center Technician Do? Data center technician is a very important role in any organization.

What Does a Data Center Technician Do?

In this digital world, almost every organizations have a huge pool of database. These databases are required to be maintained, monitored, and analyzed. Some of these data are for internal use and some data are for making business decisions in the future. So storing and processing these data is immensely important. A Data center technician is an individual with the responsibility to maintain the different data centers of these organizations. Data Center Technician Job Description The job responsibilities of data center technicians are very specific. A Data Center Technician is Responsible for Maintaining the Following Responsibilities. Download 700+ Stylish Bangla Fonts for Free. Whether you are a designer or a font enthusiast, having a set of fonts in your bag is always an added advantage.

Download 700+ Stylish Bangla Fonts for Free

With the help of stylish Bangla fonts you can create visually appealing designs, use the fonts in your website and more. As it is quite rare to find stylish fonts in Bangla, here we will be providing a good collection of 700+ fonts and variations. Please note that these fonts are not 700 individual fonts. It includes many variations such as regular, bold, italic, light and heavy versions of one font. Soylent: The End of Food? Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam Answer Guide 2020.

If you are planning to go for the Google Analytics Qualification Exam, this guided answer will help you get a better understanding.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam Answer Guide 2020

We tried to present the up to date list of questions and guided answers. We hope it will be good for you. Let’s have a look at the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam Answers 2020. What Feature Collects Company-Specific Data Such As Member Status? Custom FilterEvent TrackingCustom DimensionCustom Metric The custom dimension features collect all necessary company specific data such as the member status and so on. Which Kinds Of Hits Does Google Analytics Track?

Google Analytics tracks page view, event, transaction and many more hits. To Recognize Users Across Different Devices, What Feature Must Be Enabled? To recognize users across different devices User ID feature must be enabled. In Multi-Channel Funnel Reports, How Are Default Conversions Credited? In multi-channel funnel reports, the default conversions credited by Last campaign, search or ad.

20 Most Popular WordPress Plugins of 2020. Imagine a cup of coffee.

20 Most Popular WordPress Plugins of 2020

The taste of a cup of Coffee will be pure bliss when you have all the right ingredients in the accurate proportion. Picking your WordPress plugins is like selecting your ingredients for a cup of Coffee. Mix, pour, and stir all the right ingredients and voila! You have the perfect outcome ready. Motodeal - Car Dealer & Classfied WordPress Theme by DroitThemes. Who We Are? 11 Surprising Ways To Speed UP Your WordPress Site. 7.

11 Surprising Ways To Speed UP Your WordPress Site

Optimize Your Site Homepage: The homepage is the page of your site where most people land most often. So, make your homepage lightweight and ensure super-fast loading speed. For this, you can take these actions: Remove unnecessary widgetsDisplay 5-10 post on the same pageShow the first paragraph of your postMake your homepage simple and eye-catching 8.

Optimize the backend of the site by reducing the front-end file size of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. To minify the codes, you can use Autoptimize that I personally use. 25 Best Mobile Friendly Ecommerce WordPress Themes 2020 - DroitThemes. Smartphones and tablets are not limited to communication and entertainment use only.

25 Best Mobile Friendly Ecommerce WordPress Themes 2020 - DroitThemes

In reality, it helps ordinary people to begin and announce complete social revolutions, capture their most unforgettable moments, and get immediate access to resources. Heading to the shop is becoming an unnecessary form of recreation because you can purchase anything online now. If you are running a website, you cannot afford to overlook the capacity of this new medium. Platforms such as WordPress are continually improving unique and modern themes which are also completely mobile-responsive. The number of unique, innovative entrepreneurs to be interested in is vast, but we have already put together a list of best WordPress e-commerce themes that could be able to meet any use case. Avada Avada, by ThemeFusion, is a wonderful artist for WordPress eCommerce.

There is also a learning process, but it is the same possible option for these builders. Get Avada → Blossom Shop Pro Get Blossom Shop Pro → eStore Bingle.