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Curcumin (Sites and Studies)

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Curcumin Studies

Curcumin Found to Halt Prostate Cancer Metastasis. Nature provides us with a number of natural compounds that have proven effective in controlling the division and replication of cancerous growths.

Curcumin Found to Halt Prostate Cancer Metastasis

One of the most promising is curcumin, the anti-inflammatory, bioactive extract from the curry spice, turmeric. A research team from the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, Germany has published the result of a study in the journal Carcinogenesis that shows how curcumin inhibits the formation of metastases in prostate cancer tissues and other cancer lines as well. Curcumin Alters Genetic Expression to Negate the Carcinogenic Effects of Pro-Inflammatory Proteins In prior studies, lead researcher, Dr. Beatrice Bachmeier has demonstrated that curcumin significantly reduces the incidence of lung cancer metastasis in breast cancer patients, and wanted to expand her scope to determine if men suffering from prostate cancer would benefit in a similar manner.

Supplement with a Standardized Curcumin Compound Daily to Prevent Cancer Metastasis. Curcumin slays cancer cells in their tracks. (NaturalNews) Curcumin is the active anti-inflammatory ingredient of turmeric.

Curcumin slays cancer cells in their tracks

It has been used traditionally for centuries by Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. Currently, it may be western medicine's most researched ancient medicinal herb. Curcumin has been under scrutiny in clinical and epidemiological (statistical survey) studies by several researchers for arthritis relief, cardiac conditions, and other inflammatory based diseases. It's even getting serious consideration for curing cancer these days. On April 21, 2011, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, top Western medicine abandoned it's normal research for new toxic chemo solutions for cancer to release a surprising paper on their curcumin research. The researchers were amazed at curcumin's ability to differentiate cancer cells from normal cells and create apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells only, while actually promoting better cellular health in non-cancerous cells.

We all have some free floating cancer cells. Dr. Mercola's Interview With Dr. LaValley About Curcumin. Curcumin Benefits: How It Helps in Cancer Treatment. Dr. Mercola's Interview With Dr. LaValley About Curcumin. General info. Fight chronic disease. (NaturalNews) For thousands of years, ancient cultures throughout Asia have been using turmeric, also known as curcumin, to spice up food -- and today, curcumin is used throughout the world.

fight chronic disease

But this relative of ginger is hardly just a flavor enhancer, as studies continue to show that curcumin contains powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, antioxidant, and even anti-cancer properties that render it a powerful, disease-fighting medicine in addition to being a culinary spice. A mixture of natural resin and turmeric oil, curcumin and the science behind its effects on the body continue to captivate the attention of scientists who have unveiled quite a bit about its healing capacities. Though it has long been used in traditional medicine, scientists have only recently within the past several decades uncovered the specifics of how curcumin works in the body to prevent and treat disease.

When cells fail to communicate properly, all sorts of diseases can emerge. List from Cholesterol. High chloresterol treatment. (NaturalNews) The humble spice that gives curry powder its characteristic yellow color may hold the key to helping people lower their cholesterol and fight heart disease naturally, research suggests.

High chloresterol treatment

The spice in question, turmeric, has a long history of use as a traditional medicine across Asia. In recent years, Western scientists have conducted numerous studies on turmeric and the trio of yellow pigments that it contains known as curcuminoids. The curcuminoids (sometimes simply called "curcumin," after the most famous of the three) are antioxidant polyphenols known to function as potent anti-inflammatories.

According to a study published in the journal Atherosclerosis in 2004, turmeric extract may reduce the susceptibility of LDL ("bad") cholesterol to oxidation, an important step in the development of atherosclerosis and heart disease. Turmeric extract also reduced overall LDL and total cholesterol levels. Mercury. Protects against mercury exposure. (NaturalNews) Mercury pollution is extremely high around the world, with coal-burning power plants and nonferrous metal production being the main sources of toxic emission, accounting for 72 percent of total environmental discharge.

Protects against mercury exposure

The United Nations estimates that nearly 2000 tons of mercury was emitted into the globe's atmosphere in 2010 alone.Mercury can be found lurking in many vaccinations, which are injected right into people's blood. Mercury is poured into teeth via dental amalagams. Tons of amalagam waste is excreted into the environment each year. Mercury was once the key metal in thermometers. It's harbored in sphygmomanometers, or blood pressure monitoring devices. The cause of Minamata disease was discovered when residents of Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, began eating contaminated fish from Minamata Bay and the Shiranui Sea. The Minamata Convention was adopted in Kumanoto. Pain management. Curcumin, boswellia. (NaturalNews) For quick relief, people reach for pain medicine to treat headache or joint pain.

Curcumin, boswellia

However, recent evidence suggests they may damage hearing. Fortunately there are more effective, natural, and safer alternatives.Hearing loss is the sixth most common disease burden in high-income countries, affecting over 50 percent of U.S. adults by the age of 60. Now, a recent study found an increased risk of hearing loss in women who took ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

The more drugs taken, the higher the risk, especially in younger women. Acetaminophen depletes glutathione, the body's major antioxidant, leaving the inner ear susceptible. Arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis natural treatment. (NaturalNews) Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a manifestation of joint inflammation.

Rheumatoid arthritis natural treatment

There are numerous turmeric and curcumin studies that have confirmed either turmeric or its isolated main active ingredient curcumin works to minimize inflammation. A March 2012 study in India used 45 human subjects with active RA and separated separated them into three groups. One group was given 500 mg daily of curcumin only, another group was given dicoflenic sodium only, a pharmaceutical NSAID (non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug) prescribed for arthritic pain, and the third group was given a combination of turmeric and dicoflenic sodium. The curcumin-only group testing amassed the highest improvement scores, prompting the researchers to conclude: "Our study provides the first evidence for the safety and superiority of cucurmin treatment in patients with active RA, and highlights the need for future large-scale trials to validate these findings in patients with RA and other arthritic. (1)

How to ingest. Dosage. (NaturalNews) The orange Asian herb turmeric has been traditionally used for centuries by Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.


Curcumin is the most powerful active anti-inflammatory compound within turmeric. Curcumin has been shown to be a powerful suppressor of chronic inflammation-mediated disease processes. Many Asian cultures use turmeric in nearly every meal. They rave of its anti-aging and medicinal benefits. Western medicine has just begun to research its components at a very deep level to better understand turmeric's remarkable health properties.

Anti-Aging, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Inflammatory. (NaturalNews) Curcumin's anti-inflammatory properties have been known in Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicines for thousands of years.

Anti-Aging, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Inflammatory

It is the active ingredient of turmeric, which is a component of the curry preparations used daily in Indian and other South Asian cuisines. Since those cuisines have infiltrated the west, modern science has also been investigating the health benefits of turmeric and curcumin. Curcumin/Turmeric Health Benefits Don't confuse curry powder with turmeric. Turmeric is the substance that gives curry its yellowish color, while curcumin is the active ingredient of turmeric that offers the health benefits known in earlier medical traditions and that is being discovered now in western nutritional medicine. Cancers. Curcumin causes colon cancer cells to self-destruct. (NaturalNews) The second leading cause of cancer-related death in America, colon cancer, is projected to take over 50,000 lives in 2013, just in the US.

Curcumin causes colon cancer cells to self-destruct

The steep death toll can be prevented, however, because the causes of colon cancer are preventable and are no coincidence. Cancer of the colon is based on risk factors acquired through lifestyle decisions. These risk factors do not include stereotypical medical excuses like family genetics and being over 50 years old. People of the same family may harbor similar genes, but more importantly, they may pass on the same mindsets. Similar negative gene expression may actually come from families who tend to practice and teach the same philosophies about thinking, eating and medicating. Dr. Saraswati Sukumar.

(NaturalNews) There is definitely no shortage of scientific evidence these days to show that curcumin, the believed-to-be primary active ingredient in the spice turmeric, holds incredible therapeutic value, and just might be the most advisable medicinal spice of our day. And a prominent medical oncologist from Johns Hopkins University seems to agree, having recently held a large seminar highlighting the incredible ability of curcumin to fight diabetes, inflammation, and even cancer without causing any harmful side effects. Dr. Saraswati Sukumar's passion for turmeric is partially rooted in the fact that the spice has long been a staple in traditional Indian cuisine, which is a significant part of her own rich heritage.

But Dr. Sukumar has also been studying the unique compositional profile of turmeric, and specifically curcumin, for many years now, which has led her to some fascinating discoveries about its vast potential for use in medicine. Sources for this article include: Aronia, curcumin (brain cancer) RAW FOR BEAUTY.

As Effective As 14 Drugs (synopsis from GMI) Turmeric is one the most thoroughly researched plants in existence today. Its medicinal properties and components (primarily curcumin) have been the subject of over 5600 peer-reviewed and published biomedical studies. JUICING Turmeric. TURMERIC Tonic 3 inches Fresh Turmeric Root 10 Carrots 1 cup Spinach 1 large English Cucumber 1 Apple This is a Simple, yet powerful tonic that, when combined with carrots and spinach help accelerate the benefits of the turmeric. Fresh Turmeric looks almost identical to fresh Ginger Root. The taste is quite different, The superior health benefits are just flowing in, left and right. Here’s some quick tips to help you see WHY we should be consuming it at least a few times a week: 1.

GreenMedInfo. As Effective As 14 Drugs. (complete) Osteoarthritis Study List. Set B. Variety of natural substances. Abstract Title: Molecular targets of natural health products in arthritis. Abstract Source: Arthritis Res Ther. 2011 Feb 3;13(1):102. Epub 2011 Feb 3. PMID: 21345249 Abstract Author(s): Sarah Khalifé, Muhammad Zafarullah Article Affiliation: Curcumin and resveratrol... synergistic. Abstract Title: Synergistic chondroprotective effects of curcumin and resveratrol in human articular chondrocytes: inhibition of IL-1beta-induced NF-kappaB-mediated inflammation and apoptosis.

Abstract Source: Arthritis Res Ther. 2009 Nov 4;11(6):R165. PMID: 19889203 Abstract Author(s): Constanze Csaki, Ali Mobasheri, Mehdi Shakibaei. Meriva study. Antagonizes crucial catabolic effects. Abstract Title: Set A. Inflammatory cartilage explant model. Abstract Title: Naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agent. Biological actions on articular chondrocytes. Anti-apoptotic and anti-catabolic effects. As safe and effective as ibuprofen. Regeneration of articular cartilage. Dr. Joseph Mercola. Osteoarthritis. How to ingest. June 13, 2011 | 345,771 views Disponible en Español Share. General info. Rheumatoid Arthritis. PubMed - NCBI. Inflammation (600+) Rheumatoid arthritis (40+) Osteoarthritis (40+) 6000+ studies.