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E-books in schools research

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The Impact of Ebooks final report. Our research shows using ebooks increases boys’ reading progress and makes them keener, more confident readers. 9 Dec 2015 Today we have published our latest research report, which shows that using ebooks to read can help boys to make significant progress with their reading and get the most reluctant readers to enjoy reading more.

Our research shows using ebooks increases boys’ reading progress and makes them keener, more confident readers

The Impact of ebooks on the Reading Motivation and Reading Skills of Young People: a study of schools using RM Books found that during the project, which lasted for an average of 4.2 months, boys’ reading levels increased by an average of 8.4 months, compared to 7.2 months progress made by girls. At the same time, the percentage of boys that felt reading was difficult almost halved from 28.0% to 15.9%, suggesting that confidence in their own reading ability also increased as a result of this project. Twice as many boys also thought reading was cool at the end of the project, increasing from 34.4% before to 66.5% afterwards.

The study is one of the first and largest to explore the impact of ebooks on reading attitudes, behaviour and attainment in UK schools. Micro Librarian Systems. Largest collection of digital books and more OverDrive provides libraries with access to over 300,000 eBook, audiobook, music and video titles the largest premium content catalogue in the industry.

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Easy for you, easy for students Your complete eBook collection can be accessed directly from, Junior or Reading Cloud allowing you to build a blended library collection to suit all your students' needs. For none MLS customers, OverDrive's single website for browse, check out and download makes it easy for your students to access content, while at the same time making the collection easy to manage. You're in control OverDrive provides libraries with access to 300,000 eBook, audiobook, music, and video titles - the largest premium content catalogue in the industry. Unrivaled device compatibility. E-books come top in school reading competition. Nearly half the titles read by children in a new national schools reading competition were read online, says literacy charity Booktrust.

E-books come top in school reading competition

Read for My School 2013 aimed to boost the numbers of primary pupils in England reading for pleasure. Almost 100,000 nine to 11-year-olds, from 3,600 schools signed up. "Children were sitting in their rooms using their iPads and Xboxes to read rather than for games," said Alison Keeley of Booktrust. Between them, the children who took part read more than 400,000 books. Some 49% of these were read online from a free digital library of 46 titles from Penguin, Dorling Kindersley and Pearson.

A poll of their teachers suggested the e-library was particularly popular among boys and less-proficient readers. "I think boys and poorer readers just prefer reading online. "The competition website allowed us to tell what format they were reading on. Comments from teachers suggested that suddenly the keenest readers "had their standing in class transformed", she added. eBooks and eResources. Provided via the Wheelers platform, the current collection comprises of popular fiction for ages 9/10 and upwards, many chosen from previous years’ Teen Booklists and Must Reads booklists.

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Subscribers are entitled to 20 tickets to start using the ePlatform straight awayAdditional tickets upon requestThe platform is intended for staff and pupils to have direct access to the collection as a 24/7 libraryTeachers and librarians can use the collection to keep up-to-date with new children’s and young adult fiction.Up to 2 eBooks can be borrowed at a timeeBooks are ‘lent’ for 2 weeks at a timeBooks can be read online on a PC or downloaded to an eBook reader or any tablet. Please note that Kindle readers are not compatible, but Kindle Fire tablets areBorrowing and downloading support is available on the platform site. RM Books - Raising Literacy Standards with Ebooks. Schools Library and Resource Service. E-book lending platform This is included in the standard Subscription Package for Secondary schools and included with the Subscription Plus Package for Primary schools It is also available as a separate Pay As You Go option.

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When bought as a separate item the school can buy as many logins required above a minimum of 30. Each individual login provides the user with the opportunity to access the full e-book lending library. The e-books can be downloaded onto a variety of devices (mobile phones, laptops, Desktops, i-pads, tablets, Kobo e-reader, Sony e-reader but NOT Kindles) and also read online. ePlatform for Tower Hamlets Schools Library Services. – the new eBook solution for Schools, Colleges and Universities. The Impact of Ebooks final report.