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Packers crowd gets patriotic with huge American flag display - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog Packers crowd gets patriotic with huge American flag display - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog The 2011 NFL season got off to a patriotic start Thursday night with a coordinated American flag display by 70,000 Green Bay Packers fans at Lambeau Field. During Jordin Sparks' performance of the national anthem, fans held up placards to make a wavy flag that could be seen from above by NBC cameras. At first I thought that it was pretty coincidental that everyone at Lambeau color coordinated their sweatshirts enough to make this happen. Then it dawned on me that all that Packers green and gold would probably make a Jamaican flag instead and that they were actually holding red, white and blue placards that had been left in their seats.
Card Confessions! My Confessions 13 Jun I thought it’d be a great idea to start my blog again with my own confession. Since my ex-girlfriend writes on her Tumblr, I will write on my own, Card Confessions!
Only Have Eyes For Disney: Pics, Videos, Links, News
Target Knows What You Need For College
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"Star Wars PSAs" by Susanna Wolff and Caldwell Tanner - CollegeHumor Article
Coolest. Stage. Ever
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Online Een online klant wil snel en goed geïnformeerd worden en de juiste site draagt daar absoluut aan bij. Hoe effectief is jouw website en hoe wordt deze door bezoekers ervaren? Presidential Prank of the Day. Presidential Prank of the Day.
Boneless Bananas
Def Writings
San Francisco Is Slanty
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Funny Toilet Signs: Toilet She | Obscure Internet
Motivational Monday: Afro Duck | Obscure Internet
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Creative using of food
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Canadian motorists warned about undead traffic delays Canadian motorists warned about undead traffic delays People should stop messing around with these road-signs. They're not for play, they're there for a reason, for your own safety. Plus, it's been done before and we all know what happens with the boy who cried wolf... when the zombies really come, nobody will turn around, that's just playing with our luck. If we learned anything from the boy-who-cried-wolf, it's not "don't lie", but never tell the same lie twice.*
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Rate My Random Funnies [70 Pics]
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50 LOL Animal Pics (1.22.11) |
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theduty: Let that be a lesson to you.
Home Fascinating Facts Rage Comics Funny Signs Funny Signs Of The Week (25 Pics) Funny Signs Of The Week (25 Pics)
New Paintings by David MacDowell | Pondly Article by James Pond I am the owner of / art lover / electrical engineer / software developer / MBA in e-business student. I blog for pleasure and love to share my Internet findings. New Paintings by David MacDowell | Pondly
Cats Can See Stuffs We Cant
Men vs. Women Deoderant
My Funny Pictures: Asian Aging
the work safe choice
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32 Pictures You Should Have Seen Before The World Was Supposed To End: Pics, Videos, Links, News
The 13 Most Menacing Threats Of "SOON": Pics, Videos, Links, News
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Vintage design is always described as outdated, old looking design with most updated products like Facebook or Nintendo Wii featured… what? Yeah it’s not a typo, I mean it, and you’re gonna witness 24 modern products adapted into vintage style advertisement. Some of them are created by modern designer, yet others are modified directly from genuine vintage ads originated from your parent’s era. So get amused, get inspired, who knows vintage might be the design direction for your next viral ad campaign! Social Media Vintage Advertisement of Modern Technology Vintage Advertisement of Modern Technology
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