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(2) New Messages! 2017 Email Marketing Statistics to Convince You to Grow Your Email List. Email marketing needs to be your number one priority as a marketer.

2017 Email Marketing Statistics to Convince You to Grow Your Email List

Why? Because out of all the possible activities you do to engage your audience — like posting on social and advertising — it’s the only one that you own. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and all other social media (which includes advertising in them) aren’t owned by you. If these services decide to close, your 30k followers on Facebook will be worth nothing. But if you have an email list of 30k, you would still have access to them. Growing your email list, however, is almost always not a priority for marketers in the Philippines. Sadly, the current standard is growing your marketing reach. 10 Email Marketing Statistics to Convince You to Grow Your Email List #1 Three-quarters of companies agree that email offers “excellent” to “good” ROI. Email marketing has an ROI of 4,400%. Three-quarters of companies agree that email offers 'excellent' to 'good' ROI #emailmarketing Click To Tweet. Three Ways to Use Pinterest and Instagram to Build Stronger Consumer Relationships.

Social media conversations are shifting from text to pictures, making images the new language of fan engagement.

Three Ways to Use Pinterest and Instagram to Build Stronger Consumer Relationships

Consumers are talking about the products they want and the products they buy. Practically every phone has a camera, so snapping a quick shot of the shirt you're trying on in a dressing room, or sharing a panoramic image of your brand-new kitchen, is easier than ever. This transition is taking place for one simple reason: Images drive an emotional reaction with an immediacy that no other medium offers.

This conversation is happening across all social media platforms, and if brands aren't part of that conversation, they are missing out on a huge opportunity to interact with their most engaged customers. These customers are sharing more than 350 million images per day on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram. Get creative Social media platforms allow you to deviate from your normal brand messaging—in a good way! 7 Creative Social Media Marketing Mini Case Studies.

Are you looking for some creative social media marketing ideas from businesses?

7 Creative Social Media Marketing Mini Case Studies

Look no further. This article highlights seven mini case studies of businesses that have stood out by implementing innovative social media marketing practices. You’ll find inspiration for your social media marketing efforts here. So let’s dive in! #1: Sharpie Sharpie is the permanent marker company. Sharpie excels on Twitter, but they also make good use of their blog and Instagram and have even formed their own community. Mix up your background images. An invitation to be creative is all it takes for some people to invest hours with your brand. #2: HubSpot HubSpot is a leading B2B company that provides inbound marketing tools for small businesses.

Notice three different references to free resources just in this snapshot. HubSpot knows what their audience wants. QR Code Generator, 2d Barcode Generator, QR Code. A QR code generator is a software or online application that allows you to create QR codes.

QR Code Generator, 2d Barcode Generator, QR Code

QR codes are probably the most popular and flexible two-dimensional barcode that is used by most businesses and individuals for anything from their marketing campaigns, education and even in ordinary lives and lets not forget just for fun! They’re widely used by any web design agency As QR codes gain popularity, more and more Web sites are offering free QR code generator services. With all the choices, and because they are all similarly free, most people just use the first QR code generator they find. But how do you distinguish one service from the other? 1. The best thing about QR codes is that it can contain a lot of different types of information behind it. Facebook pages for consumer brands are sexy, they have millions of followers and they attract all the attention.

The reality is that a lot of people do not want Lady Gaga to build them a website or provide professional services or paint their house, she is there for the show. Facebook for B2B brands are seen as boring, drab and conservative and not worth asking out for a date. The use of Facebook for business that are not B2C requires a different approach and one that is more about educating and solving your customers challenges. The focus should be about providing great content rather than fluff , light entertainment and a giggle. Facebook for B2B is more about the thinking persons Facebook that provides resources and information that is easily searched and shared within the Facebook ecosystem. Why Should a B2B Company have a Facebook Page? So why should you even think about using Facebook for your company if you are selling to non consumer based companies? Here are some reasons why.