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Father and son lunch box comics make everything in this world better. BookBook Case - BookBook Case. Bohemian Tree Necklace Fine Silver Plated Pendant by PiperBlue. Handmade Bezel Setting Ring in Silver and Green by RockosJewelry. Silver Locket Necklace Enchanted Celtic Knot by TheEnchantedLocket. Kikki K turns 10! 5 Questions with Kristina Karlsson + Giveaway. Kikki.K celebrate their 10th birthday with this ‘Retrospective Wrapping Paper’ book, which features tear-out sheets of kikki.K’s favourite wrapping papers over the past 10 years kikki.K Retrospective Wrapping Paper book Waaaay back in March 2008, when this little blog was just finding it’s feet (and only 3 months old!)

Kikki K turns 10! 5 Questions with Kristina Karlsson + Giveaway

I ran an interview with Melbourne-based Kristina Karlsson, founder of kikki.K. As a newbie blogger I was super excited to interview Kristina – I’ve always been inspired hearing start-up stories from successful businesswomen, and Kristina’s candid responses were such a breath of fresh air. The bestest bit was where she said that at the beginning she had no idea where to start – very honest and very encouraging! Kikki.K turns 10 this month – and what a decade it’s been. To enter, simply leave your comment on this post today by 10.00pm Melbourne time. 5 winners will be selected at random and contacted by email tomorrow. Desire to inspire - A completely renovated... - StumbleUpon. Pages Search Eames Lounge Chair, Barcelona Chair, Marble Tulip Tables - Exclusive at Rove Concepts Colorado real estate and homes Kim's personal links MY FAVOURITE DECOR SHOPS IN OTTAWA kitchen remodel in my last house my twin sister's mostly kid's rooms decor blog « WINKS | Main | Valerie and Alan's bathroom remodel » Friday Aug132010 A completely renovated first apartment Posted on Fri, 13 Aug 2010 by.

A completely renovated... - StumbleUpon

Untitled Document - StumbleUpon. Masculine, feminine or human? Posted on, June 2, 2008. by Robert Jensen In a guest lecture about masculinity to a college class, I ask the students to generate two lists that might help clarify the concept. For the first, I tell them to imagine themselves as parents whose 12-year-old son asks, “Mommy/daddy, what does is mean to be a man?” The list I write on the board as they respond is not hard to predict: To be a man is to be strong, responsible, loving. When that list is complete, I ask the women to observe while the men answer a second question: When you are in all-male spaces, such as the locker room or a night out with the guys, what do you say to each other about what it means to be a man?

The students, both men and women, laugh nervously, knowing the second list will be different from the first. Tiny victorian cottage & Sharona Design - StumbleUpon. That Kind Of Woman. How-To: The Cascade/Waterfall Braid. The waterfall braid also known as the cascade braid recently exploded as the new "trend braid" of the season.

How-To: The Cascade/Waterfall Braid

The waterfall effect looks cool and complex, but it's easier to style than you think. Give this beautiful braid a try when Beautylish takes you through the how-to! Section Off The waterfall braid works best on straight or loose waves. Brush out all the knots with a wide tooth comb. Braid As Usual Braid your strands regularly three times, beginning from the right strand. Drop the Strand This is where it gets tricky. Step and Repeat Repeat this process—French braid the left strand, drop the right strand, and pick up an adjacent new piece. Pin and Secure Once you've reached a comfortable point to stop your braid, secure it to your scalp with bobby pins.

Fishtail It! Braid the remaining piece of hair left from your cascade into a fishtail braid. Accessorize. What Does Love Mean? When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn’t bend over and paint her toenails anymore.

What Does Love Mean?

So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That’s love. 2. “When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. Inspirational Quotes for 8/19. s640x480 from Before I Die & Candy Chang. What matters most to you Interactive public art project that invites people to share their personal aspirations in public.

Before I Die & Candy Chang

After losing someone she loved and falling into depression, Chang created this experiment on an abandoned house in her neighborhood to create an anonymous place to help restore perspective and share intimately with her neighbors. The project gained global attention and thanks to passionate people around the world, over 1000 Before I Die walls have now been created in over 70 countries, including Kazakhstan, Iraq, Haiti, China, Ukraine, Portugal, Japan, Denmark, Argentina, and South Africa. Mental_floss Blog » 11 Pencil Vs. Camera Images. 986 653Share10.7K Born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and now living in Belgium, Ben Heine is an amazing artist who overlaps hand-drawn works of art with photos to create stunning images. I selected eleven of his Pencil Vs.

Camera images from his site, but you should check out all his awesome work if you have time. Quotes.