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WanakaNumeracy - Multiplication and Division. Multiplication and Division Games Stage 4 How Multiplying Works - follow the 4 pages How Dividing Works - follow the 4 pages Pobble Arrays - uses an array model to explore factors and multiples.

WanakaNumeracy - Multiplication and Division

Under the Sea - This is a multiplication board game where you need to roll the dice then complete the multiplication arrays or multiplication sentences to move round the board. (Topmarks Education) Arrays - User name: wanaka; PW: wanpri Aquatic Speedway - choose 2x, 5x and 10x tables. Math Models - choose 2x, 5x and 10x tables. Monster Math! Pizza Pizzazz - choose 2x, 5x and 10x tables. The Table Trees - Choose 2x, 5x 10x trees only Pumpkin Multiples - only select numbers 2, 5, 10. Fishy 2's Counting in 2's Connect the Dots 2x and 5x tables. Ambleside Table Tester Click on the Tables Tester icon. Camel Times Tables Try the medium level only of Camel Times Tables. Ghost Blasters Try to blast all the multiples of 10 as quick as you can.

Fly-By-Maths - try Level 0ne only The Game Show - for 4 players. 100 Seriously Cool Classroom Blogs for Teaching Ideas & Inspiration. Life as a teacher, especially one fresh off attending your own classes , can be hard. You have to wake up early, work late and manage a classroom full of kids, each with their own diverse needs and expectations. Luckily, there are numerous teachers out there who are willing to share their expertise and classroom experiments with teachers young and old.

Here are some great blogs that offer insights into what classes of kids are doing around the world as well as providing some great advice on everything from dealing with parents to figuring out grades. {*style:<b> General Elementary </b>*} These blogs cover multiple elementary school grades. This blog is the perfect place to see how a blog can be used to share what students are doing in their work as well as find some great, creative ideas that can be used in your classroom as well.

This teacher works with elementary students to show them how to effectively and responsibly use technology– something any educator can learn from. Mrs. {*style:<b> Lots & Lots of Lists {11 Freebies!!!} Are you a LIST LOVER like me???

Lots & Lots of Lists {11 Freebies!!!}

I am constantly making lists for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, at home and in my classroom. It occurred to me yesterday that my list-making habits have really rubbed off on my students. They have become quite accustomed to creating and using a variety of different lists in our classroom {thanks to their wonderful teacher of course!!} I love when I see these lists out on my students desks, being used to record or support their learning.

So, I thought I would share! The following 3 lists are kept on clipboards in a basket on top of my book shelves. These next 3 are lists that I have provided for students to use during reading and writing. The Strong Verbs list was actually put together by my students from last year. The All Kinds of Adjectives List is a compilation of adjectives from many different lists I found online. Next I have 2 lists for students' independent reading books. Teachweb2 - home., The best glowing text generator.

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